Red Ruby Scratch Card Review

Sometimes a simple scratch card that has a decent payout is all that the masses want out of online gaming. Thankfully, Gamevy, one of the most popular real-money online game developers, has heeded the call of the masses and created yet another scratcher that fits that description. In this Red Ruby scratch card review, we will look at how the game functions and what kind of prizes you can win from it.


Red Ruby Scratch CardLike so many other online scratch cards developed by Gamevy, Red Ruby is incredibly easy to play. To start, you will need to purchase your preferred number of cards and then click on the “Play Scratchcard” button displayed on the screen.

If you would like to instantly reveal if you are a winner, click the “Reveal All” button that appears when you start playing the scratcher. This will immediately reveal all hidden items on the scratch card and show if you are a winner or not.

If, however, you would like to do the heavy lifting yourself, you will need to move your cursor (which becomes a Gamevy branded digital coin) over the scratch area. The scratch area consists of a single bar that takes up the full length of the bottom of the scratch card. Scratching this away will reveal two rows. The first row will contain random numbers (as well as some symbols if you are a winner—this is explained below), and the second row will contain monetary values. The three symbols available are the outline of a ruby, a crown, and a solid ruby. Each symbol interacts with the monetary value displayed below it to bring you a win.

If you encounter the outline of a ruby above a cash value, you will instantly win that cash value. Finding a crown will win you €100, and uncovering a solid ruby will win you the combination of all cash amounts displayed. If you are a winner, all symbols that are winners will begin to pulsate, while all non-winning symbols will recolour to blend more into the background of the scratcher. This helps make it more obvious that you are a winner.


Red Ruby mainly uses static graphics that, while not exactly visually engaging, are detailed and do still look decent. However, if you are looking for a game with fun animations, then this game might disappoint you because the only animation present is the pulsating animation mentioned above. Effects are also kept to a bare minimum, and the only visible effect is a broken glass effect that is applied to the scratch area as you move the digital coin across it.

Similarly, there is no background music or sound effects built into the game—something that is quite disappointing if you’re used to scratch games that do have these features.


The odds of winning one of the prizes available in the game are 1 in 2.12. Surprisingly, however, there is no visible RTP percentage available—something that is quite unusual for an online scratcher. Luckily, regardless of RTP percentage or not, the game offers a jackpot of €90,000.

There are 19 prize tiers that you can win from, each having their own number of prizes available. These available prizes are spread out over 1,550,000 active scratch cards. The number of prizes for each tier and their prize value is listed below:


Prizes Available

Prize Value























































Cost to Play

The price of a single Red Ruby scratch card is €10. While this may be slightly more than most scratch cards, it is important to remember that the game does have a relatively high jackpot amount. Also, this price is subject to the provider that you are using to play the game and could vary.

If you don’t feel like spending any money and just want to test your luck to see if you can hit the jackpot, the game does have a free play demo available. The bad news is that this demo will limit you to just five free scratch cards.

Supported Platforms

The game is available through select online casinos and lottery websites and can be accessed using any computer with Internet access. Some of these sites also make the game available on mobile through their own mobile applications.

Bottom Line — Is Red Ruby Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Red Ruby is a decent scratch card game that features a jackpot amount that is nothing to complain about. This is good considering the graphics are nothing to really get excited about and you may find yourself getting bored if you play the game continuously. That being said, there is a great spread of prizes available, and it could be worth your while to try more than a few cards.

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