Atari Star Raiders Scratch Card Review

Branded scratch cards can bring something familiar and comfortable to the table—especially when it is something that plays on your childhood memories. Pariplay, one of the leaders in online real-money game development, have used this to their advantage and created a game that you will not want to miss. In this Atari Star Raiders scratch card review, we will look at how your nostalgia can earn you some real cash.


Before beginning play, you will need to enter a few parameters to configure the game to the way you would like to play. The first of these parameters is the bet amount that you would like to play with. This amount can be selected from the pre-set list of amounts in the game and directly influences the size of the available jackpot. As per usual with online scratch cards, the higher your bet, the higher the potential prize.

Atari Star Raiders Scratch CardAfter choosing your bet amount, you can choose whether or not you would like to make use of the autoplay function of the game. This function allows you to select several games and then lets the game play them on your behalf while you sit back and watch. If you do not wish to make use of this function, you can begin your game by tapping the “Play” button.

Hitting the “Play” button will activate your scratcher. You can instantly reveal if you are a winner by tapping on the “Show All” button. Alternatively, you can click on each of the nine Atari logos that cover the hidden symbols in the scratch area to reveal the symbol beneath. The symbols are a mix of spacecraft and medals that you might be familiar with from the original 1979 game.

Matching three symbols together will apply their respective multiplier to your bet amount and result in you being a winner. It is super easy to see if you are a winner thanks to the fact that a large banner will appear telling you the amount you have won. In addition to this, all winning symbols will have a glowing circle that surrounds them, and their matching counterpart from the paytable that is located to the left of the scratch area will also become animated and be encircled by a pulsating circle.


It is clear to see that Pariplay has attempted to capture the allure of the original game with the graphics in this scratcher. Aside from the animations that occur if you are a winner, there is also a great animation applied to the scratch area when you remove the cover from the symbol that makes the Atari logos seemingly fade into nothing. The graphics are highly detailed, and all the animations are smooth and great to look at.

There is also the classic Space Invaders-type music that plays in the background of the game that adds to the overall effect. Winning also results in a new-age jingle that plays and is fun to listen to.

Prizes, Odds, and Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage

With an RTP percentage of 94.9%, Atari Star Raiders has one of the best chances to win around today. The primary jackpot is €100,000, which is a decent amount. The drawback is that to win this you will need to be playing on the maximum bet.

Multipliers are assigned to each symbol based on the bet amount, and the multiplier amount increases alongside the bet amount. The multiplier attached to each symbol can be viewed in the legend to the left of the card area, and there are six variations: X5, X10, X100, X500, X1000, and X3000.

Cost to Play

The cost to play Atari Star Raider will depend wholly on which site you choose to play the game through. The most common price is around €2 per scratch card (or €1.99 to be entirely exact).

If you would prefer not to pay, there is a free play version available on the Pariplay website that allows you unlimited cards to try your luck on.

Supported Platforms

The game can be played through the web browser of any PC that is connected to the Internet and is also mobile-friendly. Depending on your preferred lottery website or online casino, the game may also be available via an application.

Bottom Line — Is Atari Star Raiders Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Pariplay has tried to stir up the nostalgia of the Atari generation with this Star Raiders scratcher, and they have done a great job at doing just that. With a fantastic RTP percentage, great graphics, and a decent pay-out, this game is worth a try regardless if you’re intrigued or not by the old childhood memories it conjures up.

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