Ocean Fortune Scratch Card Review

Some digital scratch cards offer players large jackpots but suffer from poor graphics and gameplay. Others look fantastic and are fun to play but offer relatively small jackpots when compared to competitors. Pariplay, a leading British developer of online real-money games, is well known for producing games that are both fun to play and offer a decent chunk of cheddar. In this Ocean Fortune scratch card review, we will look at what prizes you can reel in and how you can go about doing so.


Ocean Fortune Scratch CardAs is somewhat of a standard with Pariplay scratch cards, there are two parameters that you will need to set up before beginning play. The first of these is the bet amount. This amount is customizable, and you can choose from seven different amounts to bet per scratch card—remember, however, that the jackpot available is linked to your bet and the higher or lower your bet, the higher or lower the jackpot amount will become.

The second of these parameters is to choose whether to enable the autoplay feature or to play on your own. Autoplay allows the game to reveal scratch cards without you having to do anything—thereby allowing you to do nothing but sit back, twiddle your thumbs, and watch. You can choose for the game to play 5, 10, 15, 25, or 50 scratch cards on your behalf. Alternatively, you can play the game on your own.

To do this, click on the “Buy Ticket” button to start a new scratcher. You will find yourself looking at a 3x3 grid of clam shells that are tightly shut. Clicking on any of these clamshells will open the shell and reveal the sea creature lurking within (the exact types of creatures that appear in the game are listed in the pay table below). If you want all the clamshells to instantaneously open at once, you can click on the “Reveal All” button that becomes visible when you first start playing the scratcher.

Matching three sea creatures will award you your bet amount multiplied by a set amount that is different depending on which creature you have matched. Seeing if you have matched three creatures is easy to do thanks to the large banner that appears telling you that you are a winner. If this is still not clear enough, the fact that the matching creatures do a very short dance should give you a clear hint.


The graphics in Ocean Fortune are impressive, to say the least. The background really makes you feel like you are viewing the scratch card under the surface of the great deep, and animated bubbles that stream upwards add to that illusion. The only other animations are of the symbols (or sea creatures) themselves. These animations occur only when the animals are unveiled or when they are part of a winning threesome, as mentioned above.

The background music is very tropical and is supplemented by the constant sound of bubbling water that is slightly muffled to give you that immersed effect. There are also a few extra sound effects added that occur when you do things like open a clamshell, start a new game, or match symbols. These effects are a nice addition to the overall ambiance of the game and do not easily become annoying, unlike some other online scratch games.


The game makes prize tables very simple. On the minimum bet, the most that you can win is €5,000. If you choose to play on the maximum, you can win up to €100,000. Your odds of matching any of the sea creatures in the game are 1 in 3.32, and the game offers a great RTP percentage of 94.9%.

The different sea creatures available to be matched and their respective multipliers are tabled below:


Symbol Type

Multiplier Applied



X 10,000



X 1,000


Sea turtle

X 200



X 100



X 50



X 10



X 5



X 2


Sea snail

X 1

Cost to Play

A single scratch card will cost you €0.50 if you are playing on the minimum bet amount and €10 if you are playing on the maximum. This price is rather steep considering it affords you only one chance to win the elusive €100,000.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on the game and are just seeking the adventure of playing a game set under the ocean, then the good news is that Pariplay does have a free play version of the game available on their website.

Supported Platforms

The game runs in any up-to-date web browser and can also be accessed through the mobile apps of various lottery websites and online casinos.

Bottom Line — Is Ocean Fortune Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Ocean Fortune merges great graphics with a chance to win a decent bundle of change. The catch—no pun intended—to this ocean-themed game is that to win the maximum amount of €100,000, you will need to pay €10 per scratch card. However, if you play the game on the minimum wager, you could entertain yourself for much longer without emptying your pockets in the process.   

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