Royal Charm Scratch Card Review

Scratch cards that offer you the chance to increase your winnings are something that everybody loves. One example that affords players this opportunity is Royal Charm—a game developed by experts in online gaming, Pariplay. In this Royal Charm scratch card review, we will look at how easy it is to play it and what your chances of scoring its jackpot are.


Royal Charm Scratch CardWhen first opening a Royal Charm scratch card, you will be presented with prompts that require you to place your ‘lucky charm’ (represented by a four-leaf clover) on one of the nine scratch card sections. This lucky charm comes into play if the section that it is on holds a winning symbol* (i.e., it is one of three symbols that match). If that is the case, you will be able to choose a single chest out of three possible options. These chests hold 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x multipliers that are applied to your winnings to bring you even more cash.

After placing your lucky charm, you will need to choose the bet amount that you would like to play and whether you would like to use the Autoplay feature (which plays the scratch cards for you sit back passively and just observe). Once you have placed your bet, you will need to click on each section of the scratch card to reveal the symbol hidden beneath. Different symbols range from single gold coins to large diamonds. If you’d prefer to not reveal each section one at a time, you can opt to click on the “Reveal all” button that will instantly reveal all hidden symbols.

Matching any three symbols gives you a win that is prominently displayed by moving the three matching symbols to the forefront of your screen and fading the rest of the scratch card away. As mentioned above, if your lucky charm rests on one of these symbols, you will be presented with the three chests to choose from before the symbols are brought forward.

*The exception is if the winning symbols are either the golden 7 or the green glove. In those instances, the lucky charm bonus is nullified.


The graphics of Royal Charm are quite stunning, and each symbol is highly detailed. The game uses a neat ‘scratch’ animation when clicking on each section to remove the top layer in addition to a sound effect that sounds more like knocking than scratching. The animation that moves the winning symbols to the front of your screen is fluid.

There is also background music that seems like it could fall into the ‘Arabian marketplace’ category. While it is pleasant to listen to at first, it is rather repetitive and could start getting on your nerves if you are playing for a while.


The prizes available are wholly dependent on the bet amount that you choose. If playing on minimum bet, the maximum jackpot available is €5,000, while if you are playing on max bet, the jackpot is a merry €100,000. The RTP percentage is a healthy 85%—which is not the highest available but is also better than many other scratchers.

Prize multipliers are dependent on the symbols matched and are distributed as follows:


Symbol Type*

Multiplier Applied


Golden 7

X 10,000


Green Glove

X 1,000


Silver Dice

X 200


Golden Bar

X 100


Golden Horseshoe

X 50


Golden Coin

X 10



X 5


Golden Club

X 2



X 1

Cost to Play

The cost of play is determined by the website that you choose to play the scratch card game on. However, as a general standard, the minimum bet is €1, and the max bet is €10.

If you do not want to spend any money until you have tested the game, there is a demo that offers unlimited free play available on the Pariplay website.

Supported Platforms

Royal Charm works using any updated web browser and also has a mobile version which is available through select lottery applications for when you are on the move.

Bottom Line — Is Royal Charm Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Nobody can complain about a visually beautiful scratch card game that is easy to play and also fun to return to over and over again. Pariplay has, however, taken it further by offering you something extra with the lucky charm bonus. As a result, if you are looking for a scratcher that you can play on repeat, then this may be the one that you have been searching for.

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