Lottosend Review 2024

If you are looking for a quick and legitimate way to get rich, you might not need to look any further than Lottosend, which lets you try your luck on the biggest lotteries worldwide. Before anything else, let’s find out what the site is all about in this Lottosend review. The research we conducted will help you learn how you can play lotteries using the platform, review its key features and legitimacy, and explain how you can claim prizes.

Lottosend is a lottery ticket purchasing site that gives players access to 16 licensed lotteries around the world. The website is operated by EU-Logistik-Transport, headquartered at Osloboditeľov 516, 08204 Drienov, Slovak Republic. The telephone numbers on the Contact Us page of the site also suggest it has offices in the UK and Australia.

Lottosend Review

How Does Lottosend Work?

To start playing on Lottosend, fill out the registration form that will pop up after you click the “Sign Up” icon. Next, verify the contact details you placed on your registration with your email account. After that, log in to your Lottosend account using the email address and password you provided in your registration.

Like most of the lotteries we have ranked in list of the top online lottery sites, all of Lottosend's lottery options are conveniently placed on the site's homepage. Simply click the “Play Now” icon corresponding to your preferred lottery, and start choosing the numbers that you want to play on your ticket. Following that, determine whether you are going to use your ticket on single or multiple draws.

Complete your transaction by hitting the “Proceed” button and supplying your billing details. The same processes apply when going for Quick Play or Group Play, with the exception that the numbers will be automatically generated for you in both options and that you are only buying a share in the latter.

Is Lottosend a Scam or Legit?

The Lottery Scams page of Lottosend extensively discusses the tips that you should follow to avoid falling into the traps set by scammers. The guidelines are very helpful particularly for people who are new to betting or purchasing lottery tickets online. The tips help remove any suspicions about Lottosend because the site claims to follow what it preaches—which is very evident in the way it offers transparency to every transaction.

Lottosend also gives players a sense of security by providing them scanned copies of their actual tickets. The scan serves as your proof of purchase and will help you easily claim any winnings, especially jackpots.

Lottosend ensures that it does not provide third-party access to your personal and financial details. The site also guarantees the privacy of its users with the high level of protection offered by its security layers that combat fraud and phishing scams. Scrolling to the bottom of the site shows certifications from known cybersecurity brands like Norton, McAfee, GeoTrust and Comodo.

There are mentions of Lottosend on the popular blog Tech Guru as well as the reputable news site Quartz. The fact that they are recognizing Lottosend strengthens its status as a legitimate and reliable lottery ticket purchasing site.

User Experience

The first thing that will catch your attention when visiting Lottosend is its striking visuals. The images and colour scheme of the site make the overall design very appealing. The layout of the site also makes it easy for you to sign up, choose the lottery you want to play, or find any information that you need.

Lottosend contains a lot of reading materials that users will find helpful and interesting. It has descriptions of the lotteries it offers, a lotto-related blog, FAQ section, lottery dictionary, and a separate page about lottery scams.

What’s more, Lottosend supports 10 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish and Romanian.

Lastly, Lottosend does not collect commissions from winners. That means you will get your prizes in full.

Overall, these elements make the site very user-friendly.

Lottosend Lottery Options

Lotteries Available

Lottosend facilitates ticket purchases from the following popular lotteries:

  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • Italy SuperEnalotto
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Canada Lotto 6/49
  • UK Lotto
  • Lotto Ireland
  • El Gordo De La Primitiva
  • Australia Powerball
  • Australia Lotto Saturday
  • Australia Lotto Monday
  • Australia Lotto Wednesday
  • Oz Lotto
  • Spain BonoLoto

Lottosend Features

Three Ways to Play:

  • Standard: You can buy a ticket with your own combination of numbers in one-time or multiple draws.
  • Quick Play: This allows Lottosend to automatically generate the numbers on your ticket.
  • Group Play: Lets you buy a share in a syndicate play, which increases your chances of winning a prize or jackpot. Read our LottoSend syndicates review for a detailed overview of all the options available and how much they can actually improve your odds of winning.

Payment Methods

Lottosend accepts payments using the following:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • JCB
  • Diners Club International
  • NETeller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Instant EFT

How to Claim Your Winnings

Winnings are immediately deposited into your Lottosend account. You can use them to purchase more tickets or withdraw them to transfer them into your bank account.

If you win a prize above US$2,500 in Group Play, you will be required to grant power of attorney to the person who Lottosend will authorize to collect your winnings.

For jackpots, you can either claim the winnings directly from the corresponding operator of the lottery, or you can authorize Lottosend to collect the prize on your behalf. After that, the company’s reps will facilitate the transfer to your bank account.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Lottosend by filling out the form provided on its Contact Us page, email the company at, using the site’s chat tool, calling them (UK phone number is +44-203-026-0220 and Australian phone number is +61-288-805-606), or sending them snail mail at Osloboditeľov 516, 08204 Drienov, Slovak Republic.

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

Lottosend regularly rewards new and old players alike with various promos, such as:

  • CashBack: Gives 100% of your cash on your first ticket purchase.
  • First Purchase Bonus: Offers up to a $30 bonus on the first deposit you make into your Lottosend account.
  • Returning Customer Bonus: Customers who play on Lottosend regularly are given up to $50 worth of bonuses.
  • Subscription Discount and Freebie: You can get up to a 50% discount when availing of Lottosend’s monthly subscription that lets you regularly play and monitor various lotteries’ results. You can also be eligible for a month-long free subscription to all US MegaMillions lottery results when depositing up to $150 in your Lottosend account.
  • Facebook Share: You can get a free share in Lottosend’s Group Play by liking and sharing the Lottosend page on Facebook.

Lottosend 100% Cashback Welcome Bonus

Rules and Regulations

The services of Lottosend are only available to individuals who are at least 18 years old. Its services are not available in Israel or Slovenia.

Lottosend Review — Conclusion

We highly recommend Lottosend because of its awesome features. It is a legitimate lottery site, as proven by its transparency in dealing with customers, high level of security and recognition by popular websites. We just love the amazing discounts it offers that allow even players on limited budgets to play. Lastly, its customers have ease of mind knowing that their money, lottery tickets and potential winnings are all in good hands.

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User Reviews (4)

Wilson Macdonald

Love how they scan the actual ticket and put the scan into my account so that I can confirm. Amazing feature that all sites like this should have. However, the prices are not so good always, unless you get discounts.

Mea Obrien

Cool site layout and great play options, nothing to not like in my experiene so far

Abdallah Zimmerman

Beatutiful sites and very easy signing up. Customer suppot helps me a lot whhen I have had troubles at beginnings.

Ismaeel Ali

As much as I like this site and played in it a lot while I am travelling, I am not able to play it in Haifa where I am live now. Disappoint with taht.

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