20 Million Scratch Card Review

Digital scratch cards have a way of going from one extreme to the next when it comes to the jackpots that they make available. While some have amounts that can barely be considered a jackpot, others have amounts that are truly unbelievable. Designed and developed by online gaming company Gamevy, 20 Million is a game that falls into this latter category. In this 20 Million scratch card review, we will look at a scratcher with one of the highest jackpots available.


20 Million Scratch Card20 Million is simple to understand and easy to play. After purchasing whatever amount of scratch tickets you want to play, the card will appear on your screen and give you a digital coin with which to scratch it. This digital coin will be attached to your mouse cursor and is controlled using your mouse or trackpad—or finger on mobile devices such as smartphones. By moving the digital coin/mouse across the face of the scratch card, you will begin to scratch the face of the card off and reveal the nine symbols hidden underneath. The symbols show different things depending on their corresponding cash amount and range from stacks of coins, money bags, and piggy banks to locked safes and diamonds.

Matching three symbols wins you the corresponding cash value that is stipulated by the three matching symbols. These symbols, once matched, will begin to grow and shrink on screen, making it fairly obvious that you are a winner.


The face of the scratch card is an elegant black envelope that is well detailed and impressively rendered. Sadly, this is the best part of the graphics because there are no animations aside from the zoom effect used when you are a winner, and there are also no other effects besides a basic scratch effect that is applied to the face of the card as you move the digital coin across it.

These facts may put some off players, while others may like the simplicity of the design. Regardless of how you feel about the graphics, you might be disappointed by the fact that there is also no background music or sound effects in the game.


The jackpot for 20 Million is—get ready for this—€20,000,000! This makes it one the biggest if not the biggest digital scratch card jackpot around. But as you can probably imagine, the chances of winning this jackpot are not great. In fact, they are 1 in 139,838,160 (and you thought the jackpot number was big)! Although the game has a lacklustre RTP percentage of 50.8%, the overall odds of winning check in at a very favourable 1 in 1.20. In a test run of five scratch cards, we were able to rack up winnings of €44—which impressed us considering how quickly we managed to accumulate that amount.

Prizes that are distributed throughout the 139,838,160 active scratch cards in the game are split across 10 payment tiers in the following way:


Prizes Available
































Cost to Play

With a jackpot like that, it is no surprise that a single 20 Million scratch card is not exactly cheap, and at €20 it is actually very far from cheap. However, this is understandable considering the huge jackpot that is available and when looking at the amount of prize money available on even the second and third payment tiers.

If you would like to take the game for a test drive before investing your hard-earned cash in it, the game does allow a free play option of up to five free scratch cards. Unfortunately, all winnings accumulated from these types of online scratch cards do not get paid to you, as they are nullified by the game.

Supported Platforms

20 Million runs well on modern web browsers and requires a stable Internet connection to run. It is available on select popular lottery websites and is sometimes also available through certain websites’ mobile apps.

Bottom Line — Is 20 Million Scratch Card Worth Playing?

€20 may be a rather steep amount to pay for a single scratch card. However, considering the amount that that €20 ticket could yield, it is well worth the risk. Moreover, with decent (if not slightly boring) graphics and a simple-to-use interface, 20 Million is definitely a scratch game worth trying out if you have a bit of extra money sitting around.

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