Sampo Scratch Card Review

Everybody likes a good scratcher. However, there is something better than a good scratcher, and that is FOUR good scratchers. In this Sampo scratch card review, we will look at the different modes of play available in this game and find out what you can win from playing it.


Sampo Scratch CardSampo comes with four different modes that are each represented by a specific symbol. The symbols are a blue number seven, a four-leaf clover, a red heart, and a silver horseshoe. To begin the game, you will need to click on the symbol of your choice to select that game mode. There is no real difference in the game modes other than the graphics displayed, which will be discussed later on in this review.

After you have selected the game mode, you will need to decide what bet you would like to play per game. The bet that you choose directly affects the total prize money on offer and the higher the bet, the higher the total jackpot.

Once you have chosen your bet, you can begin playing by tapping the “Play” button. This will activate the scratch card, which contains two different scratch areas—something that is quite unusual for online scratch cards.

To scratch the face off of the card, you will need to drag your cursor (or swipe your finger) over the card. The top scratch area will reveal a 3X3 grid of monetary values. Matching three of these values will win you the amount that you have uncovered.

The second scratch area (which can be unveiled in the same way as the first) will reveal a noughts and crosses game as well as a prize amount and a multiplier. Matching three noughts or crosses in an unbroken row (as the traditional game is played) will win you the prize money stated. The multiplier that you uncover will be applied to this amount to give you your total winnings.

Noticing that you are winning is easy thanks to the large banner that will appear in the middle of the screen that tells you as much. However, if you somehow miss this, winning numbers or symbols are highlighted and receive a bold border to make sure you cannot miss them.  


Sampo has some genuinely amazing graphics based on which game you decide to play. The general graphics are limited to the borders added to winnings mentioned above and a few gleaming sparkles here and there, but each game changes the background of the game in the following way:

  • Seven: The background of the scratcher will display small number sevens that randomly appear, gleam for a few seconds, and then disappear.
  • Four-leaf clover: This game mode will cause four-leaf clovers to randomly sprout from the bottom of the screen while you are playing.
  • Red Heart: Red hearts will fall down from the top of the screen when playing in this game mode.
  • Horseshoe: This mode causes many horseshoes to appear and bounce around the screen before falling to the bottom of the play area and disappearing.

There is no background music in the game. However, there is a cool jingle that plays when you are a winner and a scratching sound that plays as you remove the face from the card.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

There is, unfortunately, no RTP percentage listed for the game. However, the jackpot is a decent €100,000—if you choose to play on the maximum bet. If you decide to play on the minimum, though, the jackpot is only €5,000.

There are 18 different win tiers available. The game does not state how many prizes are available per tier, which is annoying at best but does state the available multiplier. These tiers are listed below:


Multiplier Applied:


X 10,000


X 5,000


X 2,000


X 1,000


X 500


X 200


X 100


X 60


X 50


X 40


X 20


X 10


X 6


X 5


X 4


X 3


X 2


X 1 

Cost to Play

The game has a selection of pre-set bet amounts that you can choose from. These bet amounts are:

  • €0.50
  • €1
  • €2
  • €5
  • €10
  • €20 (you will need to be a VIP player to access this bet option)

In case you want to test drive the game first, there is a demo version available that allows unlimited free play. Most games only offer five free scratch cards, so this is a nice bonus if you just want to play for fun and not real money.

Supported Platforms

The game can be played using any PC with an active Internet connection. It is also wholly mobile-friendly and can be played on most modern mobile devices.

Bottom Line — Is Sampo Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Sampo combines excellent graphics with the opportunity to win some cash—a winning combination in any scenario. The fact that the game offers four different modes is just a bonus that makes playing it even better. However, the lack of stated prizes available and RTP percentage is a bit strange and keeps the game from getting a higher score than it might otherwise.

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