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When searching for websites that specialize in the buying of lottery tickets online, players will inevitably come across But will using this site be like a lucky charm or more like a streak of bad luck? Our review below will make that clearer.

LottoPark has a straightforward mission statement: provide people all over the world with the opportunity to play some of the world’s biggest lotteries. It was created by a top team of gaming industry professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in this field. Mobile WebsiteOwned by Seymour B.V. with a registered address in sunny Curacao, the company headquarters are in London. LottoPark acts as a representative for players by purchasing lottery tickets for them in several countries around the world.

The language options come in a whopping 37 choices ranging from Albanian to Tagalog, but English is the default.

Lotteries Available

LottoPark has seven online international lotteries available to play:

  • US Powerball
  • US Mega Millions
  • EuroJackpot
  • EuroMillions
  • SuperEnalotto
  • UK Lottery
  • Polish Lotto

They are all recognizable lotteries to anyone who enjoys to play, although the inclusion of Polish Lotto into the mix is a curious addition.

These heavy hitters are nice to have all under one roof, but it would be even nicer if there were a few more options: Loteria de Navidad, Powerball Australia or La Primitiva Spain, for example. Still, all the biggest ones are there, so most people should be happy with the options.

How Does It Work?

LottoPark is a ticket purchasing agency. They buy tickets for the lotteries in which the player wants to participate but cannot because of distance or inconvenience.

Registration is easy: simply click on the “Sign Up” box, enter an email address (make sure it is your legitimate email because this is the main way you get to communicate with the site) and a password, and you are good to go.

The site immediately recognizes the player’s country of origin and displays the lottery prizes in that currency. This is a nice touch, as it makes it so much easier to imagine that amount in one’s bank account!

Is LottoPark a Scam or Legit?

LottoPark’s website has been designed to instill confidence in any player who might be hesitant in trusting someone to take their money, buy their tickets for them and then return any winnings (with a small deductible for the service).

We did not have to look further than the constant stream of winners being displayed in the “Prizes Won” section of the site to know that LottoPark are not just legit, but extremely popular as well.

The information about the company’s origins, designated payments, support email addresses and fully comprehensive FAQ section all convey LottoPark’s commitment to trust and reliability.

User Experience

LottoPark has a really clean, uncluttered landing page that is highly functional and inviting. The design has clearly been inspired by the colour of a four-leaf clover; the rate at which the site’s “Latest Winners” meter keeps refreshing with fresh batches of winners is proof that green is, indeed, a lucky colour.

The simple design is indicative of LottoPark’s commitment to functionality over distraction. Part of the LottoPark experience is reasonable prices, multi-language accessibility and easy navigation for newbies and beginners. The site looks just as neatly functional on PC, tablet or smartphone, but they have not yet added dedicated iOS or Android apps to their service.

Playing any of the games is extremely simple once you are signed in. All that is required is to click on the game you want to play, add the number of lines you wish to play, pick the numbers, click on the green Continue button when happy with your pick and then click on the Pay Now button, et voila.

What is a kind consideration for newbie users is only one line needs to be played if this is the first time using the site—a nice touch if the player wants to simply test out the waters before committing to a wider spread. 

Numbers can be chosen manually, but there is a Quick Pick button if you would rather have the numbers selected randomly.

Once the Continue button has been clicked, it is then possible to review your order and even to add more tickets if desired. When your choices are complete, all you have to do is click on the Pay Now button to move on to the payment options.

Payments & Withdrawal Options

LottoPark offers a comprehensive range of payment methods. It is possible to pay for your tickets using Visa, Mastercard,, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

The e-wallets supported by the site are easy enough to apply for, but seeing as they are not instantly recognizable in some countries, it might be a good idea for them to consider adding some more payment methods to the site.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming any wins and big prizes is where a bit of a gap appears in LottoPark’s logic. Other lottery sites notify winners with a phone call or an email, but there is no automatic notification in place for the winners on LottoPark. In this day and age of super-computers, the site has stuck to manual ticket comparisons that have to be done by the player. If the draw date has been forgotten by the player, no system is in place to jog the memory. Who knows, there may be countless players sitting obliviously on big wins!

Say you have remembered to check for a win and are lucky enough to have one, then it is up to you to contact LottoPark by email, along with the draw date, lottery name and your account details, and clue them in as to which withdrawal method is convenient for you.

There are two methods according to how much your winnings amount to:

  • Wins bigger than €10,000 have a claims procedure for every winner. It ranges from them couriering you the original ticket so you can claim it in person or you can give them authorization to act as a proxy for you. This enables them to claim the prize on your behalf and then transfer your winnings to the withdrawal method of your choice. This is a good service to offer anyone who may be reluctant to bruit their big win all over town.
  • For prizes of €10,000 or less, LottoPark facilitates the funds to be withdrawn via wire transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Neteller.

Any review should stress that nowhere does the site mention what their handling fees/commission are. Looking at the heavy traffic on the “Latest Winners” meter, however, the handling fees are obviously reasonable enough to keep players happy and more than willing to make this their lottery site of choice.

Customer Support

A solid customer support system is a significant point of difference in this day and age of instant gratification. While LottoPark does not offer anything “instant” about what seems to be its sole contact method, 24/7 email support, it does at least seem simple enough: just fill in their online contact form with your name, email address, phone number and query. They state that queries made via this method are answered within 2 days.

They haven’t stretched their budget to include a live chat feature, which is not so helpful to anyone who wants to reach out to someone human in this way.

To make up for this, however, the FAQs section is comprehensive. It has details on the company, how they differ from other lottery sites and what their banking methods are in light but informative script.

Welcome Bonus or Other Promotions

The site offers new players a welcome bonus via free participation in a lottery player pool. However, it does not provide further information on how many participants there are or what type of lottery it is. The incentive is the same for telling a friend about the site.

Rules and Regulations

LottoPark does not go as far as to tell you whether the lottery can legally be played in your own country. The site hosts obviously surmise that any player should/would know if they are permitted to buy lottery tickets on their own cognizance. Generally, that means being at least 18 years of age in most countries.

Although it doesn’t support subscriptions or syndicates, the rules stipulate that any person of a legal age can play subject to the laws operating in the player’s country of residence.

LottoPark Review - Conclusion

In conclusion, LottoPark does what it sets out to do for the global lottery player. It offers some of the world’s biggest, best and most popular lotteries in a site that is very easy to navigate. While it doesn’t support subscriptions or syndicates, it is overall a solid site with a decent selection of games that seem to keep players coming back over and over again.

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User Reviews (3)

Jean Martin

LottoPark is a simple site that features some great lotteries but few extra options or features. The fact that they don't automatically notify winners is ridiculous to me and the main reason I stopped using it after a few plays.

Lucy Moran

Not great, not terrible.. I won $60 through them in totally over the few months so I'm pretty happy overalls but its one of the site i use the less.

Edgar G.

LP hold speical place in my heart cuz it first lottery site i know about and try, but since I have found other sites that offer the much more things and features especially, so i preferring to use those sites. Because for the same moneys, why not?

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