People's Postcode Lottery Review 2024 (or People’s Postcode Lottery) is an innovative lottery that has been running since 2005. The site is owned by Novamedia—an international name in charity lotteries. In this People’s Postcode Lottery review, we will take a look at how this lottery works and how you can take advantage of your home address to win some extra cash.

People's Postcode Lottery ReviewLotteries Available

You will not see any international lotteries on the People’s Postcode Lottery (or PPL) website. Instead, they run their own lottery draws—one every day of the week (including weekends)! In addition to these draws, there is also a monthly draw held at the end of the month. These draws contain the following prize amounts:

  • Monday – Friday: £1,000 for 20 winners
  • Saturday: £30,000 for one winner
  • Sunday: £30,000 for one winner
  • Monthly: Up to £3 million shared amongst multiple winners. This jackpot amount is different each month and is said to be made up of 10% of all postcodes registered into a draw.

How Does it Work?

Entry into the PPL lotteries is simple. All that is needed is to register your home postal code with the website. Doing this will cost you a £10 per month subscription that is paid in advance and will issue you with a unique ticket number for your postal code. Your unique ticket will then automatically be entered into every draw that takes place that month.  

Once you have registered, all that is needed is to relax and wait to see if you are a winner. Draws take place every day with all registered postcodes being entered into the draw. Winning postcodes are selected using a randomization engine that is overseen by an independent consultant to ensure that everything runs the way it should. For the monthly draws, rather than single unique postcode tickets being selected, an individual postcode is drawn, and the winnings are shared between all tickets that fall within that postcode.

One thing that should be mentioned here—because it will likely make most players feel all warm and fuzzy inside—is that 32% of all money earned in a month from registered players is donated to a variety of charities. These charities change each month, and the current month’s selected charities can be seen on the website home.

Is Legit or a Scam?

This site can be trusted with the utmost confidence. The reason that we say that is not only because they have been around for years and have hundreds of verifiable winners, but also because they operate under a license issued by the UK Gambling Authority. This means that the site has to work within specific (and very strict) rules and regulations, which doesn’t really leave much room for the owners of the site to make off with your money.

People's Postcode Lottery Mobile SiteUser Experience

The PPL website is modern and great to look at. Navigation is easily accomplished using the menu at the top of the site, and getting the info you are looking for can be done quickly. The only minor complaint that we have is that the site sometimes—again, sometimes—takes a while to load. While it may be our connection (although we did try three different connections when reviewing the site), it did seem that certain pages of the site took a little longer.

Aside from that, the site is mobile-friendly and can be used on your mobile device while you are running around. This is good, considering there is no mention of a mobile app that can be downloaded to check up on your account. Extras

There are no extras available on the site. This is not really surprising considering the site is pretty straightforward to begin with and would actually be dampened if it had too many additional things.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Payments for the monthly subscription fee are predominantly made via direct deposit (or debit order). This not only allows you to make sure that your payment will be made each month even if you forget to do it but also enables PPL to keep your banking details on file for if you win (discussed below).

If you don’t want to set up a direct deposit and prefer to pay using your Visa card, this can also be managed. However, it requires you to have an active PayPal account, as PayPal is the merchant that processes the payment transaction.

There are no withdrawal methods available because players are not given a virtual wallet upon registration.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming your winnings could not be easier—because you don’t need to claim your winnings at all! If you are a winner of any of the draws, you will be contacted by PPL via phone or your registered email address to inform you of your prize. Then, if you pay by direct deposit and your banking details are on file, your winnings will automatically be paid into your bank account within 28 days.

If, however, you do not pay via direct deposit, you will be contacted by PPL to submit your banking details in order for payment to be made.

Customer Support

The site has a dedicated FAQ section that is comprehensive and answers any question you may have about how the lottery works. In addition to this, there is an online form to submit queries, a support email address (, and a contact number (0808 109 8765). There are no hours of operation listed.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses or promotions available.

Rules and Regulations

All players must be over the age of 16 years and have a physical residence in the UK. No other players are permitted to play, as only postcodes in the UK are eligible to be part of the draws. Review Conclusion is a great site that offers users the chance to win every day of the week with minimal cash required to play. Add to this the fact that a large chunk of money gets given to charities, and it is hard to find a reason why not to play in this lottery—unless, of course, you are not in the UK. If you're not—or you are but would rather play popular international lotteries and have the chance to win much bigger prizes—then check out our ranking of the world's top lottery companies.

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Brittany M.

I love this lottery and won £10,000 last October! Highly recommend it if you live in the UK. Much better odds than the National Lotto games!

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