Golden Ace Scratch Card Review

Online scratch cards have grown in popularity over the past few years, thanks in part to how easy it is to access to them and the quality that various online game developers have put into their craft. One such developer, Gamevy, has many years’ worth of experience in developing real-money games that can be enjoyed by the masses. In this Golden Ace scratch card review, we will look at what this scratcher is all about and whether or not you should bother playing it.


Golden Ace Scratch CardGolden Ace is—to put it bluntly—ridiculously easy to play. To start with, there are no parameters that you must set to be able to play, as is the case with many other online scratch games. In Golden Ace, all that you need to do is click on the “Play Scratchcard” button, and you are ready to rumble—or to play at the very least.

Once you have started a new scratch card, you will face your first choice. That choice is whether you would like to play the scratch card or if you would like to immediately see if you are a winner. If you choose the latter, you can click on the “Reveal All” button, which will immediately reveal the scratch card and show if you are a winner.

Alternatively, you can use your digital coin (which replaces your standard cursor if you’re playing on a PC or tracks your finger movement on a touchscreen) to scratch the front of the card. This is done by moving the cursor (or your finger) over the face of the card. Doing this reveals the two rows of symbols. Each row of symbols is further split into two rows. The top row of each set of symbols represents either a random number or a symbol (which will be discussed later in this article), while the bottom number represents a monetary value.

If your symbol set has a number at the top, it is pretty much useless, and you can ignore it completely. If, however, your symbol set contains a symbol at its top, then you are a winner. This will be easy to tell because all winning symbols will begin to pulsate and darken, while all the losing symbols will fade slightly and begin to blend with the background.

There are three symbols available. The first, which will win you the monetary value displayed beneath it, is a club symbol. Second is the symbol of a heart, which will gain you an instant €100. Finally, if you unveil the spade symbol, you will win all cash amounts displayed on your screen—something that will make you smile.


Even though all the graphics in Golden Ace are static, with the small exception of the pulsating winning symbols, the game still looks decent. Animations are non-existent, however, except for the above-mentioned winning symbols, and even this animation is very muted and underplayed. Further than that, there aren’t really any effects or visuals that will blow your mind or even excite you—something that could put you off if you are used to more high-end scratch cards.

Adding to the slight disappointment of the graphics, there is no music of any kind to speak of in the game. That includes background music and sound effects for when you win. As such, this is a fairly barebones type of scratch card.


The grand prize available in Golden Ace is €50,000—no laughable amount—and the odds of winning any prize in the game are 1 in 2.08. Surprisingly, there is no published RTP percentage available.

There is a huge amount of scratch cards in play in Golden Ace—1,750,000 to be exact. Luckily, there are also many prizes available that are spread out over the following 17 different prize tiers:


Prizes Available

Prize Value




















































Cost to Play

Depending on the provider you are using, a single game of Golden Ace will set you back €5. This is in line with the price of other scratch cards that have a similar jackpot amount and is not overly excessive.

If, however, you would rather not pay at all, the game does offer a demo version that allows you to try out the game. Unfortunately, this free play version is limited to five scratch cards.

Supported Platforms

Golden Ace is available through some online casinos or lottery websites. It is also available through the mobile apps of some of these companies.

Bottom Line — Is Golden Ace Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Golden Ace is a decent online scratch card that is simple to play and offers a decent jackpot. However, if you are looking for engaging graphics and fun sounds, then this scratcher will likely disappoint you. Thankfully, the game still is worth the time it takes to play and could leave you with some more cash than you started with.

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