Barn Ville Scratch Card Review

Pariplay, a British-based online gaming developer founded in 2010, has built a reputation for creating fun and engaging real-money games. These games take on many forms and often provide comical themes and graphics. In this Barn Ville scratch card review, we will look at yet another of Pariplay’s wacky games and how you can use it to score yourself a little extra spending money.


You do not need a degree in rocket science to play BarnVille. In fact, playing it is ridiculously simple, and you can be set up and playing in almost no time at all.

Barn Ville Scratch CardTo begin, you will need to choose what bet amount you would like to play per scratch card. The main jackpot in the game is directly linked to this, and the higher your bet, the higher the possible jackpot. In addition to your bet amount, you will need to decide whether you would like to use the autoplay function. This works to play a set number of scratch cards (configurable between 5 and 50) on your behalf.

After setting your bet amount, you can take it easy while the game runs through your selected number of scratchers—that is, if you have chosen to make use of the autoplay feature. If you would rather play the card on your own, simply don’t enable the autoplay feature and hit “Buy Ticket” instead. After purchasing a ticket, you will be presented with a large barn that has nine barn doors displayed in a 3x3 grid. You will need to click on each of these nine doors to reveal the animal that is hidden behind it. If you don’t feel like clicking nine times, you can click the “Reveal All” button, which will open all nine barn doors at once and show all the animals hidden inside.

Matching any three animals means that you are a winner. The game makes this hard to miss because of the large text banner that will instantly appear in the middle of your screen.


While the graphics of Barn Ville may be slightly childish and cartoonish, they are actually pretty good. Each of the animals has great detailing, with really slick animation every time the appear from behind one of the doors, and the barn itself (as well as the silo to the left of it that displays the paytable of the game) also looks really nice.

Although there is no background music in the game, you will be bombarded with a whole lot of different animal sounds that make you feel like you are in the middle of a farmyard. Added to this din is the individual sounds of each animal as they are revealed from behind the barn doors. As is the case with many other online scratch and win games, all of this together can quickly become annoying and lead you to turn off the game sounds using the Options menu. Doing this, however, will also deprive you of a hearty “Yee-Haw” that sounds each time you win—which is pretty fun to hear, we have to admit.


As mentioned above, the maximum prize that you can win depends solely on the amount that you are betting per card. On a minimum bet, the most you stand to win is €5,000. This jackpot amount increases drastically to €100,000 if you decide to play the max bet. The odds of winning any prize while playing are 1 in 1.94. The RTP percentage also clocks in at a respectable 94.9%.

Wins are calculated by using a multiplier associated with your winning animal symbols against your bet for that card. Animals available in the game and their respective multiplier are listed below:


Symbol Type

Multiplier Applied


Black horse

X 10,000


White horse

X 1,000


Brown horse

X 200



X 100



X 50



X 20



X 10



X 5



X 4



X 2



X 1

Cost to Play

Barn Ville could be quite cheap to play for a long time—if you are playing on the lowest bet amount of €0.50. If, however, you want a shot at the €100,000 jackpot, you will need to spend a whopping €10 per scratch card.

If any of these amounts are too much for your pocket and you would like to just play the game for fun, there is a demo that allows free play available on the Pariplay website.

Supported Platforms

Pariplay has made the game accessible using any modern PC that has a semi-decent Internet connection. Select lottery websites and various online casinos also provide access to the game through their dedicated mobile apps.

Bottom Line — Is Barn Ville Scratch Card Worth Playing?

If you like cartoon graphics and annoying sound clips, then Barn Ville is most certainly a game that you will enjoy. However, if you are only looking for a game that you can play to win some cold hard cash, then the antics that Barn Ville provides may prove a bit too much relatively quickly. That, however, is entirely up to you, and, at the very least, Barn Ville is worth a laugh or two for a few rounds.

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