PlayEuroLotto Review 2024

PlayEuroLotto is an online lotto betting website with a distinct focus on syndicates, or group play. Despite its name, the site does not only cater to people in Europe, nor does it limit itself to European lotteries. The website was created in 2011 by Kootac N.V, a Curaraco-based gaming company, and provides players with the opportunity to bet on the outcomes of over six different lotteries, either as a solo player or as part of a syndicate. The website supports over 13 currencies and 17 languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese and many more.

In this PlayEuroLotto review, we'll find out how this site ranks among its competitors.

Online Lottery Games

PlayEuroLotto allows you to bet on the following international lotteries:

  • PowerballPlayEuroLotto Review
  • MegaMillions
  • DinoLotto
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • Lotto 6/49

How It Works

To start betting on any of these international lotteries, you need to have a PlayEuroLotto account. Click the Register button on the top right portion of the page. Simply fill out the form and submit your information. You may also use your Facebook account to log into the website. You can now log into your account and access your dashboard. On the dashboard, go to the Deposit tab and add funds into your account, which you will use to bet on lotteries.

A complete list of lotteries is available on the home page. Simply click the “Play Now” button below your preferred lottery. Once you’re in the specific lottery page, you can choose how many lines you want to enter for the draw. You can pick your own numbers, or you can have the system generate random ones for you through the Quick Pick option. You can enter the numbers for a single draw, or set up a subscription so the system will automatically use the numbers for several draws.

Below each line you will see a purple ball with the letter B on it. Clicking it activates the Boosterball feature, which can increase your chances of winning. The system chooses three numbers from your existing picks, which will be your Boosterball numbers. If your Boosterball numbers all appear in the draw, you win as much as 10 times your starting bet! You can bet anywhere from €1 to €10, which means you can win around €1,000 to €10,000 if you match all Boosterballs.

Once you’re done placing your bets, click the “Add to Cart” button to add your orders. You may back out of the lottery page and purchase more bets on other lotteries. Once you’re done you can click the “Cart” button at the top right portion of the page (beside the Account and Register buttons) to proceed to checkout.

A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox for each transaction. You may also view your existing bets through your account dashboard. If you win something, PlayEuroLotto will inform you through an email of your winnings, although according to their website, it is actually optional and not mandatory. So remember to check the lottery results page on the website even if you did not receive an email just to be sure.

Winnings will be credit directly to the player’s account, but only after the player submits sufficient evidence that proves they are the account owner. The website also requires players to submit evidence proving that the payment method on file belongs to them. Winnings of 50 million of whatever currency may be paid via lump sum, while prizes over 50 million will be given to winners via annuity payments.

Navigating the Website

PlayEuroLotto has a simple and clean layout on its website. If you feel like the look, navigation buttons and general feel of the site looks familiar, it’s because the site is owned by Kootac and all Kootac sites look similar. Going through the website, we saw that most pages are probably templates and are used for all Kootac websites, so everything’s the same. This might worry some people who might think PlayEuroLotto is a fake website that’s copying other legit sites. It might be best for all Kootac websites to have links to each other, with proper disclosure that all sites are owned by the same company.

The top navigational bar has links to the different lotteries, the syndicate offers, the Help section and the magazine, with the currency and language selection menus on the far right. We also checked PlayEuroLotto’s website using our mobile device and we found it to be responsive. It was easy to scroll through the pages, which all loaded easily for us.

PlayEuroLotto Mobile Site ReviewModes of Payment

To bet on lottery outcomes, you need to deposit funds into your account using the following payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (VISA, Mastercard)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Sofort
  • Bank Transfer

Rules and Regulations

Users must abide by the following rules and regulations on PlayEuroLotto:

  • Users must be of legal age, which means either 18 or 21 depending on their jurisdiction’s laws.
  • Users must not be from the United States and any other jurisdiction where lottery betting is prohibited.
  • Employees, officers and directors of PlayEuroLotto and their spouses and dependents may not place bets on the website.
  • Users must not be on the exclusion list of the FATF and HMRC.
  • Users must not come from prohibited jurisdictions such as the  United States, Belgium, France, etc.
  • Users may created one account only.

Customer Support

As expected of most of Kootac’s online lottery sites, PlayEuroLotto has no live chat option, which is very disappointing for us. You can contact customer support through other ways. Clicking on the “Help” tab on the top navigation bar will take you to the website’s customer support lobby with links to the website’s FAQ, Terms and Conditions, and a Contact page.

The FAQ page is pretty comprehensive, with questions divided into categories for a more organized look. However, it would have been better if there were quick links to various categories so users don’t have to keep scrolling down to find the category they’re searching for. The Terms and Conditions are stated in visible font and it was easy to look for information there.

On the Contact tab you’ll see the address for Kootac Trading Limited, as well as a short bio on the website. Players may contact the website’s email support at or call them at +356 3550 0260. The website has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow them there as well.


Kootac-owned websites offer a unique way of playing Syndicates using their Combi packages. Instead of betting on just one syndicate for one lottery, you can increase your chances of winning by buying stakes on several lotteries at the same time. PlayEuroLotto offers two packages: the Euro Combi and the US Combi.

The Euro Combi gives players a total of 155 lines per week - 55 lines for EuroMillions and 45 lines for EuroJackpot for just  € 9.90 per week. The US Combi gives players a total of 82 lines per week - 15 for Mega Millions and 26 for Powerball.  Syndicates are on a subscription basis and subscriptions last for a minimum of 4 weeks.


PlayEuroLotto gives players the chance to bet on lotteries virtually-risk free with its Welcome Bonus promo. The bonus gives players a full refund on all bets made on their first order if they win nothing.  All you need to do is to register an account and make your first deposit. The promo applies to any lines made on the first order. For example, if you purchased 5 lines on EuroJackpot and 3 on Powerball and all of them lose, you get your money back in the form of account credit. However, if even just one of your lines win something, you cannot avail of this promotion.

PlayEuroLotto Review - Conclusion

Kootac is a big name in the online lottery industry, and PlayEuroLotto looks like it’s in good hands. Although the lottery pool is small, the website has a lot of unique bonuses that help even out the score. Their syndicate packages and Boosterball features are sure to entice lotto betting fans, after all who would turn down a chance of increasing their winnings? As we stated earlier, Kootac websites should link to one another so players won’t get confused with the similarities in layout and promotions offered.

PlayEuroLotto almost makes it as one of the best online lottery websites out there if it were not for the lack of live chat support. Kootac is a huge, stable company so we wonder why live chat isn’t an important aspect of their methodology. Even a general live chat feature for all of their websites would be better than none. Because aside from the lack of customer support, everything seems to be fine and dandy with PlayEuroLotto.

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User Reviews (5)

Erik Lynge

I LOVE that I can be living anywhere or traveling anywhere and still play whatever lottery appeals to me at the time. Yet another incredible product of the internet. Can’t wait to see what else the future brings.

Peter Kao

So it seems that if PEL chooses to do so, they can pay out a really big win over 30 years. Considering I’m already 58, there’s no way in hell I’d be waiting that long! But they might be fine for smaller prizes, which is all I’m really expecting to win anyways. Been playing lottos on and off since my early 20s and still work a regular job, so I’m not exactly holding my breath here.

N. Hamilton

Played a handful of lottos through these guys last year and never had any problem. I did get quite a bit of spam mail after I closed my account, however, but it’s nothing that a filter on my junk inbox couldn’t fix.

Oscar Williams

A friend and I split the cost of a syndicate option for a few weeks and enjoyed the fact that a) it didn’t cost us much b) increased our chances of winning - even though we only won a little bit here and there, and c) that we had different BIG draws to look forward to throughout the whole week.

Max J*****

Good value for the money spent. Syndicates are a great feature that certainly weren’t around back in the old days, and it’s very convenient that I can withdraw whatever I win right to my bank account. I definitely don’t miss having to use cash for everything and actually going to the store to buy my tickets.

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