Raid the Piggy Bank Scratch Card Review

There are many digital scratch cards to choose from online, and each has its own unique pros and cons that will make you either feel like a winner or a loser. One popular scratcher developed by British online gaming company Gamevy is Raid the Piggy Bank. In this Raid the Piggy Bank scratch card review, we will look at what you can get out of playing the game and how easy it is.


Raid the Piggy Bank Scratch CardRaid the Piggy Bank follows the same format and structure as most other scratch cards developed by Gamevy. Purchase your desired amount of cards, open one of them, and use the digital coin (your mouse cursor or finger) to scratch away the surface over the panels to reveal the nine symbols hidden beneath. Each symbol will represent a monetary value that you can win. If you would like to see immediately if you are a winner without all the hassle, then all that is needed is to click the “Reveal all” button that appears when you start to play the scratch card that, as you may have guessed, reveals all nine symbols.

To win, you will need to match three symbols that all have corresponding monetary values. These matching symbols will then begin to grow and shrink while the others fade away into the background of the scratch card—making it practically impossible to miss the fact that you have won something. 


The game uses a static image of a cute pig that some may consider basic. However, the graphics are of high quality and are pleasing to the eye—something important if you want to play more than just a few cards. And while there are no animations other than the one displayed if you are a winner, the game does have a nice ‘shattered glass’ effect that is applied to the surface of the card as you scratch away at it with your digital coin.

The game could get boring when playing continuously due to the lack of any background music or sound effects—even when you have won something. But if you are somebody who likes silence or listening to their own music in the background while playing, then this really shouldn’t be a problem.


Raid the Piggy Bank offers a jackpot of only €2,500, which is small compared to some other online scratch cards but can be understood when looking at the price of the scratch card (discussed further below). The chance of winning this jackpot are 1 in 160,000, with the chance of winning anything from the game being 1 in 4. The RTP percentage, however, is a below-average statistic of 51.2%.

The 10 available prize tiers are spread out over a total of 160,000 active scratch cards and are listed as follows:


Prizes Available
































Cost to Play

Raid the Piggy Bank scratch cards are available at a relatively low price of €0.25 each, with most sales being in bulk of 5 tickets costing a total of €1.25. This low price explains the jackpot limit but also means that you can purchase more scratch cards in comparison to some of the other scratch cards available—leading you to be able to play for longer while simultaneously increasing your chances of winning.

There is also a demo version of the game available that grants you five free scratch cards to play. Of course, any winnings won on these five cards are nullified.

Supported Platforms

The game is hosted on several popular online lottery websites and can easily be played using a PC that has a modern web browser and a stable Internet connection. Certain lottery websites may also make the game available via their mobile applications, but this is dependant on the lottery site.

Bottom Line — Is Raid the Piggy Bank Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Most of us would probably like to raid a piggy bank and make out with a nice bundle of cash to show for our efforts. While the bundle of Raid the Piggy Bank may not be as big as what we may like, the game still offers a decent jackpot for the price of playing. And if you are looking for a scratch-off ticket that is simple to play and can be enjoyed for an extended period, then this may be the one for you.  

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