Multilotto Christmas Promo: Calendar With Daily Deals

Who doesn't love a good Christmas advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas with? But this year, forget about chocolate and save each day between now and Christmas Eve with this Multilotto bonus instead.

Every single day there is a new bonus available on the calendar. Simply sign in to your account, click on the current day on the calendar, and find out how you can save. From 10% discounts on lotteries to free lottery lines and free spins on various slot games, this promo is a fun way to save and experience some of that suspense that often comes along with this festive holiday.

Get a Different Xmas Deal Every Day With Multilotto

Remember to check your dashboard every day between now and December 24, as each offer is only available for one day. Once the next day starts, the previous day’s offer will disappear and likely won’t reappear anytime soon.

Curious what’s behind today’s door on Multilotto’s Christmas Calendar? Then click on the button below to find out!

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