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Princess Margaret Home Lottery ReviewCharity home lotteries have begun to pull out all the stops in recent years when it comes to the prizes that they offer. It is no surprise then that these lotteries have also seen an enormous increase in the interest that the general public is showing in them. In this Princess Margaret Home Lottery review, we will look at one such lotto that falls into this category, what it has on offer for players, and whether it is worth purchasing a ticket—or twenty—into one of its upcoming draws.


The Princess Margaret Home Lottery was started in 1996 by the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Since then, the foundation has raised over $355 million that has been donated towards the treatment and research of cancer at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center.

This figure proves that without a doubt any money that the lottery gains that does not go towards the prizes on offer most certainly gets forwarded to the cancer centre. It also helps players in knowing that their contributions to the lottery go toward a worthy cause.


There are 530,000 tickets available for the main lottery. While this means the odds of winning are tougher than most other Canadian charity lotteries, it still leaves players with an overall chance of winning a prize of 1 in 25—which is definitely not something to complain about.

Unfortunately, the complaining does make an appearance in terms of the price of tickets. A single ticket costs $100—which, even though it is going toward a worthy cause, is slightly on the expensive side. Purchasing more than one ticket, however, does result in discounts: three tickets will cost $250, and five tickets will only cost $375.


Princess Margaret Home Lottery Grand PrizeUnlike almost all other Canadian home lotteries, the Princess Margaret Home Lottery offers three grand prizes that are won by three different lucky winners. As you may expect, the first of these grand prizes is the most spectacular. However, the other prizes are nothing to turn your nose up at. The prizes available are:

  • First Grand Prize: A King City show home with 9,390 square feet of living space and five bedrooms. The house comes fully furnished thanks to a team of interior decorators and is valued at $5.2 million. In addition to this, the lucky winner of this prize will also receive a second home in the form of the Kawartha Lakefront Cottage valued at $1.12 million. And, if two houses were not enough, the winner of this prize will also receive $500,000 in cash.
  • Second Grand Prize: A three-bedroom Upper Beach show home valued at $1.64 million. As with the first grand prize, the apartment comes fully furnished and decorated. The winner will also receive $25,000 in cash.
  • Third Grand Prize: A $1.16 million, four-bedroom Prince Edward County Country home. This house is also fully furnished and comes with a handy $25,000 in cash.


For all those lottery players out there who like to push their luck to the limits, there are a variety of additional draws held by the lottery. While players are entered into some of the draws automatically, others do require the purchase of additional tickets.

  • Early Bird: This draw is open to players that purchase their tickets to the main lottery draw before a specified date. The prize for this draw is a Kawartha Lakefront Cottage valued at $1.55 million. The house comes fully furnished and includes $30,000 in cash.
  • 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar: The lottery offers a 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar that offers tickets at $25 each, $50 for three tickets, or $75 for six. The prize is $10,000 a day for 100 consecutive days. The only deviation from this prize structure is every Friday when the prize available increases to $40,000 for the day.
  • 50/50: Like the draw above, tickets for the 50/50 draw are available for $25 each or in bulk at discounted rates. The prize is a guaranteed minimum of $2 million but increases proportionally according to the number of tickets sold—having previously reached over $5 million. The winner of this draw will take half of the total prize and the other half will go to the cancer centre.

In addition to the draws mentioned above, the lottery also hosts VIP, loyalty, vacation, vehicle, and leisure draws. The full details of all these different draws and the requirements to qualify for each draw are available on the official lottery website.  


Princess Margaret Home Lottery Grand Prize InteriorWinners of any prize will be notified in writing by the lottery. For winners of any home prizes, the lottery will facilitate the transfer of the property into the name of the winner and cover all costs associated with doing so.

All prizes must be claimed within six months from the date of the draw and are not redeemable for cash except where specified.


Any player who wishes to play in the lottery will need to be 19 years of age or older. Also, nobody involved with the lottery or any of the prizes in any way may purchase tickets for any of the draws held by the lottery. This includes spouses and roommates of anybody involved with the lottery.

The final rule regarding this lottery is that all tickets must be purchased within the boundaries of Ontario, Canada. While the lottery does not specifically say that no players from outside of Ontario may purchase tickets, it does say that all tickets must be purchased and posted within the borders of Ontario.


The Princess Margaret Home Lottery takes charity home lotteries to the next level by boosting the available prizes far beyond what we generally expect to see in this type of lottery. As a result, we think that this is a fantastic lottery that supports a great cause and goes out of its way to ensure that it also offers great value to anybody who purchases a ticket. So, if you are in Ontario, we recommend you stop reading this review and go and buy yourself a ticket. 


The information provided in this review was relevant to the lottery at the time that this review was written. This includes all ticket prices, prize information, and anything else relating to the lottery that could change. We recommend visiting the official lottery website to see the most current information.

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Ralph P.

One of my classmates from high school won the grand prize home a few years ago! Lucky bastard haha... Certainly inspired me to play too though.

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