Repeat Lottery Winners Janet Pflaumer-Phillips and Kevin Phillips

With the odds being against us, most of us will have a hard time winning the lottery once, but we keep trying just in case the “what if?” becomes a lucky reality. However, for Janet Pflaumer-Phillips and Kevin Phillips, winning the lottery became their reality more than once; in fact, the couple shared an astonishing three lottery wins, proving that the odds are sometimes in our favour.Janet Pflaumer Phillips and Kevin Phillips 2014 100x the Cash Win

The Phillips’ Million-Dollar Wins

Kevin Phillips 2016 Win It All PrizeRepeat lottery winners Janet Pflaumer Phillips and Kevin Phillips are two of the luckiest lottery players in the world. The married couple from the small town of Lakeville, Massachusetts, play the lottery regularly, their routine established long before they stumbled into any winnings.

When Kevin won his first $1 million prize from a $10 “100x the Cash” ticket in April 2014, it could only be considered random. But when he won another $1 million from a $5 “Win It All!” ticket in September 2016, it was clear that player’s luck was very much on his side. Years later, luck struck again when Janet stumbled into her very own $1 million prize in May 2019.

Kevin was lucky enough that his wins came from two cheap scratch-offs—one $5 and one $10. Though the odds of winning from a scratch-off ticket are much better than scoring winning numbers, Kevin is a rare case in that he won two large prizes. Likewise, Janet’s jackpot winnings came from a $30 “Diamond Millions” scratch-off ticket that she purchased from a Massachusetts’ repair shop. Janet chose a one-time payment instead of receiving her $1 million winnings in instalments, allowing her to take home $710,000 after taxes.

How Is the Couple Spending Their Winnings?

After Kevin took home the one-time payment of his second prize, he was ecstatic to start planning a family trip to Disney World. When Janet won her $1 million, she was enthusiastic to donate some of her winnings to animal rescue organisations. She also expressed relief that she could help her family and friends as well as aid Kevin’s retirement.


Though we’d all love to say we won the lottery, even if just one time, some people are lucky enough to say they’ve won it multiple times—including Janet Pflaumer-Phillips and Kevin Phillips. Although it might be hard to believe, they aren’t the only ones to stumble into such luck; in fact, there are many lottery winners who've won multiple times, including Melvyn Wilson—a four-time winner from Woodbridge, Virginia, who took home a total of over $2 million before taxes between 2005 and 2013. These instances go to show that playing the lottery could bring you greater luck than you could ever imagine.

Janet Pflaumer Phillips 2019 Diamond Millions Win

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