Everyday Payday Scratch Card Review

Everybody would like payday to be every day. Unfortunately, for most people, payday generally occurs only once or twice a month. Luckily, Gamevy game development studios in Britain have used their development expertise to try and change that fact. In this Everyday Payday scratch card review, we will look at how this scratch card can earn you winnings each day for a year and how easy that is to achieve.


Everyday Payday Scratch CardPlaying Everyday Payday is something that can be done quickly and without much effort. After paying for your chosen amount of scratch cards, you will need to open one to reveal the scratch card area. When doing this, your PC cursor will morph into a digital coin that you will use to scratch the top of the surface of the card away—thereby revealing the nine hidden symbols (which take the form of coins, bank cards, and briefcases filled with money)—underneath. Revealing these symbols is done by moving the cursor over the scratch card area. Alternatively, you can select to “Reveal all” to instantly reveal all nine symbols.

Matching three symbols gets you a win and is clear to determine because a congratulatory banner will appear on the left side of the scratch card, and the matching symbols will appear to pulse. If that doesn’t make it clear enough to you, the fact that all other symbols fade away definitely will.


The graphics employed by Gamevy in Everyday Payday are not the greatest out there, but they are certainly far from the worst. Aside from the pulsating effect applied to winning symbols, there are no special effects when playing the game. All graphics are static, and even the scratch effect that is applied to the surface of the scratch card when passing the coin over it is somewhat static.

To add to this, the developers did not see fit to add any musical fanfare to the scratch card—even when you have successfully matched three symbols. This is, in our opinion, a missed opportunity considering the jackpot the game has to offer, but this is quite commonplace with older games.


Unlike traditional scratch cards that pay out once, Everyday Payday’s grand prize is €1,500 paid out every single day for an entire year! This calculates to a huge €547,500 total prize money—a staggering amount for a humble scratch card. The chances of winning this are unfortunately only 1 in 6,000,000. Luckily, you have a 1 in 3.5 chance of winning some sort of prize from this game, and the RTP percentage is 53.3%.

The 6,000,000 cards available in the game carry prizes from ten different winning tiers. These winnings are split in the following manner:


Prizes Available
































In addition to these prize pools, the game also gives away free scratch cards periodically. During our tests, we managed to win two free scratch cards while playing a total of 10.

Cost to Play

For such a large jackpot, you could expect to pay an exorbitant amount for a single Everyday Payday scratch card, but the price is actually a very respectable €2 per scratch card. While this may not suit your budget if you are determined to win the jackpot considering your chances are 1 in 6,000,000, this amount is not excessive when compared to what you can win.

If you want to try the game out and see if you can test your luck without having to spend your hard-earned cash, the game also has a free play/demo version available. This free play is limited to five scratch cards, and sadly, all winnings won from these cards are not yours. However, free scratch cards awarded in the demo of the game are still granted.

Supported Platforms

All that is required to see if you can change your upcoming year for the better is a modern web browser.

Bottom Line — Is Everyday Payday Scratch Card Worth Playing?

While the price of a single Everyday Payday scratch card may be a little steep if you are on a budget, the return in this instance does seem worth the risk—especially considering that return will keep returning for 365 days. With its free ticket awards and easy-to-use design, Everyday Payday is good fun if you are wanting a simple scratcher that could end up changing your life.

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