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WesternLotto ReviewOnline lottery websites have become an increasingly common sight on the Internet. This is great news for lotto players, as it means that there is a greater variety of choices. Launched toward the end of 2017, WesternLotto.com is managed by Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. and is aimed at the western African market. In this WesternLotto review, we will be looking at what—if anything—makes this site stand out from the rest.

Lotteries Available

The website makes bold claims that it supports the world’s best lotteries. This may immediately make you think of the US Powerball, the Canadian Lotto 6/49, or the EuroMillions—as it made us think. Unfortunately, from what we saw on the site, none of these is supported. Instead, the lotteries that are supported by the site are the following Western African games:

  • Lotto 5/90 Inhouse (Western Max)
  • Lotto 5/90 Ghana
  • Western Million
  • Lucky 6
  • Lotto 5/11
  • Kashman 100
  • Keno

When trying to see if the international lotteries were located under the website footer lottery link, we were redirected to a different site (www.westernlott.ng) that does not seem to exist. Unfortunately, even though we have read reviews that state international lotteries are available, we were unable to find any—even after trying to use a VPN to access the site.

How Does it Work?

The Western Lotto site operates quite simply. To begin, you will need to register a player account. Doing this requires you to submit a few personal details such as your name, identity number, email address, and a password. Once your account is registered, you can add funds to your digital wallet and start playing.

After crediting your account, you will need to choose what lottery you would like to play, select your numbers, and proceed to the checkout. The website does not explicitly say whether your purchased tickets are bets placed on the outcome of a lottery draw or if they represent actual tickets that WesternLotto purchased for a lottery. The terms and conditions do hint that all ticket purchases are bets but do not solidly confirm this.

Is WesternLotto.com Legit or a Scam?

This is a very loaded question. While some of the reviews we read sing praises about the website, there were just as many that condemned it for stealing their money, not acknowledging matched numbers, and not allowing withdrawals.

From what we have investigated, the terms and conditions of the website seem to be pretty solid and watertight—for the parts that are actually there. Unfortunately, there were many things that we expect to see that were not (withdrawal procedure, claiming processes, etc.) Furthermore, there were some things in the terms that made us raise our eyebrows (such as the fact that you may be required to submit pictures of the front and back of your credit card to the lottery).

All this has left us with many questions that the site does not seem to be able to answer. So, while we are not saying that this site is not entirely trustworthy, we are advising extreme caution when using it.

User Experience

The user experience of the site is not the worst that we have ever seen. While it may not be the most modern website around, the overall look and feel of the website is not something that will turn you away as soon as you see it.

WesternLotto.com Mobile Site Review

Our only concern is that almost all of the footer links open in a new browser window and display content from a different domain. It is clear that the same operator runs this other domain, so we can’t help but question why this content (which includes the site terms and conditions) is not stored on the main domain and why the links need to open in new windows.

WesternLotto.com Extras

There are only two noticeable additional features available on the site:

  • Keno: The site hosts six different Keno games that can be enjoyed. The games range from taking place every minute to taking place every four minutes.  
  • Sports Betting: While the link to sports betting does appear in the main menu of the site, the link actually redirects to WesternBet.com. This is clearly a sister site to WesternLotto.com that handles all sports betting on their behalf.  

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Supported payment methods that can be used to credit your account include:

  • Fidelity
  • GT Bank
  • Paystack
  • Wema Bank
  • Zenith
  • UBA
  • FCMB

Withdrawals appear only to be done via wire transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer to the same card that was used to deposit funds. There is a minimum limit and no amount less than N2,500 will be able to be withdrawn at one time. For withdrawals over N20,000, players may be required to submit proof of identity in the form of a copy of their identity document and proof of residence.

How to Claim Your Winnings

According to the website, all winnings will automatically be credited to the player’s account. While we have read a fair amount of reviews that said that this does not happen correctly, we will take the lottery at its word that this does happen.

Further than that, not even the terms and conditions of the website offer any insight into whether big prizes will need to be claimed differently.

Customer Support

Customer support is offered through an online form, a support email (help@westernlotto.com), and a contact number (+234 905 77777 31/32) that is available between 08:00 and 21:00 NAT Monday to Saturday.

In addition to the above, the site has an incredibly basic FAQ section (that does not really provide much insight into questions you may have) and a live chat function. No agent was online while we were reviewing the site. However, based on screenshots of other users’ experiences with chat agents, they are not particularly helpful either.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no visible welcome bonuses or promotions on the site.

Rules and Regulations

Players from all around the world can play on the site. The only condition stipulated is that all players must be 18 years of age or older.

WesternLotto.com Review - Conclusion

We’ll be honest with you—we are not thrilled by Western Lotto. The terms and conditions are not at the level that they should be, the site does not do what it says it can, and the other reviews that we read about the site told a very mixed story. So, while we are not saying that you should stay away from this site altogether, we are saying that we would tread carefully when using it. However, you’d be much better off visiting playing via our favourite lottery sites instead.

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