Summer Fun Scratch Card Review

Some people enjoy both the thrill of a slot machine and the mystery of a scratcher. Unfortunately, there is not much of a market that caters to these two categories in the same instance. That is, until now. In this Summer Fun scratch card review, we will look at how this game merges these two popular forms of gaming and how you can use this game to make your wallet slightly heavier.


Playing Summer Fun is incredibly simple to do. To start, you will need to decide on how much of your hard-earned cash you would like to bet per scratch card. This bet amount has a massive bearing on the total jackpot amount and, as with many other popular online scratch cards, the higher your bet amount is, the higher the jackpot becomes.

Summer Fun Scratch CardOnce you have selected your bet amount, you can choose whether you would like to select the autoplay feature that is offered by the game. This feature allows you to set the number of cards that the game will play through on its own while you get to sit back and watch. If you would not like to make use of this feature, you can simply leave it disabled and begin play.

If you have chosen to leave autoplay disabled, you can activate your scratcher by clicking the “Play Now” button. This enables the card and allows you to begin play by tapping on the arm that is located on the side of the slot machine on the screen. Doing this will play the slot machine and cause the animation to run that displays three sections, each containing a rolling symbol that eventually comes to a stop. If the machine stops with three matching symbols lined up, you are a winner.

To see what prize you have won, you will need to scratch away the face of the prize scratch area. This area is located where the coin tray is found on most slot machines. To scratch the card in this area, you will need to click on it, which will reveal a fun scratching animation as it removes the face of the card.

The amount unveiled by scratching this section of the card away is what your winnings will be. Seeing that you are a winner is clear thanks to a large banner that will appear on your screen and a collection of coins that will be thrown onto the screen from each side of the scratch card.


The graphics of Summer Fun are really great overall. The background displays a fantastic animated swimming pool scene that has animations to make the water look like it is moving as it reflects the sunlight. In addition to this, there are all the animations mentioned above that make the game fun to play and look at.

While there is no background music in the game, there is a great jingle that plays when you win and the traditional sound of a slot machine running when you are spinning the slot reel. These sounds are fun at first but do tend to become slightly taxing after playing for a while.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

As mentioned above, the prize that you stand to win is directly related to the bet amount that you choose to play with. When playing on the minimum bet, you stand a chance to win a total of €5,000. Inversely, when playing on the maximum bet amount, you could win up to €100,000. The game has a great RTP percentage of 93.5%.

There are 11 payment tiers available for you to win a prize from. Each of these tiers has its own number of available prizes. These tiers are outlined below:


Prizes Available

Multiplier Applied:



X 10,000



X 1,000



X 200



X 100



X 50



X 20



X 10



X 5



X 4



X 2



X 1

Cost to Play

There are six pre-set bet amounts that the game allows you to select from when playing. These bet amounts are:

  • €0.50
  • €1
  • €2
  • €5
  • €10
  • €20 (this bet option is hidden from all but VIP players)

Supported Platforms

The game is available using any PC with an Internet connection and an updated web browser. While there is no dedicated mobile application, the game is mobile friendly and can be played on most modern devices.

Bottom Line — Is Summer Fun Scratch Card Worth Playing?

While Summer Fun may not be a traditional scratch card due to it only having one scratch area, the game works well to incorporate two of the world’s favourite games into one. Add to this the fact that it hosts a significant RTP percentage, has terrific graphics, and gives you the chance to win a decent amount of cash, and this scratcher might just satisfy your itch for scratch games and slots in one go.

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