Fruit Basket Scratch Card Review

Sometimes, it is nice to just relax with an easy game that does not demand too much from you. Add the fact that you can win money to a game like this and you may have just found bliss. One digital scratch card that fits this bill nicely is Fruit Basket. Developed by leading online game makes Pariplay, Fruit Basket is a perfect game if you want to relax and have a chance to make some extra cash at the same time. In this Fruit Basket scratch card review, we will look at how to play the game and what kind of prizes you could possibly earn from doing so.


Fruit Basket Scratch CardPlaying a game of Fruit Basket is as easy as ABC:

  • A – Autoplay: The first step is to decide if you would like to use the autoplay function. This allows the game to play itself while you watch and is perfect if you are not in the mood to put too much effort into winning some extra cash. You can set the autoplay to play between 5 and 50 scratchers automatically.
  • B – Bet: Next you will need to decide what bet you would like to play on each scratch card, keeping in mind that the higher you bet, the higher the possible jackpot that you can win will become. We will cover the costs of bets later on in this article.
  • C – Click: The final thing that you will need to do to start playing Fruit Basket is click on the “Buy Ticket” button. This officially starts the scratcher game.

If you have opted in to use the autoplay function, this is where you sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while the game runs through however many scratch cards you selected. If you did not choose to use autoplay, you would need to click on each of the nine sections of the scratch card to reveal the fruit symbols below. Or, if you want things to happen at a more moderate pace, you can manually click the “Show All” button to immediately reveal all nine symbols each round.

Matching three symbols together gets you a win, and your prize money will be determined by the fruit that you have managed to match and what bet you played on the card. Winning will also spawn a large banner in the middle of your screen that clearly lets you know that you are a winner.


The visuals of Fruit Basket seem to have been designed by somebody that was a slight fruit basket themselves—pun fully intended. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The background of the game is gentle green hills that have a barn proudly displayed atop the one hill. The sections that hide the fruit all comprise woven baskets (which look really good), and then there is the fruit itself. All the fruits have large, googly eyes that look around and blink while waiting for you to play the scratcher. The overall effect this creates is very enjoyable and won’t easily become boring—an element that is common among many of the best online scratch cards.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the background music, which is repetitive and becomes somewhat annoying very quickly—that is unless you like childish tunes that will transport you back to kindergarten. The sound effects in the game can also get annoying, with constant birds chirping in the background and a child-like giggle every time that you win a prize.


The maximum prize amounts are determined based upon your bet. If you are playing using the lowest bet amount, the most that you can hope to win will be €5,000. However, if you are playing using the largest bet amount, you could win a generous €100,000. Odds of winning any prize in the game are 1 in 3.34 with an RTP percentage of 94.9%—something that is more than generous.

Each of the nine fruits in the game has its own multiplier attached to it. This multiplier is placed against your bet to give you your final prize amount. The fruit and their multipliers are listed below:


Symbol Type

Multiplier Applied



X 10,000



X 1,000



X 200



X 100



X 50



X 10



X 5



X 2



X 1

Cost to Play

The lowest bet amount per scratch card is €0.50 per card, while the highest is €10. This is sometimes different depending on the provider that you are playing the game through and should be used as a guideline only. Therefore, it is always best to look at a few different sites to see who is offering deals on multiple tickets or who has a better rate than the others.

Supported Platforms

Fruit Basket is available online through any modern web browsing platform and is occasionally available on mobile devices through online lottery website applications.

Bottom Line — Is Fruit Basket Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Some may consider Fruit Basket slightly childish, especially because of its music and SFX, but there is nothing childish about its €100,000 jackpot. The only slightly sore point is that to stand a chance to win that amount you will have to bet €10 per scratch card. If you think it is worth the risk though, the game’s high RTP percentage might end up generously rewarding you. Whether you will hit the jackpot or a smaller prize, however, remains to be seen.    

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