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Poppy Lottery UK ReviewThere are many fun, small lotteries that were started in order to aid a particular cause or group. Generally speaking, these lotteries become so popular that they become the staple game for many players, and they lose their status of being small relatively quickly. In this UK Poppy Lottery review, we will look at a lottery that was started to aid thousands of people and has grown to be a crowd favourite.


UK Poppy Lottery is run by an organisation called the Royal British Legion. This foundation, founded in 1921, is one of the largest ex-service support organisations in the country and helps support thousands of ex-servicemen and women across the country. While the official website does not mentioned the exact date that this lottery game was founded, we do know that this lottery (like so many others) was established to raise funds to help those who are battling after being in the service.

How to Play UK Poppy Lottery

Royal British Legion Beneficiary Anna PollockIf you are looking for traditional lotteries that allow you to select your numbers and then cross your fingers, then this may not be the lottery for you—although you will still be crossing your fingers. To play this lottery, all that you need to do is choose how many draws you would like to play in. After doing that, the lottery will automatically issue you a randomly generated lottery number.

These lottery numbers will remain your unique number for the duration that you choose to play the lottery and cannot be changed. At the time of the draw, all active lottery numbers will be added into the drawing pool—making this lottery function slightly more like a sweepstake or raffle than a typical lottery.

A single lottery number costs £1, and you can purchase additional lottery numbers at £1 each. The lottery does not limit you in the quantity of extra numbers that you may buy. However, if you purchase more than nine numbers for a single draw, the lottery will contact you to confirm your order. This is done as part of the responsible lottery play program run by the lottery.  

There are 400 prizes available each draw. Matching your unique lottery number to any of those drawn will win you a prize. However, even if you do not win anything, you can still take pride in knowing that you have helped somebody who served the country.

In addition to the weekly draws held, the lottery also holds super draws every quarter. These draws offer much higher jackpots that the regular draws and tend to attract a much more substantial number of players.

Odds of Winning

Because this lottery acts more like a raffle, it is incredibly hard to calculate what the odds of winning the jackpot are. This is because, with every draw, the number of active lottery numbers could change vastly—which directly affects each player’s chance of winning. This is because either new players have signed up or because players who had entered previous draws have decided to cancel their numbers.

UK Poppy Lottery Payout Chart

Prize Tier


# of Prizes Available

1st Prize



2nd Prize



3rd Prize



4th Prize



5th Prize



6th Prize



7th Prize



The jackpot for all quarterly super draws is £20,000.

Drawing Time

As with most UK charity lotteries that use this format, there is no time stated at which the draw occurs. Instead, the only information offered is that the draw takes place each Friday. Winning numbers are posted on the official lottery website shortly after the draw has finished.

Poppy Lottery UK WinnersBiggest Jackpots

The largest jackpot ever paid out by the lottery is the £20,000 that is paid out each quarter when there is a super draw. This is because the jackpot is set at a static amount and will not change unless the lottery announces that they will be increasing it.

Payout Options

Getting paid out is one of the greatest things about this lottery. Not only do you not even have to check if you are a winner—because the lottery will automatically notify you if you are—but you do not need to worry about claiming your prize either. Instead, the lottery will automatically issue you a cheque for your winning amount. This cheque will be mailed to the physical address that you listed when registering to play within 28 days from the date of the draw. How convenient is that?


As with all lotteries in the UK, lucky winners get precisely what they win. This is because lottery winnings are exempt from tax in the UK.

How to Play UK Poppy Lottery Online

UK Poppy Lottery tickets are available exclusively through the official UK Poppy Lottery lottery website. Registering on this site gains you access to a special ‘PlayerZone’. This section allows you exclusive access to unique draws and news.

To register for this ‘PlayerZone’, users must be 18 years or older and must be residing in Great Britain (England, Scotland, or Wales).

UK Poppy Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

While this lottery may follow a slightly different format to the one that most people are used to, this is still a fantastic lottery to play. Aside from the fact that buying a ticket will give you a warm, happy feeling because you are helping somebody who gave their time to serve the country, the lottery is run well and has decent prizes.

What’s more, access to the PlayerZone and the unique draws held there if you sign up online is just the virtual cherry on top of this lottery-frosted cake. So, we recommend logging on and claiming your very own UK Poppy lottery number.

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Bernadette P.

This lotto is very close to my heart, as the Legion was a big reason my husband was able to get back on his feet, literally, after he came back from Afghanistan. If you have the means to support it, please do!

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