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There are a considerable number of online casinos available today, and one such website is Launched in 2012, the site is operated by Cube Limited and is registered in the Isle of Man. The site is only available in English and Chinese and claims to be specialists in lottery betting as well as online and live casinos. In this review, we will look into the claims made by the site to see if they are real.

Lotteries Available

There is a decent amount of lotteries available on the site. However, don’t expect to see any popular lotteries that you already know and love. In fact, based on what we can see on the website, none of these seems even to have proper lottery names. We assume that these lotteries are native to China and/or nearby regions. Lotteries that are supported by the app include:

  • MGBbet LogoFSFFPK10
  • FFC
  • FSFFK3
  • FS15FPK10
  • FS15FC
  • FS15FK3
  • FS3FPK10
  • FS3FC
  • FS3FK3
  • FS5FPK10
  • FS5FC
  • FS5FK3
  • BJPK10

How Does it Work?

To begin with, you should not visit the domain. This is because it is impossible to find a registration link on this domain. Instead, visit Here you will find a link to register as a new user (which will redirect you to to sign up—go figure). We do have to say, however, that registration will not be easy. Over the course of this review we tried to register more than 20 times. Each time, after we had entered in a username and password as the site requested, we were met with the error message ‘Registration Link Expired’.

Because of this, we were not able to access a good portion of the website. We can tell you, however, that if you happen to purchase any lottery tickets through the website (if you can figure out what lottery you are actually playing in), you will not be purchasing physical tickets. The site is a self-proclaimed lottery betting website that allows you to place bets on the outcome of lotteries.

The site (we assume) has a simple cart and checkout system that is found on almost all online lottery websites. Again, we can neither confirm or deny this because access to the sections of the site that would give us this information is only provided to registered members.

Is Legit or a Scam?

We hate being critical about websites that are trying their hardest to make a name for themselves in a competitive market. But there is one massive red flag on this website—there are no terms and conditions visible anywhere on the site. Perhaps we are being harsh, and the terms and conditions are available after you somehow manage to log in, but this is still just as bad.

There is also very little online presence of the site—other than a Facebook page that they openly promote. For a site that has been around a generous number of years, we expect more. So, while we are not saying that this is a scam since we don’t have any proof of that, we are not saying that isn’t one either. In other words, proceed at your own risk. Mobile SiteUser Experience

The website does not work as a website. That may sound strange, but let us explain. Instead of running like a traditional website, the site acts like a mobile application that is emulated on a web page. This is a shock considering it does not look like there is actually a mobile application available for the site. Makes sense, right? Not!

One thing we can say is that even this emulated version of the site is not entirely great. Several links don’t seem to lead anywhere, and there are places where the emulation of the ‘site’ glitches badly—forcing you to reload the page. All in all, the user experience is pretty awful. Extras

There are a few extras added to the site:

  • Live Casino: If you want to try your luck while engaging with other players, there is a live casino that offers all your favourite casino games.
  • Online Casino: This functions the same as the live casino, except you will not be playing with other players.
  • Chess: As a strange twist, there is also online chess available. This allows you to try out your skills of logic to win some cash.
  • Sports: As with most sites that have an online casino, there is also sports betting available. Unfortunately, we were unable to see which sports are supported without logging in.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Payment and withdrawals seem to be done using the same methods. These available methods are:

  • ePay
  • Perfect Money
  • MasterCard
  • Payeer
  • Tether USDT

How to Claim Your Winnings

From what we can gather without reading any terms and conditions, winnings are all stored in your online player account and will be paid out once a month at the start of the month. We assume that you will need to submit documents to verify yourself as you have to with other online lottery websites and online casinos. However, that is only an assumption based on the fact that the site lacks terms and conditions, but there is no way that we can actually confirm it.

Customer Support

Customer support is an absolute joke. Not only do they have an automated online chat that is fantastically pathetic, once you do get to speak to an actual agent on the live chat they will tell you that there is no customer service available using it. That’s like someone telling you in person that they don’t exist! That only leaves the support email address ( to contact if you get stuck—which you will.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

The site says that there is a 5% first deposit match available for new players. What the terms and conditions surrounding this promotion are is anybody’s guess.

Rules and Regulations

There are no stipulated rules or regulations for using the site because, you know, these are usually found in the terms and conditions of the website! However, because there are none, we have no clue what they could possibly be. Review Conclusion

If you want our honest opinion, then stay as far away from this site as you can. While we can excuse the bad customer service and the fact that the site runs in a mobile emulator for some inexplicable reason, the fact that it has no easily visible terms and conditions is a complete deal-breaker for us. Add to this that you probably won’t be able to register anyway and we strongly recommend you take a look at the best lottery sites instead. Trust us—you’ll be thankful you did!

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