Cops & Robbers Scratch Card Review

Online scratch cards can be a fun and engaging way of passing your time—with the bonus of the chance to win some cash mixed into it. Pariplay, a forerunning online game developer, has developed a fun and interesting cartoon-crime-themed scratcher that might just keep you endlessly entertained. In this Cops and Robbers scratch card review, we will look at what the game is about and what your chances of winning big stand at.


Playing a game of Cops and Robbers can be done in just three simple steps.

The first step is to decide on your bet amount per scratch card. This bet can be any amount from €1 to €10 but is also dependant on the provider you are using to play. Your bet amount will also determine the multiplier applied to your winnings. These multipliers climb higher as your bet reaches the €10 mark and are listed later on in this article.

Cops and Robbers Scratch CardOnce you have selected the bet amount that suits your pocket, the next decision will be whether you would like the game to play for you or if you would like to do it. This feature is dubbed Autoplay and allows you to let the game purchase and play cards while you sit back and watch the action unfold. Autoplay can be customized to play a minimum of 5 scratch cards and a maximum of 50. If you would prefer to not make use of this function, click on ‘Buy Ticket’ to start a fresh scratch card.

The third and final step is dependent on whether you opted to use the Autoplay function or not. If you have chosen this option, all that is left to do is sit back and watch your screen to see if you are a winner. If you have not chosen to use Autoplay, you will need to move your cursor (which takes the form of a small digital coin) over each of the nine sections of the scratch card. Clicking on each section causes the coin to ‘scratch’ that section and reveal the monetary value underneath—which is displayed in plain text. Matching three monetary values wins you that amount.

Seeing if you are a winner is pretty evident. This is because of the large, pulsating gold stars that appear behind each matched value. If this is not obvious enough, large white text will also appear to tell you that you are a winner and the amount that you have won.


The 1940s comic-book-style graphics of Cops and Robbers are quite pleasing to the eye. The background shows a cartoon cop and a robber at a stand-off with one another while searchlights move continuously around the sky. The banner stating the name of the game at the top of the screen also has a nice gleam animation that runs across it every few seconds.

Scratching the sections of the card triggers a nifty animation that causes the digital coin to quickly move over the section while the top layer gets ‘scratched off.’ In addition to all this, continuous music plays in the background, and there is also dialogue between cops and robbers and the SFX of sirens. The generic dialogue is fun to listen to at first, but the continuous sirens can easily get on your nerves if you play for extended periods. Luckily, the game does allow you to mute the background music and adjust the volume. There is also a cool ‘cha-ching’ sound effect that plays when you match three amounts—making it even more obvious that you are a winner.


The maximum attainable jackpot depends on your bet amount and ranges from €10,000 to a limit of €100,000. The minimum win amount on the lowest bet is 0.5 x 1, and the highest win amount when playing on the max bet is 10 x 10,000. The overall odds of winning for the game are 1 in 2.77, and it has an RTP percentage of 94.9%—which is very impressive.

There are 10,000,000 scratch cards active in the game, and the multipliers are distributed across 11 tiers in the following way:


Prizes Available

Multiplier Applied



X 10,000



X 1,000



X 200



X 100



X 50



X 20



X 10



X 5



X 4



X 3



X 1

Cost to Play

As stated above, a single game can cost you anywhere between €1 and €10. Again, this is all dependant on the provider that you are using to play the game. Certain providers that we encountered while conducting research for this review charged €1.99 per bet. Therefore, it is best to shop around on different sites before playing.

If you would like to test the game out before playing for real money, there is a demo version that allows you to play for free on Pariplay’s website.

Supported Platforms

The game has been developed to work using only a web browser and a stable Internet connection. There is also a mobile version available that runs on modern devices.

Bottom Line — Is Cops and Robbers Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Cops and Robbers does a good job of employing good graphics within a fun and engaging game. This, however, is not the main point of this scratcher—which is to win that elusive €100,000. Unfortunately, you will need to bet around €10 per game to stand a chance of winning that. Thankfully, the game offers a high RTP, which should go a long way to make you feel better about wagering that much in one go.  

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