Elephant Scratch Card Review

Elephant is one of the premier online scratchers available today. It is a basic scratch card game that is simple to play and can be played repeatedly in a short amount of time. The game is designed and developed by Gamevy—a British company specializing in online real-money games since 2015. In this Elephant scratch card review we will look at what your chances of winning are and how the scratcher works.


Elephant Scratchcard ScreenshotPlaying Elephant could not be simpler. All that you need to do after selecting to play a new card is move your virtual coin over the nine panels of the scratch card area. This will automatically scratch off the scratch area and reveal if you are a winner. If this is taking longer than you would like, you can also hit the “Reveal all” button that appears at the bottom of the scratcher when starting a new card. This will instantly reveal all nine hidden logos and display if you are a winner or not.

To win, you will need three matching icons. It is ridiculously easy to see if you have managed to win because all matching icons will repeatedly grow and shrink on your screen while all the other icons fade away into the background of the card.


While the graphics in Elephant are pleasing to look at, they are nothing to write home about. All visuals are static and do not change while you are playing the game, and the only real animation or movement you will see is the winning animation mentioned above. While the ‘scratching’ of the card does look decent enough, it also is slightly lacklustre and is devoid of any great animation or effects. That being said, the game still looks good—which makes up for the fact that there is zero audio to accompany it (both in terms of SFX when you are scratching or win or background music while you are playing).


The top prize available in Elephant is a low €500—well below the top prize available in other online scratch card games. This prize money seems even less when realizing that the game only has an RTP percentage of 50.25% and a 1 in 3.6 chance of winning on any particular scratch card. As for your chance of winning the top prize, those odds are sitting at 1 in 100,000.

There are 100,000 scratch cards available in Elephant, and the prizes are split across the following 10 tiers:


Prizes Available
































Cost to Play

As you could probably imagine from the pay-out amounts, the cost to play Elephant is not extravagant—costing just €0.05 per ticket or €0.50 for ten tickets. This low cost explains the low prize money but also makes this an incredibly cheap scratch card to play—especially if you would like to play for an extended period of time without worrying about breaking the bank.

There is also the option to play a free demo of the game if you would like to give it a try before committing to paying for it. The demo is limited to five free scratches before forcing you to purchase tickets. This, however, is easily bypassed by closing the demo pop-up and re-opening the demo again.

Supported Platforms

Elephant is available on any computer using an up-to-date web browser and can be played on a variety of popular lottery websites. Where applicable, it is also accessible through certain lottery websites’ mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Bottom Line — Is Elephant Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Elephant takes a very simple approach to the ever-increasing online scratch cards market. It uses minimal graphics with simple gameplay. While it could keep you busy for a while, the lack of a decent jackpot could soon make you weary and send you in search of greener pastures. But for what it costs, it is still definitely worth a go.

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