Instant Millionaire Scratch Card Review

Most people dream of becoming a millionaire at some point in their life, but for the relatively few people who actually achieve this it requires a tonne of hard work and endless determination. For others, it just requires a bit of luck along with a magic scratch-and-win ticket developed by British developer Gamevy. In this Instant Millionaire scratch card review, we will look at how this game works and how you can use it to try and reach your millionaire dream.


Instant Millionaire Scratch CardInstant Millionaire plays in a very similar manner to many other online scratchers. After purchasing it, you will be presented with a new digital scratch card and a digital coin. Moving your cursor moves the coin on your screen, and the aim is to move the coin over the nine panels to reveal the secret symbols—which are extremely basic since they’re just the monetary amount displayed as text—hidden beneath. If this takes longer than you like, you can also opt to immediately show all the symbols by clicking the “Reveal all” button that becomes visible when you first start playing.

Winning is achieved by successfully matching three symbols that all have corresponding values on them. These symbols are easily identified as matching because they will begin to pulsate, and their colours will brighten as all of the other symbols become dim and begin blending into the background of the card. This feature is great if you would like to know at a glance whether you have won a prize.


Instant Millionaire uses predominantly static graphics with the exception of the winning animation and a slight effect that makes it look like you are scratching the card with a coin when moving it across the face of the scratch card. Further than this, there is nothing fancy about the game, but it does exactly what it needs to do without making a big show about it. While that might be enough for some people, more demanding players will likely want a more immersive scratch card experience.

One thing that is lacking but would be a nice thing to have is some form of music or sound effects; sadly, these are completely lacking from the game.


The most that you can win from Instant Millionaire is—you guessed it—€1,000,000, but the chances of winning this jackpot seem slightly slim considering that they stand at 1 in 5,000,000. However, the chances of winning any of the other prizes are at 1 in 3.25, and the RTP percentage of the game is an average 57.43%.

There are 10 prize tiers spread across the 5,000,000 active scratch cards in the game. These prize tiers are split in the following way:


Prizes Available































Free Scratch card

Cost to Play

A single Instant Millionaire scratch card will set you back €4. This price is completely proportional to the jackpot amount. There is also the bonus of additional free scratch cards that can be won when playing the game. This bonus feature could mean that you could land up getting more scratch cards per €4 than you were initially expecting to—which could lead to a very nice surprise.

If you would like to form an opinion about the game before risking spending any cold, hard cash on it, there is a demo/free play version available. This version gives you five free scratch cards and unlocks all game features, including the ability to win and play free games. Unfortunately, any cash won through the demo mode is unclaimable.

Supported Platforms

Instant Millionaire is available on certain online lottery websites and requires only an active Internet connection and a modern web browser to run.

Bottom Line — Is Instant Millionaire Scratch Card Worth Playing?

If you have a dream of becoming a millionaire but are also looking for a shortcut to achieve that dream, then Instant Millionaire might be the perfect scratch card for you. With decent graphics, easy gameplay, a fantastic jackpot, and the bonus of free scratch cards in between it all, Instant Millionaire is a game that has the potential to keep you coming back for more over and over again. That, however, is dependant on whether you can comfortably foot the €4 bill per card.

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