VIP Black Scratch Card Review

Some scratchers go beyond the norm by giving you extra games within the main game that allow you the chance to win even more money than you initially set your sights on. One such scratch card manages to do this in a fun and exciting way that could keep you entertained for ages. In this VIP Black scratch card review, we will look at how to play this scratcher and what you could gain from playing it.


VIP Black Scratch CardTo start playing VIP Black, you will need to choose if you would like to make use of the full 5X4 grid (which will mean playing all 20 scratch areas), or if you would like to play the 5X2 grid (using only ten scratch areas). After selecting the number of scratch areas you would like to play, you will need to set the bet amount that you would like to play per scratch card. An important thing to keep in mind is that the higher your bet amount, the higher the available jackpot becomes.

After choosing your preference for the above settings, you can begin the game by tapping the “Play” button. This will activate the scratcher and allow you to start revealing the scratch areas by clicking on them each individually. If you would like to, you can also choose to show all of the scratch areas by clicking the “Reveal All” button.

After you have uncovered all the hidden symbols (which are represented by a number sitting atop a cash value), the next step is to click on the five golden coins at the top of the screen—revealing the five hidden numbers behind the coins. If any of these numbers match any of the numbers uncovered in the main scratch area of the card, you will win the cash value associated with that number.

Seeing if you are a winner is easy because the background of the scratch area behind the winning symbol will turn gold, making it instantly stand out from the others.

In addition to winning cash amount, dotted throughout your scratch area on each card will be hidden rubies and diamonds. These are hidden with selected symbols and are revealed when you unveil the symbol. Finding three of either the rubies or diamonds will launch the respective jewels bonus game—offering you a chance of winning either an 800 X (ruby) or 1,000 X (diamond) multiplier.

While this is an impressive feature, it does seem incredibly difficult to actually win. In well over 100 demo cards that we played, we did not manage to activate the bonus once.


While the graphics of VIP Black are nothing spectacular compared to other online scratchers, they are also not the worst. The game makes use of several animations that cause areas of the card to appear as if they are glinting in a spotlight, and the scratch animation is not entirely horrible. There is also a great animation of shooting stars whenever you win any amount over a specific limit.

There is no music present in the background of the game, and the only sounds you will hear is the sound of scratching while you reveal the scratch areas and a small chime signalling that you have won.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

VIP Black has a tantalizing jackpot of €300,000. Unfortunately, this jackpot is only available if you are playing on the maximum bet. If you choose to play on the lowest bet, the most you can hope to win is a humble €300. The RTP percentage of the game stands at a great 93.5%—making the game worth playing.

There are 19 prize tiers that each have their own multiplier and available prizes. These tiers appear as follows:


Prizes Available

Multiplier Applied:



X 30,000



X 10,000



X 5,000



X 1,000



X 500



X 400



X 200



X 100



X 80



X 50



X 40



X 30



X 20



X 15



X 10



X 8



X 5



X 4



X 3

Cost to Play

The game offers different set bet amounts that you can choose from. These amounts are:

  • €0.01
  • €0.02
  • €0.05
  • €0.10
  • €0.25
  • €0.50
  • €1
  • €2
  • €3
  • €5
  • €10

Each bet amount will raise the available jackpot in relation to itself and, as stated above, the higher the bet amount you play on, the higher the possible prize will be.

Supported Platforms

VIP Black is accessible from any PC that has an Internet connection and, while there is no dedicated app for mobile devices, the game is mobile-friendly.

Bottom Line — Is VIP Black Scratch Card Worth Playing?

VIP Black is a great scratcher if you are not too worried about graphics and sounds and care more about winning some cash. While the bonuses may be near impossible to achieve, the high RTP percentage is definitely a great plus for this game.

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