Lucky Irish Scratch Card Review

It may sometimes be hard to choose a scratch card that plays well with your luck. Pariplay, a British-based company specializing in online game development, understands this and has developed a game that aims to bring you the luck of the Irish. In this Lucky Irish scratch card review, we will look at what this scratch is about and how you can use it to put your luck to the test.


Lucky Irish Scratch CardPlaying Lucky Irish is very simple and can be done without having to set up any pre-game parameters. All that is needed is for you to purchase the number of scratch cards that you would like to play and then click on the “Play Now” button.

Doing this will reveal a large logo of a four-leaf clover. This image is the scratch area that covers a 3X3 grid of hidden symbols. Moving your cursor over this area will ‘scratch’ the face of the card away and reveal the symbols beneath. Symbols are four-leaf clovers and large pots of gold. Each symbol has a specific monetary value displayed beneath it.

Matching three symbols together wins you the amount that the symbols represent. Winning will cause the winning symbols to grow and shrink continuously while a light shines from behind them. There will also be a banner that appears in the centre of the screen that states the total prize money won. Wins over a specific amount also cause a burst of four-leaf clovers to appear on the screen and are great to see—and not just because it means that you have won something.


The graphics that Lucky Irish makes use of will keep you entertained no matter how long you are playing for. Each symbol is highly detailed, and the visual effects mentioned above add excellent entertainment value to the game.

The background music in the game will immediately make you think of a group of happy leprechauns dancing around a large pot of gold. To add to this, the game has a subtle sound effect when revealing the symbols that makes you think you really are ‘scratching’ the card. The best sound, however, is the satisfying ‘aaaaaah’ that occurs each time that you match symbols and win some money.


The game has a decent jackpot prize of €44,444. However, the odds of winning this amount are a little high: 1 in 3,000,000. These odds are due to there being 3,000,000 cards that are active in the game. Regardless of the odds of winning the jackpot, the RTP percentage of the game is 60.02%. This amount is slightly lower than other Pariplay games but is still decent enough to encourage you to play.

Other prizes are spread out across a pay table that contains ten tiers. These tiers are detailed below:


Prizes Available

Prize Amount































Cost to Play

The price to play Lucky Irish is a respectable €0.60 per scratch card. This amount is excellent considering the prize money that you could potentially win. Having such a low cost to play also allows you to play more scratch cards for a smaller total amount. This ability to play more cards allows you more chances to win the jackpot.

If you want to take the game for a test-drive, there is a demo version available that allows you to play ten scratch cards without having to fork out any cash. 

Supported Platforms

After ensuring that you have a stable Internet connection, the game can be accessed on any PC using a modern web browser. Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is any mobile version of this scratcher.

Bottom Line — Is Lucky Irish Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Lucky Irish has stunning graphics, fun gameplay, exciting sounds, and a decent jackpot. Add all this together, and there is not much else that you could ask for from online scratch cards. Because of all these things, this is definitely a scratch card that we would recommend trying your luck with. Hopefully, the luck of the Irish will favour you as well.

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