Lotto World Group Review 2024

Standing up against the best online lottery companies is not an easy task. Most of these sites have been around for many years and have worked hard to build their reputation amongst players across the world.

Launched around 2018 and owned and operated by LWGL Lotto World Group Ltd. out of Cyprus, is yet another lottery site trying to make a mark in the online lottery world.

In this review, we will look at what the site has to offer and how it operates.

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How Does It Work?

Lotto World Group ReviewAs with any other online lottery website, you will need to register a player account before you can begin playing.

Doing this is quick and easy and requires you to fill out the simple registration form with all your necessary details.

If this is more effort than you feel like expending, the site also offers the option to simply register using your Facebook account—making the process a matter of seconds.

Once you have registered an account, you will need to select which of the supported lotteries you would like to take part in.

To do this, just click on Play Now next to your chosen lottery. From here, you will be taken to a screen with several picks slips on it for you to select your numbers.

If you don’t want to choose your own, the site does offer a quick pick function that makes use of a random number generator. The generator is pretty decent, and in multiple tests, we did not encounter any duplications.

After you have picked your numbers, you can choose whether you would like to play for just one draw, select if you would like to play the tickets in multiple draws (which will give you from a 2% to 25% discount on your tickets), or whether you would like to purchase the tickets as part of a subscription.

After you have made your choice here, you can proceed to checkout and complete payment for your tickets.

Once your payment has been confirmed, LottoWorldGroup will send your number choices to one of their associates in the country of the lottery you chose. They will then go and purchase physical tickets on your behalf.

These tickets will be scanned to your player account for you to see no later than 30 minutes before the start of the draw. The tickets are then kept safe until after the draw when they are checked to see if you are a winner.

Is Legit or a Scam? ticks all the correct boxes for us to believe that they are entirely trustworthy.

The terms and conditions of the site are quite detailed and include Know Your Customer and Anti-Fraud policies—which shows that they are serious about doing things above board.

However, one thing that does worry us slightly is that small things are missing that should be the basis for any terms and conditions of any online lottery website.

The biggest of these missing clauses include the timeline that claims will take to be paid out.

Regardless of this, however, we feel that the site is trustworthy and has been around long enough that if it were really a scam, there would be many more horrible complaints against the site online.

This, in turn, would generally have already led to a loss of business for the site and ultimately the closure of the services they offer.

Lotteries Available

The site offers 13 popular lotto games:

  • Spanish Navidad
  • EuroMillions
  • SuperEnalotto
  • US Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Eurojackpot
  • UK Lotto
  • Canadian Lotto 6/49
  • La Primitiva
  • New York Lotto
  • Oz Lotto
  • Bono Lotto
  • El Gordo Mobile ScreenshotUser Experience

In terms of user experience, there is really not anything that we can complain about.

The site uses a modern design, looks good no matter what page you are visiting, and loads quickly (even on restricted speeds).

It is also easy to navigate around using the top menu and the footer links that are found on each page.

The site is also mobile responsive and works well on mobile devices and tablets.

This is a good thing considering many players may be wanting to purchase a ticket while they are on the move, and the site does not have a dedicated mobile app for Android or iOS. Extras

While there is not an extensive list of extras available on the site, there is a decent mix of additional features to make use of. These include:

  • Syndicates: If you would like to improve your odds of winning something, the site offers syndicate play for selected lotteries. They allow you to pool your money with players from around the world and purchase more tickets than you would usually get on your own.
  • Lottery Results: The site has a comprehensive results section for each of its supported lotteries. Unfortunately, the history of the results is not anything spectacular, and you will only be able to see the results for the last 10 lottery draws.
  • Lottery Information: In addition to results, the site has a lottery information page for each lottery. It gives you all the necessary information about the lottery, statistics, and a variety of other information that you may find helpful when choosing which game to play.
  • VIP Account: The site’s terms and conditions do make some provisions for a VIP account that you can achieve by gaining VIP points through transactions such as lottery subscriptions. However, we don’t think this is still active, as there is no mention of this anywhere on the site. In fact, even the terms and conditions mention it only very briefly and without much detail.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are eight different payment options available:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • iDeal
  • Sofort
  • Bank Transfer

Withdrawals are handled with the same providers as deposits.

However, the terms and conditions of the site state that it will be able to overrule your choice of withdrawal provider. In other words, should you request a withdrawal, you might need to withdraw your funds using a provider of their choice.

Another thing to note is that any withdrawal amount of more than $100 will require you to verify your identity. You can do this by sending in copies of your identity document or passport, proof of your residential address, and proof of your banking details.

How to Claim Your Winnings

This is the one section of the site that we are not entirely clear on because the terms and conditions do not offer any clear procedures on this.

They do say that any winnings you receive under $1,000 will automatically be credited to your player account.

Any amount over this seems to be automatically claimed on your behalf from the lottery provider. It will only be credited to your account after the site has been paid the money from the lottery operator.

This makes the claims process relatively easy, as it seems that you will not have to be involved in any of it.

Customer Support

And now onto the most disappointing part of the site—the customer support.

The site features absolutely no FAQ section or help centre to help new players find information, and the live chat function does not work at all.

Clicking on the link for live chat does nothing, and we are sure the button was only put into the footer as a placeholder considering that it is not even mentioned on the support page.

The only forms of support that are actually available are a support email address ( and a phone number (+35 725 030 326) that is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm (EET).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

The LottoWorldGroup website has a promotions page that supposedly lists all currently active promotions.

The one available while we were reviewing the site stated that the first 100 tickets purchased today would be discounted.

Unfortunately, there was no date listed for this great promotion, and when we logged into our test account, we found that the promotion did not apply.

Therefore, we cannot say that there are actually any promotions.

Rules and Regulations

The only rule specified in the terms and conditions is that you need to be 18 years of age or older to make use of the services offered by the site.

We are pretty confident that this is not the only rule, but the site is silent on what other rules may apply. Review Conclusion

If we are honest, we started off really excited about

They have a great mix of lotteries, a decent list of payment methods, and even online lottery pools—something we are always happy about.

However, looking deeper into the site things begin to deteriorate.

For starters, there are simple things missing in the terms and conditions, and promotions are advertised that are clearly not active anymore.

As a result, there are many things that the site needs to put effort into if it ever hopes of living up to the competition it faces online.

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