€100,000 Cash Scratch Card Review

Digital scratch cards have become a huge commodity in the online gambling arena. With hundreds to choose from, there is a scratch card for every person that caters to any type of budget. In this €100,000 Cash scratch card review, we will look at a relatively high-paying scratch card developed by award-winning developer Gamevy and see what your chances of winning big by playing it are.


€100,000 Cash Scratchcard ScreenshotPlaying €100,000 Cash is super simple: all that you need to do is move your mouse cursor (there is no digital coin on show) over the nine panels on the card. Doing this scratches the face off of the card and reveals the icon beneath. If you do not want to spend time scratching away all the boxes, you have the option to show all the icons immediately by hitting the “Reveal all” button that becomes visible once you begin play. Once all nine icons on the card have been revealed, you will see if you are a winner.

Matching three icons will result in you winning the prize stipulated by the icons that you have matched. It is easy to see at a glance whether you have won because any winning icons will begin to flash on your screen, while the remaining icons that do not having any winnings will fade and blend into the background.


While the game does not make use of any flashy graphics or animations, the detailing of the logos and even the background of the card are surprisingly high quality and thus pleasing to the eye. The scratch effect is also nice to see—creating almost a shattered glass effect on the block as you move your cursor over it.  

These graphics may be nice to look at, but the lack of additional animation or graphics mixed with the fact that the game is entirely silent and does not include any background music or sound effects could become slightly boring if you play this scratcher continuously for an extended period of time.


As you can probably tell from the name, the main jackpot available is €100,000—which is nothing to smirk about. The downside is that your odds of winning the jackpot are only 1 in 3,000,000, which aren’t that good for a jackpot of this size. While the chance of winning overall stands at 1 in 3.10, the RTP percentage is 57.50%—which isn’t really that great when compared to other scratch cards.

With 3,000,000 cards in play, there are 10 tiers of winnings available to you. These tiers are split in the following way:


Prizes Available































Free Scratch Card

Cost to Play

The purchase of one scratch card will set you back €1—which is not too steep considering the amount that you stand to win if you hit the jackpot. An added bonus is that you also stand the chance to win free scratch cards (which we managed to do four times out of the ten scratch cards that we tested).

If, however, you would like to give the game a spin before committing to spending your hard earned cash, there is a demo version available. This free play version will give you five 100% free scratch cards. Any winnings that you get while playing with the free scratch cards will be nullified—which is understandable.

Supported Platforms

€100,000 Cash is available on the Lottoland lottery website and requires only a decent connection and a modern browser.

Bottom Line — Is €100,000 Cash Worth Playing?

The €100,000 Cash scratch card offers you a high reward for a small price—that is if you happen to be the lucky 1 out of 3,000,000 people who manages to hit the jackpot. If that is not you, the game is still decent fun to play if you have some spare cash lying around that you would like to try your luck with. Whether it would be fun to play continuously considering it only has an RTP of 57.50% is something that only time will tell.

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