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It is sometimes hard to choose an online lottery website, as most of them have a large number of lotteries and extra features to choose from. As a result, many feel like they are quite jam-packed and complicated. Launched back in 2013, takes a different approach. The site is owned and operated by Digital Trust Management SL and hosts a simple and easy way to play. In this review, we will look at how the site works and how you can use it to win.

How Does it Work?

LottosPhoto ReviewThe procedure to play on the site is simple. To begin, you will need to register a player account by providing all the general information that is asked for on most other independent lottery websites. This info includes your name, contact information, date of birth, and country of residence. The registration is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. 

Once you have registered, you can then select which lottery you would like to take part in, choose your numbers, and proceed to checkout. Almost as soon as you have paid, an affiliate from LottosPhoto will receive your order and go and purchase a physical ticket using the numbers that you have supplied from an accredited lottery dealer.

After purchasing your ticket, LottosPhoto will scan a digital copy of your ticket and email it to you as proof that the ticket has been purchased on your behalf—a feature that some other lottery websites could do with.

Your physical ticket will then be packed away for safekeeping until the time of the draw.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Disregarding the fact that the website has been operational for a decent amount of years (something that is important when it comes to trustworthiness), there is one other thing that makes us vouch for the authenticity of—the site’s terms and conditions.

As we have said many times before, the terms and conditions of a website can make or break the site. Thankfully, those used by LottosPhoto are pretty good, meaning they could be a bit more in-depth, but we are sure that players can be confident when spending their money on the site.

Lotteries Available

As we mentioned above, is a straightforward website with a very simple mission. For this reason, they have opted only to support four lotteries for users to play in. Luckily, they are some rather decent Spanish lotteries. The lotteries that are supported are:

  • EuroMillions
  • El Gordo
  • La Primitiva
  • Bono Loto

In addition to these four lotteries, the site also supports the Spanish Christmas Lotto toward the end of each year. Unfortunately, no other international lotteries are playable through the site.

User Experience

Let’s face it, nobody is going to give LottosPhoto an award for having the best-looking site out there. But nobody will give them an award for being the worst either. The site does look relatively modern; however, it is let down by a horrid grainy page background and the simplicity of it all. While we have before said that less is more, unfortunately in this case less is actually less.

Credit to the developers, however, for making the site fully mobile-friendly. We assume that the main reason for this is to make up for the fact that there is no dedicated mobile application.

LottosPhoto Mobile Site Review Extras

Remember how we said that the site is simple? Aside from subscriptions, which are offered on both a per-draw or weekly basis (up to 52 weeks), the website is literally WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). There are no extras noticeable anywhere on the website, so we assume that there are truly none.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

As with all lottery sites, your payment portals play an important factor in who is going to use your website. Sadly, people who don’t have either a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card will be amongst those that do not use LottosPhoto. This is because those are the only accepted methods of payment on the site. Unless, that is, you consider direct bank transfer a payment method? While it is a way to deposit funds into your account, the hassle of depositing this way makes us see this less like a payment method and more as a last resort.

Withdrawals can only be made via bank transfer. The annoying thing is that requesting a withdrawal cannot be done from the site. Instead, you will need to send an email that states the amount you would like to withdraw as well as your bank details in order to request a withdrawal. This seems like an unnecessary hassle—one we haven’t seen on any other lotto sites.

How to Claim Your Winnings

All players who have a winning ticket will be notified of their win via email. Winnings under €2,000 will automatically be credited to your virtual player account. From here you will be able to reinvest the winnings in more tickets or request a withdrawal. Oops, we mean to send an email for a withdrawal.

Winnings above €2,000 will be paid directly into your bank account after LottosPhoto has contacted you to finalise your claims process. It is important to note that any winnings above €600 will require you to submit proof of identification and address before the winnings will be released.

Customer Support

The site has an FAQ section that does a decent job of explaining how things work and answering basic questions. If this is not enough, there is an online form, a support email (, and a contact number +34 910 69 37 13 (for which there are no hours of operation).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses or promotions available.

Rules and Regulations

There are only two regulations to be able to play using the site. The first is that you should be over the age of 18 (as is the norm). The second is that you may not reside anywhere within Spain. Review Conclusion

Overall, is a really decent site. While it goes without saying that there could be more payment methods and that the site design could be spruced up slightly, the site does what it sets out to do. And, one thing that is really working in favour of the site is that they scan your tickets to you—something we wish more sites would do. So, if you want to try your luck in a Spanish lottery, feel free to try out this site. However, most real lotto enthusiasts will probably prefer to keep looking for a site that's a bit more well-rounded and offers a bigger lottery selection, extras, and promos.

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Pedro P.

I did like LottosPhoto when I was working and living in Spain, but now that I live in the UK I realize there are many better lottery sites out there.

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