Dragon Scrolls Scratch Card Review

Scratch cards that follow a specific theme are often graphically amazing and fun to play. One scratcher that falls into this category is Dragon Scrolls, which was released by Pariplay, a British online gaming company launched in 2010, and brings a touch of the oriental to online gaming. In this Dragon Scrolls scratch card review, we will look at what the game is and how much you stand to make from playing it.


Dragon Scrolls Scratch CardPlaying Dragon Scrolls is a very simple process, and you can be playing endless scratch cards in almost no time at all. When starting, you will need to decide whether or not you would like to use the autoplay function that the game offers. The feature acts in much the same way as an auto spin function on a slot machine in that it plays the game while you sit back and watch. The feature can be enabled for up to 50 consecutive scratch cards.

After deciding if you want to use autoplay, and setting it up if you do, your next decision will be what bet you would like to place on each scratch card. The grand prize available to win from each card is directly related to your bet amount. As such, the higher your bet, the higher the prize money you can win.

Once your bet is entered in, you are ready to play. You can select to instantly scratch the card, revealing all nine symbols immediately by clicking on the “Reveal All” button, or you can click on each section of the card to reveal the symbol underneath. The symbols are detailed images of the animals that make up the different Chinese years. Matching three of these symbols wins you a prize.

Winning is broadcast clearly, and it is incredibly hard to miss the fact that you have won. Not only does a banner appear in the centre of your screen telling you that you are a winner, but the dragon located on the left side of the scratch card will also breathe a burst of flames to indicate a win—something that looks really cool when you do win.


There is only one word for the graphics of Dragon Scrolls—impressive. The detailing on the symbols of the scratch card is incredibly well thought out, and the overall look of the game is something that should keep you interested in playing it for a long time. There is also the animation when unveiling each section of the card. This animation shows the scroll that is hiding the symbol gently unrolling to reveal the symbol.

Aside from the great graphics, the background music is also something that should retain your interest for quite some time—unless you are not a fan of mysterious ancient Chinese fanfare. There are also decent sound effects that add further appeal to the game. These effects include a loud gong when you win a prize and a cool ‘unravelling’ sound effect when you reveal a symbol.


The highest prize that you can win is a very gratifying €100,000. The only problem is that this prize is only accessible if you are playing on the maximum bet amount. If you are playing on the minimum bet amount, the grand prize is only €5,000. The game has an RTP percentage of 94.9% (which is something worth getting excited about), and the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.34.

Prizes are calculated by taking your bet against the multiplier that is attached to whatever symbol you manage to match. The symbols and their related multipliers are as follows:


Symbol Type

Multiplier Applied



X 10,000



X 1,000



X 200



X 100



X 50



X 20



X 10



X 5



X 4



X 2



X 1

Cost to Play

Bets start at a reasonable €0.50 per scratch card and top out at a maximum of €10. While €10 may seem like an excessive amount for a single scratch ticket, playing with this bet amount is the only way to stand a chance to win the grand prize of €100,000.

However, if you would like to take the game for a test ride before spending any cash, there is a free play version available on the Pariplay website. The ability to test online scratch games before you play them is one of the great things that sets them apart from traditional paper-based instant-win games.

Supported Platforms

Any modern PC that has an update-to-date browser and a stable Internet connection can access Dragon Scrolls. Also, some lottery websites make the game accessible through their dedicated mobile apps.

Bottom Line — Is Dragon Scrolls Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Dragon Scrolls is a great game in terms of gameplay, effects, and especially graphics. The only let-down is the high cost per scratch card to be able to win the highest jackpot. While the game redeems itself with a high RTP percentage, it will be up to you as the player to decide if that makes the risk of playing on the maximum bet worthwhile.

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