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PickMyPostCode.com, formerly known as the Free Postcode Lottery, is probably unlike any other online lottery websites that you may have seen, as it offers a unique twist to an online lottery that is refreshing and interesting. Founded by Chris Holbrook in 2011, the site is available to all residents living in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In this Pick My PostCode review, we will look at what the site has on offer and how its unique system works.

PickMyPostCode ReviewLotteries Available

To start with the slightly strange, PickMyPostCode does not offer any lotteries at all—not even its own. Instead of lotteries, it offers seven different draws that take place each day. These draws are:

Main/Jackpot Draw

This draw takes place at 12:00 pm each day and has a minimum payout of £500. If the prize amount is not claimed within 24 hours of the winning postcode being released, the prize will roll over to the next day, resulting in a larger jackpot.

Survey Draw

This is the draw available upon completion of a simple online survey from one of the website’s sponsors. It takes place each day at 12:00 pm and has a £50 jackpot. The jackpot, as with the main draw, rolls over each day that it is not claimed.

Stackpot Draw

This draw happens twice every day at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm respectively. It only offers a jackpot of £10 per draw but, like with the others, rolls over until it is claimed.

Bonus Draw

These draws are available only if you have the required amount of bonus points available. The draws offer winnings of £5, £10, and £20 respectively. You will need bonus points equaling to the draw jackpot to be able to enter each draw accordingly. These draws occur at 12:00 pm each day and roll over any unclaimed winnings to the next draw.

Video Draw

Occurring at 12:00 pm each day, this draw has a grand prize of £100 and is only available to players who first view the day’s selected video. Unclaimed prizes also roll over until the next draw.

Mini Draw

This draw is only visible on the footer of the website between 6:00 pm and 2:00 am each day and hosts a grand prize of £100. The winnings from this draw do not roll over if they are not claimed, meaning they are kept at £100 per day.

£5.00 Flash Draw

This draw is a banner that will pop up at random in any of the site’s predefined advertising blocks. It does not roll over and can occur at any time of the day to any visitor of the site.

How Does It Work?

How Does PickMyPostCode WorkHow Pick My Postcode works becomes even stranger, as you are not required to spend any amount of money in order to stand a chance of winning. Instead, the prizes available are funded by paid advertising that is visible throughout the site. To play, register an account using a valid email address and UK postal code. Once registered, you are automatically entered into each of the draws each day.

At the draw time of each draw, a postal code will be randomly selected from all registered postal codes and will be displayed on the draw page of the website. All you need to do is log on and see if your postal code has been chosen. If it has, just click on ‘Claim’ and you will collect your share of the winnings.

The way that the company makes money (and is able to pay out its prizes) is through ad revenue, as every time any of its users log in and visit the site, they will see ads displayed on the page. Therefore, this entire concept is ultimately just a clever way to drive traffic to the website and is a win-win situation for the brilliant minds behind it as well as all the people who win prizes for free.

Is PickMyPostCode.com a Scam or Legit?

While they do not operate under any form of gambling license or authority, PickMyPostCode does not accept any money or payment from you for their services. This means that you can trust them with minimal effort because playing through their site does not place you at any risk.

This, mixed with a sterling online reputation and endorsements from mainstream media such as AOL, The Daily Mail, and Forbes, leaves little doubt in our minds that you can use this site without any concern and enjoy getting the most out of the free draws it offers.

User ExperiencePickMyPostCode Mobile Site

PickMyPostCode would be hard pressed to improve on its user experience. The site is beautifully designed and places everything you need in easily accessible locations. Working well on both smartphones and tablets, it keeps you in the loop no matter where you are with fluid loading and quick response times.

PickMyPostCode.com Features

PickMyPostCode offers a bonus point system for every registered user. You receive a 1p bonus amount each day that you visit the main draw, survey draw, or video draw web pages. These bonus points accumulate until you decide to claim them with your winnings from a draw, or until you have enough to enter into one of the three special bonus draws. You may also boost your bonus to receive more cash by referring friends or completing select offers from the website's sponsors.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Due to the fact that PickMyPostCode does not require any payment to participate in its offers, there are no payment methods to deposit funds to the site.

Withdrawals are made automatically as soon as you claim your prize. All withdrawals are paid to whichever PayPal account is linked to your registered email address. If no PayPal account is registered, winnings will be paid via an Amazon e-Voucher.

PickMyPostCode How to Claim WinningsHow to Claim Your Winnings

As previously mentioned, winnings are claimed by logging on to Pick My Postcode each day and seeing if your postcode has been chosen. If it has, click on ‘Collect’ and your winnings will be paid out. Winnings are calculated as follows depending on the draw:

  • The total jackpot amount is split equally between all winners that make a claim to it. Draws that this applies to are the main/jackpot draw, survey draw, bonus draws, and video draw.
  • Only one person may claim the prize, and it is therefore on a first-come-first-serve basis. This is applicable to the Stackpot draw and Mini draw.
  • Anyone who claims is entitled to the full prize amount. This is only applicable to the £5.00 flash draw.

Customer Support

PickMyPostCode is limited in terms of customer support. Aside from offering a decent FAQ section, the only customer support options include an online form and support email address (admin@pickmypostcode.com).

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

Other than the £5.00 flash draw and bonus point system, PickMyPostCode does not offer any additional promotions or bonuses.

Rules and Regulations

To play using PickMyPostCode you need to be over the age of 18 and have a permanent residence in the UK or Ireland.

Pick My Postcode Review – Conclusion

Pick My Postcode is something vastly different from other online lottery websites. It offers unique draws at no cost, which makes it easy to want to sign up and give it a go, provided that you live in the UK or Ireland. Judging by the way they have grown since their launch in 2011, we look forward to seeing how they continue to innovate and add new features for users to enjoy—for free.

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