WorldLotteryClub Review 2024

DISCLAIMER: WorldLotteryClub no longer exists, as it has since been rebranded as the much better LottoGo. Therefore, please read our LottoGo review instead.


WorldLotteryClub is an online lottery betting platform owned and managed by Annexio Limited, a company based in the Isle of Man, British Isles (home of the famous annual TT motorcycle race). It is licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. The website gives players the opportunity to bet on the outcome of international lotteries but also offers Bingo games, scratch cards and instant win games. It can be viewed in six languages including English, Russian, German, Polish, Swedish and Finnish. But is World Lottery Club legit? Read our WorldLotteryClub review to find out!

Online Lottery Games

WorldLotteryClub sells tickets to the following international lotteries:

  • EuroMillions
  • Mega Millions
  • US PowerBall
  • UK Lotto
  • SuperEnalotto
  • Irish Lotto
  • Euro Jackpot
  • Oz Lotto
  • Australia PowerBall
  • Polish Lotto
  • 6 Aus 49
  • Swedish Lotto
  • Finnish Lotto

How It Works

To start betting on international lotteries via World Lotto Club, you need to register an account first. You may do so by clicking the “Login/Register” button on the top header and choosing the Register New Account option. Once your account has been verified, you need to supply your account with funds to buy your tickets with. Keep in mind that this is a lottery betting site, not an affiliate of actual lotteries. This means that you’re simply betting on the outcome of the actual draw instead of participating in it.

The top navigation bar on the website contains links to the most popular lotteries on the website. Simply mouse over the options to get more pages. You can learn more information about a lottery, review the rules, or go straight to betting. You can choose your own numbers or you can opt for randomly generated ones. You can pick as many lines as you want for a particular draw. Once you’re satisfied with your picks, just click on the large yellow button below to proceed to the checkout.

You may choose to pay for your ticket on a per draw basis, or you may avail of WLC’s subscription option. Subscriptions are great for players who want to keep playing the same numbers over and over again, but don’t want to have to go through the process of picking and paying for it. Under the subscription feature, your numbers are saved and entered for each draw of your chosen lottery. Subscriptions are renewed weekly, so if you don’t want automatic charges, you may stick to the manual “per draw” option.

If your chosen combination wins a draw, you will get an email notification from WorldLotteryClub. Since this is a lottery betting service, you won’t be getting your prize money from the actual lottery organization; instead, it will come from WorldLotteryClub’s own funds. The website is able to give out its own jackpots from the money accumulated from ticket sales and select investments. However, there are times when WLC will enter the actual draw and any winnings you get if your combination wins will go through WLC first before they are handed to you.

For smaller winnings of £50,000 and below, the funds will be credited automatically to your player account for you to either keep for future transactions or withdraw. Winnings larger than this amount will take longer, as WLC will need to submit a claim to their insurance provider. It may take up to 40 days for large winnings to be cleared and sent to the player’s account. The payment’s currency is the sole discretion of the WorldLotteryClub although they do try to pay players in the same currency they used in betting.

In line with the industry’s anti-money laundering policies, the website may ask for personal information for verification purposes before awarding the prize money.

Navigating The Website

The first impression we got when we first accessed the site was its professional look. Everything from the colour choices, to the fonts used, gave us the impression that this was a serious website for lottery betting and WLC meant business. The most popular lotteries are featured on the front page for easier access. Below that are directories of the site’s scratch card and instant win games lineup. You may also access the different games via the top header.

A “contact us” tab pops up from the bottom side of the page. When clicked, it reveals the live chat option of the website, as well as its email address. The website is also very responsive - the website even has its own mobile subsection in its FAQ page. Aside form being accessible on mobile devices, WorldLotteryClub even has its own mobile app, which can be downloaded by iOS users via the App Store.

Modes of Payment

Before choosing your preferred mode of payment, remember that WorldLotteryClub only allows withdrawals through the same payment method where you deposited your initial funds to.

Here are the available modes of payment on the website:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Digital Wallet
  • International Money Order
  • Banker’s Draft
  • Bank Transfer

Rules and Regulations

Here are some of the rules and regulations stated on the WorldLotteryClub website:

  • The player must be 18 years of age or above to create a WorldLotteryClub account.
  • Online lottery betting must be allowed in the player’s jurisdiction.
  • Each player must only have one account. If the website finds evidence of multiple accounts, they reserve the right to declare all winnings and bets made on these accounts as null and void.
  • Players must provide accurate information on their accounts. In the event of a winning combination, the website conducts a thorough identity investigation, especially for larger wins. If the company finds out that information provided by the player was false, then all winnings may be forfeited and the account closed.
  • Individuals who are directly related to WorldLotteryClub or Annexio Limited may not participate in the website’s lottery betting service.

Customer Service

Using the customer service pop up at the bottom of the page, users may speak to a customer service representative in real time. However, during the course of our research on the website, the live chat was offline for us. Users with immediate concerns can make do with the website’s email support via

Current Promotions

To encourage their players to join lotteries using the subscription option, WLC is giving players discounts. The more draws you bet on, the more money you save with each ticket. For example, the EuroMillions lottery costs £2.50 per line, but if you opt for 24 draws, you only have to pay £2.44 per line. If you go on a subscription for 100+ draws, each line will only cost you £2.31.

WLC regularly gives out vouchers for both new and long-time users. Most of these vouchers are sent via email, so it’s important that users subscribe to the WLC newsletter for updates on promos and offers. The voucher code can be redeemed by typing in the code in the designated field during the checkout process.

In an effort to make their services known, WLC also has an ongoing promotion for TrustPilot, a mainstream review site. To enter, users must write a review for WorldLotteryClub on the TrustPilot website. Winners will receive a hundred WLC Rio Bingo scratchcard. Keep in mind that the promotion asks users to simply give a review on the TrustPilot website. It doesn’t state that the review has to be positive.

Review Conclusion

At first we were surprised that WorldLotteryClub actually had a lot of reviews on TrustPilot, a feat that was uncommon with online lottery bets. However, finding out about the website’s TrustPilot promotion did muddle our views a bit. We say a bit because the users weren’t forced to say good things about WLC just to enter the promotion. Most user reviews focused on how user-friendly the website was, and we have to agree. Navigating through the different pages was a breeze - even their FAQ page was very organized.

It always gives us a feeling of security when the owners of a particular lottery website are easy to find and do research on. Annexio Limited looks like a legitimate business with no issues or complaints as far as we know. Any complaints regarding the company were due to another site PlayLottery. The website even contains a physical address for Annexio should you be inclined to pay them a visit.

If there’s anything negative about this professional-looking website, it’s the inaccessibility of customer support. The live chat is frequently offline, which just leaves email. We tried to find the contact phone number but it wasn’t there. If the contact number was there, then it was in a place that wasn’t very visible. Social media options are always nice, especially in this day and age. WLC does have a Facebook page, but again, it is not highly publicized. However, we do like the fact that it has its own mobile app.

Overall, WorldLotteryClub is a pretty good online lottery betting service, but there are better lottery sites out there.

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User Reviews (5)

Jessica Lyberth

Decent customer service and bonus offers. Just signed up yesterday so a bit early to tell how good everything is exactly.

B. Mazovec

Tons of great games to play on the site, but like with any lottery, your chances of winning something solid are pretty negligible. Still, I am really enjoying playing games from other countries. Didn’t realize there are so many out there with MASSIVE jackpots. If I win one of them I’ll make sure to post another review. ;-)

C. Hsieh

Most games have worked perfect for me, but there few that didn’t.. I spoke to customer service, who looking into everything. Nice games selection, I just wish I could play every !

Jay Kim

Signing in doesn’t always work for me for some reason. When that happens I am forced to restart my browser and that usually does the trick. This is the only site that this happens with, but I like the overall experience. Good and clean website and the customer service, is courteous and helpful. I just wish it was 24/7, since I am living in Mexico right now and the support hours aren’t always compatible with my personal schedule.

Rob W*****

I am a fairly regular player on the site but if YOU are not, then BEWARE THE POP-UPS they have that might trick you into signing up for regular play. Also make sure to UNSUBSCRIBE to all the games in case the site did you a “favour” by subscribing to them on your behalf. I fell prey to this a few weeks in and had to call their customer support to straighten everything out. They eventually did and gave me back the money they had charged without my conscious permission, but still…

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