Why Does My Lottery Ticket Say Cannot Process See Retailer?

Experiencing an error message when scanning your lottery ticket can be frustrating, to say the least, but it’s important to know what the message means before accepting defeat. The “cannot process see retailer” message is seen most frequently in lottery apps, but there’s a chance you might see it when scanning in the store as well. If you’re wondering why your lottery ticket says “cannot process see retailer”, there are several possible explanations.

Reasons Why Lottery Ticket May Say Cannot Process See Retailer

Take Lottery Ticket to Retailer Scanner MessageThese are the most common reasons that you may see an error message:

  • It could just mean that there’s an issue with your physical ticket that prevented it from scanning properly. Make sure your ticket is smoothed out and flat, then try scanning again. This is typically the necessary simple fix for this issue.
  • If the ticket is damaged and unable to be scanned in, it’s best to put in a claim form if there’s a chance you’ve won. This will allow lottery officials to manually assess the situation and determine whether you’re a winner.
  • The lottery network itself could be experiencing errors. In this instance, patience is key. If you receive the message twice in a row, it may be better to try again later.
  • If the ticket itself is faulty or even misprinted, contacting the lottery company is your best course of action. They will decide whether to honour your winnings.
  • Make sure your ticket is still valid. If it’s an expired ticket, there is no fix to this issue. You’d be better off buying a new ticket.
    • Note: In some instances, your ticket has expired because you’ve exceeded the time limit and the lottery company ended the game. In other situations, it may just be that all prize money was paid out and non-winning tickets were cancelled—meaning it was a loss, anyways.


Lottery winners didn’t win the lottery by not asking questions. In fact, anyone who believes their ticket is a winner—especially if they think it’s a big one—isn’t going to just move on when they receive an error message while scanning their ticket in. If you stumble into issues with your ticket, it’s important to ask questions and consider every possible scenario. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose a winning ticket to a technical error that may be easy to solve, right?

Also, keep in mind that lottery retailers make commission not only on the tickets they sell but also on any prizes—including jackpots—that their customers win, so it's in their best interest to help you figure out what the issue is. After all, if you win, they do too!

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