Star Match Scratch Card Review

Each person at some point in their life has been awed by the glitz and glamour of stardom, but for many it is unattainable. Thankfully, Gluck Games, a real-money online game developer with extensive experience in creating great games, has made a way to get in touch with your inner star. In this Star Match scratch card review, we will look at how to play this scratcher and what it could earn you.


Star Match Scratch CardOnline scratch cards have a reputation of being easy to play and relatively good at giving you a bit of extra change for your wallet. Star Match does precisely this. To play, you will need to begin by selecting how many scratch cards you would like to play. These are purchased from your favourite website and, once paid for, will be ready for action.

To begin, click on the “Play Scratchcard” button. Doing this will activate the card and allow you to move your cursor or finger over the nine sections of the card area and ‘scratch’ the face of the card away. Removing the front (which consists of a giant gold star) from each section will reveal the hidden symbol below. Symbols take the form of a variety of different things that you may associate with stardom and include things like symbols of video cameras, music notes, and a trophy or award.

Each symbol has an attached monetary value, and matching three symbols together will win you the cash amount stated. Winning will be easily identifiable thanks to the fact that all matched symbols will begin to continuously grow and shrink while all the others remain static.

Another bonus to the game is that if you are not interested in revealing each section of the card one at a time, you can simply click the “Reveal All” button that becomes visible at the start of each scratcher. Selecting this will instantly reveal all nine symbols and show you if you are a winner.


As with other games developed by Gluck, all the graphics in Star Match are entirely static. In addition to this, the only animation that there is to speak of in the game is the growing/shrinking animation mentioned above. Regardless of this, the game still looks great and should not put you off in any way.

One thing that may, however, put you off slightly is the fact that the game is completely silent. Aside from there being no background music, there are also no sound effects.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RPT) Percentage

The most that you can hope to win when playing Star Match is a humble €10,000. This may seem like a small amount, but it is understandable considering the cost of the scratch card (which is discussed later in this review). There are 800,000 cards available in the game, but unfortunately the RTP percentage of the game isn’t mentioned anywhere.

The game pay table does not make any sense in that it states that there are more prizes available than what there are active cards in the game. While this may just be an error on the webpage that we were viewing the pay table on, it does make us slightly uneasy. Regardless, the available pay table and all 10 of its tiers are listed below:


Prizes Available

Prize Amount
























€1 (sometimes given as a free card instead)







Cost to Play

Star Match is one of the cheaper scratch cards available—each card only costing €0.75. Certain websites also offer discounts on cards if you purchase more than one at a time. Moreover, if you would not like to have to pay to play, there is a free play demo available that allows you to play five cards without any charge.

Supported Platforms

The game can be accessed from any PC using a newer web browser and a stable Internet connection. The game is also mobile-friendly but can only be played through your mobile device web browser due to the lack of a dedicated app.

Bottom Line — Is Star Match Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Star Match is a decent scratcher that offers you a fair amount considering the cost per card. However, there are others available at the same price that boast a larger jackpot. In addition to this, the strange paytable and the fact that there is no RTP percentage readily displayed in the game concerns us, but we have no reason to mistrust Gluck Games, as it is a very established company. However, if you are looking to get your fandom on and be star-struck by a generous €10,000, then this game is a true contender.


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