Fruity Flurry Scratch Card Review

Fruity Flurry, Lottoland’s first attempt into the online scratch card scene, is a classic scratch off game that offers super straightforward gameplay, vibrant graphics, and a rapid-fire experience. Developed for Lottoland by Gamevy, a popular online gaming provider, Fruity Flurry offers up quite a bit of excitement at a relatively low price tag.


Playing Fruity Flurry couldn’t be much easier: you scratch off nine panels to reveal fruit symbols underneath, and if three of them match, you win the prize that’s written underneath the panel. The coin that you hold will automatically scratch off whatever panels you hover it over, but if that’s still taking too long for you, you can just press the “Reveal all” button (which replaces the “Play next scratchcard” button) at the start of each round. There are no settings or adjustments that a player can make, so what you see initially when you first load up the game is exactly what you’ll get every round and every time you play it again.

If three icons match up, they will lightly zoom in and out while all the other icons fade, making it extremely obvious to tell when you’ve won a prize—your eyes would literally need to be closed for you not to notice that.Fruity Flurry Scratchcard Screenshot

Graphics & Audio

The graphics in Fruity Flurry are nice and colourful, with vibrant icons used for all of the fruits that appear under the panels that you’ll need to scratch. That being said, the game’s visuals are static aside from the above-mentioned zooming animation whenever you win something, so if you’re looking for a game that is visually stimulating, you could definitely do better than this one. In a similar vein, there is no audio—SFX or music—of any kind in this game, so it really is about as close to a paper scratch card as a digital one can get.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

The top prize in Fruity Flurry is a solid €50,000, and you have a 1 in 2 million chance of winning it. While €50,000 might not seem like that much compared to certain other scratch-and-win games, considering Fruity Flurry is quite cheap to play (more on this below), it serves up a fair balance between price and potential winnings. However, its RTP is 63.4%, a somewhat average value that isn't anything to get too excited about.

Each series has a total of 2,000,000 million scratch cards, and among them all there are 893,326 prizes available. These prizes are split among 11 tiers in the following configurations:





































Cost to Play

The price to play a game of Fruity Flurry is in the cheaper to moderate range, costing €0.80 per ticket. This is a decent price tag considering the potential winnings, but there are cheaper games out there if you have a small budget that you’d rather stretch out over a longer playing duration. There's also a Free Play option if you want to play the game just for fun or if you want to test it out before you play with real money.

Supported Platforms

Fruity Flurry is available in web browsers on any modern computer or mobile device or via the dedicated Lottoland Android/iOS app, which also lets you play many other scratch cards, lotteries, and instant-win games.

Bottom Line – Is Fruity Flurry Worth Playing?

Fruity Flurry is a rather minimalistic game in terms of gameplay and visuals, but it is definitely still fun and easy to get hooked on—at least for a few rounds. Whether or not that’s enough to keep you coming back for more over and over again might be a different story, but we’ll leave that up to you to figure out for yourself. Overall, however, it’s a solid and enjoyable enough game that at the very least commemorated Lottoland’s expansion into the increasingly popular niche that is online scratch cards.

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