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There are plenty of options to choose from nowadays if you are looking for a free lottery to enter online. These range from small lotteries with small prizes to lotteries that award surprisingly good prizes.

In this Euro-Millions Free Lottery review, we will look at how one of the surprising lotteries operates. We will also dive into what you can win by entering and when you should check for the latest results.

Euro-Millions Free Lottery LogoHistory

Amazingly, it seems that this game is not actually affiliated with the official EuroMillions draw. Instead, it is run by the website.

This site is owned and operated by The Lottery Company Ltd. and is in no way affiliated with Camelot UK Lotteries, the geniuses behind EuroMillions.

However, The Lottery Company is behind quite a few lottery websites, including and, and tons of lottery apps.

We find it strange that there is almost no information on how this draw came into being. In fact, there is not even a mention of when this game started.

However, based on the results archive on the site mentioned above, we estimate that the game was first introduced around November 2014. Since then, it has been responsible for many happy players who have claimed their winnings.

How to Play Euro-Millions Free Lottery

Playing in this lottery is incredibly simple. However, it is important to note that you will need to register a player account on the website to play. You cannot play this lottery without doing this.

Registering is quick and only requires you to provide your name, email address, and a password.

Once you have registered, the next thing to note is that there are two draws that make up this lottery: the daily draw and the weekly draw.

Daily draws are, as expected, held every day, and you will need to submit an entry each day. The weekly draw is held every Monday.

The method of entering both draws is exactly the same. You will need to select six unique numbers from the designated number pool ranging from 1 to 76.

If you don’t feel like selecting your own numbers, you can opt to use the quick pick feature. This will allow a random number generator to select your numbers on your behalf.

Once you have chosen your numbers or used the quick pick function, you need to submit your entry. Then, relax and continue with your daily routine until the winning numbers are drawn to see if you are a winner.

If you manage to match all six numbers, you will be eligible to claim a prize and can celebrate being a winner.

Euro-Millions Free Lottery Draw ResultsOdds of Winning

Oddly enough, there is no mention of what the odds of winning are. This is rather strange considering most lotteries like to advertise their odds of winnings.

Using an odds calculator, however, we managed to discover that the theoretical odds of winning are 1 in 218,618,940. To be honest, considering the size of the prizes available (see below), these odds are pretty awful.

The US Powerball, a lottery whose jackpots regularly reach hundreds of millions of dollars, has odds of 1 in 292,201,338. Let that sink in for a moment.

That said, this lottery is 100% free to play, so that certainly needs to be taken into consideration as well.

Euro-Millions Free Lottery Payout Chart

Aside from not having a published odds of winning, there is also no payout chart for either of the two available draws. This is because there is no second- or third-place prize. The only way to become a winner is to match all six numbers.

Matching all six numbers on the daily draw will award you a decent prize of £500. Winning the weekly prize gives you a more substantial prize of £10,000.

These aren’t terrible prizes considering that both of these draws are completely free to enter. However, know that your chances of actually beating the odds are next to none.

Drawing Time

The daily draw occurs every day at 7:30 PM (GMT). As mentioned, the weekly draw occurs every Monday. This draw takes place at 2:00 PM (GMT).

Biggest Jackpots

As with other free lotteries, we never really expect there to be any massive jackpots. Therefore, we are not discouraged from reporting that there are no spectacular jackpots that have ever been won for this lottery.

The largest jackpot ever claimed has been the £10,000 prize offered by the weekly draw.

Payout Options

Unlike lottery jackpots that range into the upper millions, there is no need for annuity payments or anything of the like for this lottery.

Instead, the only payout option is to take your winnings in the form of a cash lump sum. We are sure that you would want to do this even if there were other options offered.


Thankfully, there are some countries around the world that do not see lottery winnings as taxable. There are several European countries that this rule applies to. These are:

  • The UK
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg

If you fall into any other country, you will need to investigate your local tax laws. For the most part, however, you will not need to pay hefty taxes because of the relatively small value of the EuroMillions Free Lottery prizes.

How to Play EuroMillions Free Lottery Online

As mentioned above, the only way to play in this great lottery is via the website. There are currently no other online lottery websites that offer entries into these two draws.

Euro-Millions Free Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt that the Euro-Millions Free Lottery is worth playing. But keep in mind that it has super-tough odds to win what is ultimately a pretty small prize.

That said, both of the two draws offered by the website are entirely free to enter. This means that you can play without having to worry about losing anything at all.

So, if you’re ok with all that, head over to the Euro-Millions website and try your luck. You likely won’t win anything, but at least you’ll only be wasting time rather than money.

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Janice T.

Wow those are very difficult odds! But because it is free, I will still play. That is my nature haha.

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