LottoSocial Review 2024 was founded in 2007 and is owned and operated by Hatchster Ltd. Initially started by a group of university friends who wanted an easy way to play the lottery together as a syndicate, the site has grown to offer users a wide variety of play options. In this review, we will see what syndicate offers are available as well as what extra incentives the site has to offer.

Lotteries Available

With LottoSocial, you can play any of the following seven world-renowned lotteries:LottoSocial Review

  • EuroMillions
  • UK Lotto
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • EuroJackpot
  • Super Enalotto
  • Thunderball

They also offer bundle options for you to mix and match multiple lotteries together.

How Does It Work?

Using LottoSocial to purchase lottery syndicate tickets is easy. You will need to register a player account using the online registration option and providing the site with your basic details, or by logging in using your Google or Facebook account. Once you have confirmed your registration by using the unique code that will be texted to your mobile phone, you may purchase tickets through the site or subscribe to one of the membership options.

Any tickets you purchase will enter you into a syndicate with a maximum of 49 other players. This results in cheaper tickets as well as a higher chance of a win. Tickets are purchased on your syndicate’s behalf by LottoSocial and are kept in safety until the time of the draw.

Once the draw has taken place, any winnings are split between the syndicate based on the number of shares that each player in the syndicate has purchased.

Is a Scam or Legit?

LottoSocial has a great online reputation and has been running smoothly since 2007. If we look at what the general consensus online is regarding their services, as well as the fact that they have been around for 11 years, we feel that we can easily place our trust in them. In addition, the site has been endorsed by a number of popular mainstream services, including Groupon and LivingSocial.

The one and only concern, which does not entirely dissuade us from using their services, is that certain sections of their terms and conditions are unclear and that their terms and conditions do not comprehensively cover every area that a lottery website should.

User Experience

LottoSocial is a modern and neat website. With everything you need in a logical location, you’ll never waste any time trying to find where a menu option is. The site also offers a striking design with bold contrasts and appealing graphics. While there is no mobile application, the site is mobile friendly and will work well on both smartphones and tablets.

The one drawback to an otherwise excellent user experience is the speed of the website. Even when testing on a quick, stable Internet connection, the site was slow to respond and in more than one instance displayed the Cloudflare loading failure screen. If the page keeps needing to refresh before it can be viewed it finally, this slightly detracts from the website’s otherwise general impressiveness.LottoSocial Mobile Screenshot Features

LottoSocial generally does not disappoint when it comes to additional features, as there are several solid ones for members.

Syndicate Memberships

These memberships allow players to sign up for a subscription service to ensure that they never miss a draw. Their tickets will automatically be purchased for them each draw as long as there is an available balance in their player account. There are three options available for membership: Starter, Pro, and VIP.

Unfortunately, these options all revolve around EuroMillions (with the VIP syndicate also covering UK Lotto) and, due to the limited number of lines that they they purchase for each draw, ultimately aren't anything to get excited about. For a detailed breakdown, check out our LottoSocial syndicates review.

Reward Points

Reward points are granted to players either by winning them on the website’s mini-games or by logging onto the site and checking their winnings. These points can be used to play the online games offered by the website.

Online Games

LottoSocial offers a small variety of online and instant-win games to play. These games are free to play but require that you first redeem a fixed amount of player reward points. They offer winnings in the form of cash, free play, or reward points.

Bonus Credit

When checking your winnings, you have a choice in what to do with them if you have won. You may either have the winnings paid into your player account as withdrawable winnings, or you may choose to have it paid out in bonus credit. Bonus credit cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for future play on LottoSocial. However, any winnings withdrawn as bonus credit will be multiplied by 4 before being added to your player account. This means that if you choose to have £4.00 withdrawn as bonus credit into your account, your account will be credited with £16.00.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

LottoSocial makes use of the following payment methods with which to credit your online player account: 

  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Skrill

Withdrawals can be requested from your online player profile once the winnings have completed their standard 72-hour security hold. These are paid out to your selected debit/credit card.

How to Claim Your Winnings

To check if you have won, simply log into your LottoSocial player account and select the option to check your winnings. If you have won, LottoSocial will claim your prize money on your behalf, and you will be asked if you would like the funds deposited into your account as bonus credit or withdrawable winnings.

Customer SupportLottoSocial Customer Support

LottoSocial offers a wide range of support queries through their online help centre. These deal with most of the common things you’d probably want to get more information on. They also offer support through their support email ( and via telephone Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm GMT (016 185 04402).

However, there is no live chat function or even an online contact form, which we feel is one of the basics that all great lottery sites should have.

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

When browsing LottoSocial, there were no visible welcome bonuses or promotions that we could see. This is excusable when you take into consideration their bonus credit and reward point features.

Rules and Regulations

You are able to register a player account and use LottoSocial’s services no matter where you are located in the world—provided that you are 16 years of age or older. Review – Conclusion

LottoSocial has the right look and elements of a lottery syndicate website that will give you everything that you could need. With great features as well as easy ways to play, the website stands out if you are looking for syndicate play and just a few bells and whistles. As a result, we believe that they could go a long way if they keep up what they are doing.

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Suzie U.

I had never played the lottery using a syndicate before and this site made the whole process very easy to understand and do. Really appreciate the reward points too. They're one of the reasons I keep coming back. :)

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