Luxor Scratch Scratchcard Review

There are different types of online scratch cards available today. Some of them have basic graphics and decent gameplay but are nothing to write home about. On the other side of the spectrum sit online scratchers that look absolutely stunning and are amazing to play. Pariplay, a British online game development company founded in 2010, is the creator of many scratchers that are part of the latter category. In this Luxor Scratch scratch card review, we will look at what one of their premier games has to offer.


Luxor Scratch Scratch CardPlaying Luxor Scratch is as simple as playing any other game developed by Pariplay. To begin with, you will need to decide if you would like to make use of the autoplay function or not. This function allows the game to play continuous scratch cards without your input. It only pauses for a few seconds in between scratch cards if you are a winner before carrying on to the next card. Alternatively, you can opt-out of this feature and play the game yourself.

After choosing whether you would like to use autoplay or not, you will need to decide on what bet amount you would like to play per scratch card. The higher your bet, the higher your potential winnings—a common theme amongst many online scratch cards.

Once you have sorted out your bet amount, it is time to play. To do this, tap the “Buy Ticket” button to start a new card. Here you will again be faced with two possible choices: to see instantly if you are a winner or to play the card out. If you would like to immediately see if you have won, tap on the “Reveal All” button that appears. Tapping this button will instantly scratch the entire card face on your behalf and reveal if you are a winner or not.

If you want to play the card yourself, you will need to reveal not only the 12 hidden symbols (which differ from traditional king, queen, jack, and ace to random Egyptian symbols such as the scarab beetle), but also four additional hidden symbols that are above the scratch card area hidden inside what looks like tombs. To unveil these tombs, tap on each one. Once those are all unveiled, all you need to do is ‘scratch’ the face from the remainder of the card face to reveal the other 12 hidden symbols.

Scoring a win requires you to match one of the 12 symbols in the general scratch area with one of the four symbols from behind the tombs at the top of the screen. This means that there is a possibility to win on four separate symbols per scratch card. Wins are clearly identifiable because all winning symbols will begin to pulsate and gleam.


The graphics that make up Luxor Scratch are truly wonderful. Not only are there realistic-looking flames dancing atop the torches in the background of the game, but all the symbols in the game are highly detailed and look almost HD. There are also constant flecks of light that easily remind a person of fireflies that move across the screen, creating a great ambiance to the game.

The background music is authentic Egyptian and will remind you of movies where adventurers—Indiana Jones and The Mummy certainly comes to mind—wandered into tombs searching for treasure. The music is well supplemented by a wide variety of exotic sound effects, such as the dramatic sound when you "Reveal All" and the metallic sword-like sound whenever you win a prize.


Luxor Scratch Pay TableLuxor Scratch uses multipliers allocated to each particular symbol that are applied to your bet to calculate your win. This means that when betting on the maximum bet (if our arithmetic is correct), you stand a chance to win €250,000 (if you match the highest-paying symbol and receive the 10X multiplier mentioned below). Alternatively, if playing on minimum bet, the most you can win is only €5,000. The game has an RTP percentage of 92.3%—an amount we have come to expect from high-end Pariplay games.

In addition to regular wins, Luxor Scratch also has random multipliers of 2X, 5X, and 10X that can be uncovered in the scratch area. These multipliers are then added onto your winnings to give you that extra bonus.

As mentioned above, each symbol has its own multiplier attached. These symbols and their corresponding multipliers are listed below:


Symbol Type

Multiplier Applied


Scarab Beetle

X 5,000


Pharaohs Head

X 1,000


Golden Ring

X 500


Cross Symbol

X 100


Staff and Cane

X 50



X 25



X 10



X 5



X 2


Ten (10)

X 1

Cost to Play

Bets in Luxor Scratch start at a tiny €0.10 per scratch card. However, to stand a chance of winning the maximum prize money, you will have to spend €5 per card. Considering the amount that you could win, this amount is in no way excessive, but if you would rather pay without having to lose any real money, you can always play the free demo on the Pariplay website.

Supported Platforms

The game has been developed for mobile use through certain lottery website applications but can also be accessed through any web browser using the Internet.

Bottom Line — Is Luxor Scratch Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Luxor Scratch is clearly one of the best games that Pariplay has developed over the last few years. While the slot game version of the game is also excellent, this scratcher is such a standout on its own right that that's irrelevant. In other words, this game will definitely keep you playing for a while and, judging by the RTP percentage, should leave you richer than when you began.

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