777 Scratch Card Review

If you love the number 7—and let's face it, who doesn't?—then you'll get your fill of it in the 777 scratchcard. Developed for lottery websites by the certified British online gaming company Gamevy, 777 is simple to play and offers you a pretty decent chance of winning real money quickly and easily. In this 777 scratch card review, we will look at what it will cost you to play and if it is worth your while to keep coming back for more chances to win.


777 Scratchcard ScreenshotPlaying 777 is as simple as three easy steps. The first thing that you will need to do is purchase your required amount of scratch cards (more on the costs of this below). Once you have done this, you will need to drag your virtual scratching coin across the screen to scratch off the top of the nine blocks that make up the scratch card. To get this done quickly you can choose to opt for instantly revealing all of the hidden symbols by clicking on the “Reveal all” button that appears when beginning to play a new scratch card.

The third step is to check if you have won—which occurs by revealing three matching icons. The game makes it incredibly easy to see if you have won by making winning icons zoom in and out on screen while all other icons merge into the background of the scratcher and effectively disappear.


The game makes use of static graphics that are decently detailed but nothing spectacular. There are also almost no special effects—other than the slight ‘scratch’ look that is applied to each block as you pass your digital coin over the top of it—and the only animation that occurs throughout the entire game is the one mentioned above for when you have matched three icons. There are also no sound effects when scratching or matching logos while playing the game, nor any music in the background to keep you extra interested.

While these scaled-back graphics do help to make the game load quicker and work to not draw your attention away from the game at hand, the game could be slightly improved had the developer put marginally more effort into this area.  


777 has a decent jackpot which consists of seven pay-outs of €7,777. Chances of winning one of these elusive seven jackpots are 1 in 571,429 and the RTP percentage of the game is 62.8%—giving you a pretty average chance of winning something, as 1 in 3.1 scratch cards are a winner.

The game consists of 4,000,000 cards (a staggeringly high number) and has eight different pay tiers for players to win some prize money from. These tiers are split as follows:


Prizes Available


























Cost to Play

The cost of a single 777 scratch card is decently priced at €0.50. This is what one might expect to pay considering the jackpot available and is not excessive when compared to other online scratchcards.

If you would like to give the game a try before committing to spending any cash, there is a demo/free play version that is available. This version restricts you to five scratch cards—which is more than enough to get a feel of the game and to see how it works—and does not allow you to keep any of the winnings that you may earn while playing the five free cards.

Supported Platforms

777 is a popular scratch card and is therefore available on most major lottery websites, such as Lottoland. It requires an updated web browser and is also available through selected lottery applications for Android and iOS.

Bottom Line — Is 777 Scratch Card Worth Playing?

If you are looking for a simple scratch card game without any frills or explosive graphics, then 777 is definitely a viable option. With mid-range graphics, an average RTP percentage, and decent jackpot amounts, 777 is worth giving a try. Whether it will keep you playing is a different story considering the large number of cards available versus the chances of winning. However, that is a fairly standard risk when playing any scratch cards, so in the end it’s up to you to see whether luck is on your side.

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