Horseshoe Scratch Card Review

Online scratch cards are a fun and convenient way to try your luck quickly. With the ever-expanding amount of digital scratch cards available on the World Wide Web, there is a huge variety to choose from to ensure that you find one that suits you. In this Horseshoe scratch card review, we will look at one of the digital scratch cards designed and developed by Gamevy, a British online game developer with experience in real-money game creation.  


Horseshoe Scratch CardThe gameplay of Horseshoe is astoundingly smooth once you have purchased your ticket—which is also generally easy depending on what website you are playing through. After loading the newly purchased ticket, you will be presented with a giant symbol of a horseshoe and a digital coin (which takes the place of your standard mouse cursor when hovered over the scratch card). To scratch the card, you will need to move your cursor/coin over the horseshoe to reveal the nine symbols hidden beneath. These symbols appear as coins that each have a cash value displayed in their centre.

If you are lucky enough to reveal three matching symbols (which you can quickly see because they will begin to pulsate) you are a winner—it is that simple.


The game has an impressive grunge effect that is applied to the scratch card as the cursor/coin moves over it that gives you an accurate representation of actually scratching the card. Other than that cool feature, there is nothing in the way of fancy graphics or animations, but the detailing of the symbols and the scratch cards itself are exquisite and of a high quality—which does somewhat make up for the lack of animation or effects.

The one downside to the game is the complete lack of any sound effects or background music. This lack of music is especially noticeable if you are playing for an extended period.  


The biggest jackpot available from Horseshoe scratch cards is nothing too spectacular—clocking in at only €1,000. Your chances of winning this amount are only 1 in 100,000. However, your chances of winning anything stand at 1 in 3.6, and this scratcher has an RTP percentage of 50.25%. This is not as good as some other scratch cards that are available but can be excused considering the low cost of this game (mentioned in more detail below).

Horseshoe makes use of 10 different prize tiers that are spread out over a total of 100,000 playable scratch cards. The prizes for each tier and how many are available are as follows:


Prizes Available
































Cost to Play

The price of a single Horseshoe scratch card is relatively low and can easily be afforded by most casual gamers who are seeking the thrill of trying their luck. One card will cost you a measly €0.10. However, the cards are generally only sold in bundles of 10, 20, and 30. These cost €1, €2, and €3, respectively.

There is a demo/free play version available for trying out the game and seeing if it is the right fit for you. This version gives you five free scratch cards but keeps any winnings that you make from these cards—which we can understand considering you are playing the cards for free.

Supported Platforms

As with almost all digital scratch cards and online lottery websites, you will need to have an up-to-date browser to be able to play Horseshoe. Due to the scaled-down nature of the design and development of the game, however, the game does not need lightning-fast Internet, so you should easily be able to play it even if your connection is acting up slightly.

Bottom Line — Is Horseshoe Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Many people consider horseshoes to be a great source of luck. Whether this will ring true of your attempts at winning the grand prize of €1,000 when playing a Horseshoe scratch ticket remains to be seen. But with decent graphics, an average RTP percentage, and a price range that suits the masses, you should be able to try your luck out for a while before wanting to call it a day.  

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