Super Shamrock Scratch Card Review

Super Shamrock, developed by British developer Gamevy, is easy to play, with a classic design and familiar but fun, rapid-play gameplay—all at a very low cost. This Super Shamrock scratch card review will guide you through the experience of playing and winning with this simple but certainly enjoyable game.  


Super Shamrock Scratch CardIt’s easy to start playing Super Shamrock thanks to its classic gameplay. The player uses his or her coin cursor to scratch off the panel, which is shaped like a shamrock, to reveal the coin symbols underneath. Each coin symbol has a monetary value in the center that corresponds with the prize amounts (more on this later), and if the player reveals three coins with the same value, they win that amount. For faster play, the scratcher can simply press the “Reveal all” button, which is located just below the entire scratch ticket panel. When the game is over, this button turns into the “Play next scratchcard” button for easy, continual play.

If the player wins, the three matching values will be bolded, with the remaining coins fading to a lighter colour. A message also appears in a bar located to the left of the scratch panel telling the player whether or not they’re a lucky winner—just in case they can’t believe their eyes.


Super Shamrock has clear, though very simple, graphics. With a deep blue background that makes the green shamrock pop, the panel where the action takes place is clearly defined. There is slight animation when the player moves the cursor over the panel, imitating the experience of a non-digital scratch ticket. Other than that, there is little in the way of SFX or animation, though there is the aforementioned bolded reveal if the player wins. Additionally, there is no audio or music. Though the graphics aren’t over-the-top or overly engaging, they contribute to the straightforward gameplay and make for a simple, easy playing experience.


At €1,500, the grand prize for Super Shamrock is much lower than many other scratch-and-win tickets, though it also costs much less to play. With one top prize, players have a 1 in 130,000 chance of winning ‘big’, though there are a total of 36,799 prizes available. Super Shamrock has a pretty average RTP compared to other online scratch-and-win tickets at 63.6%, and the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.5.

There are 130,000 scratch cards released with each series, with a 10-tier prize range. The prizes are split in the following configuration:


Prizes Available
































Cost to Play

Super Shamrock is one of the cheapest online scratchers, starting at just €0.15 per card. The low cost makes it a very appealing ticket, though you have to keep in mind that the grand prize is in the low range. Nevertheless, if you are looking for easy entertainment on a low budget, then this might be the perfect scratch card for you. There is also a Free Demo version that you can play if you want to give it a try before committing any real money to it.

Supported Platforms

Super Shamrock is available on a number of lotto websites, where you can also play a wide variety of other scratch tickets, lotteries, and instant-win games. You can access these websites through all web browsers on your desktop computer or laptop, or on your mobile device’s web browser. Many online lottery websites also have Android and iOS mobile apps, so it’s fairly easy to play Super Shamrock in-app.

Bottom Line – Is Super Shamrock Worth Playing?

With a low price tag and simple design, Super Shamrock is a straightforward scratch card that is great for people who are on a budget and are looking for easy fun. It won’t blow you away in terms of graphics or difficulty, but it is still enjoyable and does the trick. However, if you’re looking for something that is more engaging and has more risk, you may be better served elsewhere. Overall, it is a quick, cheap scratch card that would be great for beginners or those who know exactly what they’re looking for from their online scratch tickets.

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