Daily Pocket Filler Scratch Card Review

Winning some spending money on a scratcher is always a great feeling, but winning money from a scratcher every single day for 365 days is even better! In this Daily Pocket Filler scratch card review, we will look at how this game (brought to us by Gibraltar-based game development company Gluck) can keep paying out for a full year.


As is the general standard for most online scratch cards developed by Gluck, Daily Pocket Filler is incredibly easy to play. To start, you will need to purchase your desired number of cards from whatever website you’re accessing the game on. Once you have done this, playing the scratcher is as simple as clicking the “Play Scratchcard” button (which activates the card).

Daily Pocket Filler Scratch CardAfter the card is active, you can choose to either tap the “Reveal All” button and instantly see if you are a winner or use your cursor or finger to scratch the face of the card away. Scratching the top of the card off will reveal a 3X3 grid of symbols. These symbols take the form of wallets, credit cards, denim pockets (which will win the jackpot), and stacks of gold coins. All symbols have a monetary value listed beneath them.

Matching three symbols together means winning the amount they represent. It will be clear to see if you are a winner due to all of the non-winning symbols turning grey-scale and blending into the background of the card. The winning symbols, meanwhile, will be highlighted to make sure that you can’t miss them.


The graphics that are used in Pocket Filler Daily do not hurt the game, but they also do not do any justice to a game whose payment concept is so innovative. All the graphics in the game are entirely static except for the small animation that occurs with the winning symbols mentioned above. The only other graphical treat is a cool scratch effect over the card area as you remove the face from it.

Another downer to the game is the fact that it is completely silent. There is not only any sound effects, but there is not even any background music that plays in the background. Whether this will annoy you or make you happy is entirely up to your personal preference. However, it would be nice to at least be given the option.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

As mentioned above, winning the jackpot of Daily Pocket Filler will result in you getting a payday every day for a full year. The prize stands at €500 a day and in total is equal to €182,500—no small amount. While you may not want to wait a full year to get the full amount, it does help you keep hold of it instead of spending it all at once. There is no published RTP percentage for the game, but the odds stand at 1 in 1.74.

There are 10,000,000 active cards in the game and 10 payment tiers that are used to determine winnings. They are as follows:


Prizes Available

Prize Amount:

































In addition to these prizes, the game also randomly awards free scratch cards.

Cost to Play

Standing a chance to win your daily allowance will cost you €2 per card. This is not overly excessive when compared to other scratchers that do not offer such a generous prize.

If, however, you would like to try your luck before having to pay for it, there is a demo version of the game available. This free play version limits you to five scratch-and-win tickets, and any winnings that you win are claimed back by the game.

Supported Platforms

Daily Pocket Filler can be accessed using any PC with an Internet connection. Certain lottery sites also make it available through their mobile applications. In the case where they don’t, the game is wholly mobile-friendly and can be played using a smartphone web browser.

Bottom Line — Is Daily Pocket Filler Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Daily Pocket Filler brings a fresh new concept to the payout of jackpot prizes in online scratchers. It may be slightly let down by the lacklustre graphics and absence of sound, but this game is still one to try at least once thanks to the high jackpot and decent odds. Whether you will be able to find that one prize in amongst the 10,000,000 cards will be left up to you.

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