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Some lottery sites are thinking so far out of the box that we can’t figure out how they even managed to come up with the concepts that they are revolve around. Let us be clear, however, that this is not always a bad thing. First launched back in 2009, Prizeo is owned and operated by Prizeo US LLC, and in this review, we will look at what is different about this site and how it can help you help others.

Prizeo Homepage ScreenshotHow Does Prizeo Work?

Playing on the site is simple. All that you need to do is register a player account using your necessary information. Once this is done, you are free to enter as many of the competitions as you would like using the ‘free entry’ form available under each competition.

One thing that the site cleverly hides in the fine print, however, is that this ‘free entry’ form is a literal printable form that you will need to print, fill out using a black or blue pen, and then mail to Prizeo—just to enter the draw. It is clear that few people would actually spend the time to do this, which is why there is a preferred method that the site encourages players to use.

This method involves getting out your wallet and forking over some of your hard-earned cash. While there are most certainly free entries available for every draw, Prizeo encourages people to donate money when entering. And for every $0.10 that you donate you will get an extra entry into your chosen draw. Draw entries that are obtained by donating money are automatically entered into the draw, and you do not need to fill out any form or mail anything in.

However, Prizeo does not make you pay just for the sake of meeting a celebrity or winning a holiday. Aside from the 20% that is kept for administration fees, all money earned by Prizeo is paid over to local charities or charities of the celebrity prize’s choice. This means that by entering and donating towards more entries, you are actually helping out a charity while standing a chance to win something great. That is a great deal in our book.

Prizeo ReviewIs Legit or a Scam?

Aside from the fact that Prizeo is an active member of the Charity Network—an organization that manages a variety of charities based in the US—they are also very open about how they operate and what they do and don’t do.

The site is very open about who wins all the prizes available, and all winners are posted on the site—most alongside their celebrity prize. This kind of transparency, as well as the number of celebrity and mainstream media endorsements and prizes the site has, leads us to believe that the site is entirely trustworthy.

User Experience

The design of the Prizeo site is modern and relevant to all current website design trends. It looks excellent and is easy to navigate around. Add the fact that pages load in next to no time at all, and the site is a real treat to explore.

Prizeo Mobile Site

Unfortunately, for those who want to enter draws while travelling, there is no mobile app available for the site. Thankfully, connecting via your mobile browser is possible, thanks to the site being entirely mobile-friendly.

Prizes Available

Prizeo is not your standard lottery site; instead, it operates several sweepstakes that offer a host of unconventional and wonderful prizes. These prizes range from meet and greet opportunities with celebrities such as Meghan Trainor and the Backstreet Boys to sports cars, cash, and holidays to exotic places around the world. These prize offerings are continually changing, and visiting the site one month after your initial visit may reward you with a whole new range of competitions to enter. Extras

There are no extras on What you see is exactly what you will be getting, and they do not make any illusions to this fact.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

While there are no withdrawal options due to the lack of a virtual wallet (and the lack of needing any if we are honest), there is secure payment available for donations. All payments are handled by Stripe—a well-known online payment processor. This means that all Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards are accepted on the site. Unfortunately, if you don’t have one of these, you may not be able to make a donation, but you can at least still enter into the draws—if you have a pen, envelope, and stamp lying around.

How to Claim Your Winnings

The site will notify all winners via email shortly after the winning draw takes place. This email will include a timeline stating when the winner should reply to acknowledge that they have won. If a winner fails to do this, their prize is forfeited. If, however, they do acknowledge their win, Prizeo will accommodate them to claim their win.

One thing to note is that certain prizes may not include transportation or accommodation. In such cases, this will be the responsibility of the winner.

Customer Support

There is an FAQ section on the website that is relatively helpful to new players. In fact, it does a good job of answering most questions that somebody new to the site would ask. Aside from this, there is an online form that can be submitted and a support email ( that can be reached.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

New players are gifted with 250 extra free entries into any draw of their choice. The only condition required to claim this is to register for the site and accept a subscription to the monthly newsletter that is sent out. This newsletter holds all the latest competitions and prizes.

Rules and Regulations

Each draw on the site has its own rules and regulations. These rules include the minimum age of players entering and whether or not any countries are excluded from the draw. We recommend reading the official rules of the draw you want to compete in prior to entry. Review Conclusion does a fantastic job of taking an old idea and refreshing it to help those who are less fortunate. We won’t lie; it also doesn’t hurt that there is a chance to win free money and luxury cars or hang out with a celebrity. For these reasons, we highly recommend that everybody heads on over and helps support the charities featured on this unique site—and hopefully win some great prizes in the process as well.

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Ricardo L.

What an amazing concept for a draw site and charity!! Love this and will be spreading word about it on my blog. Thx for covering it even tho it's not "technically" a lotto site!!

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