Zodiac Fortune Scratch Card Review

Scratch cards offer a fun way to win some extra pocket money without requiring a tonne of capital. One of the leaders in the development of these types of scratchers is Pariplay, a game studio situated in Britain. In this Zodiac Fortune scratch card review, we will look at one of Pariplay’s many games and see how easy it is to play and whether or not you stand a good chance of increasing your bank balance.


Zodiac Fortune Scratch CardTo start playing Zodiac Fortune, you will first need to decide what your budget is. Deciding this is necessary so that you can decide what bet amount to play on each scratch card. Playing higher bets results in a higher total jackpot amount, while playing a lower bet decreases the overall winnings that are available to you.

Once you have selected your bet amount, you can begin playing your scratch card. When opening your scratcher, you will see a large round circular area that is covered in the different signs of the Zodiac. In its centre, there is a scratch area that will reveal a cash value when scratched. Around the edges of this large middle area are nine smaller sections that must be scratched to reveal the symbols beneath. These symbols each represent a different Zodiac icon, and matching three of them will make you a winner.

If you do not want to go through the effort of scratching these ten sections, you can opt to enable the game’s autoplay feature. This will reveal the sections automatically and continue to play new scratch cards while you watch.

Winning is clearly visible due to the large banner that will appear in the centre of your screen. This banner will state that you have a winning amount and exactly what that amount is.


The graphics in Zodiac Fortune are something that you likely won’t get bored of looking at any time soon. Not only are all the small parts of the game highly detailed, but the overall appearance of the game is pleasing. That being said, animations and visual effects are almost non-existent except for a basic ‘scratch’ effect applied to each section as it is revealed and a small pulsating light that surrounds matching symbols when you win.

The game features instrumental background music that is very mellow. There are also almost no sound effects other than a scratching sound when you reveal a section of the scratch card and a “ka-ching” sound that plays when you win.


While everything above is quite good, prizes and pay tables are sadly the area that Zodiac Fortune falls apart in. While the official game rules state that each symbol represents a multiplier that is applied to your bet amount, in our experience of testing the game (which consisted of over 100 scratch cards) we found that the only prizes we were awarded matched the monetary value revealed in the center scratch section of the card. And even though the game says that you can win up to €100,000 when playing the maximum bet as we were, the highest amount we saw in the center of our scratch cards was only €200. Playing on minimum bet, the game told us that the grand prize was €5,000 and yet the highest amount we encountered was a dismal €2.50.

This is a bit disappointing considering Pariplay’s stellar reputation at making games that are generally easy to understand and have clear pay tables and prizes. There’s a chance we may have just hit a bad batch of cards that wasn’t too generous, but considering how many cards we played, this seems unlikely. Regardless, the game has odds of winning of 1 in 2.71 and an RTP percentage of 94.9%—an amount that falls within Pariplay games’ usual region.

Cost to Play

The lowest bet amount is €0.50 per ticket, and the highest is €10. Although the highest prize amount that we encountered was only €200, luckier players will hopefully encounter the much bigger prizes stated above.

If you would like to try out the game without having to invest anything into it, there is a demo version that offers unlimited free play available on the Pariplay website.

Supported Platforms

The game is available on any personal computer with an Internet connection, and certain lottery website and online casino mobile apps also provide access to the game.

Bottom Line — Is Zodiac Fortune Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Pariplay has a great reputation for creating fantastic games, including online scratchies, that are easy to play and give you good odds on increasing your piggy bank amount. Unfortunately, they seem to have dropped the ball with Zodiac Fortune. Maybe it was because they were too busy stargazing, but a game whose pay structure makes zero sense is a game that we would rather stay away from—especially considering the fact that the game ignores all the multipliers that, according to the official game rules, are supposed to be used.

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