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Founded in 1989, BoyleSports is the number-one bookmaker in the whole of Ireland. The company has expanded its reach past sports betting and today includes an online casino, a live casino, and lottery betting, and the site splits these sections and others by using subdomains. In this BoyleSports Lotto review, we will look at what the lottery section of this site is all about and how you can use it to win some extra spending money.

How Does BoyleSports Lotto Work?

As mentioned above, the whole world comprises various parts, each with its own unique subdomain. So, if you are looking to bet on lotteries, the first step is to ensure that you navigate to The reason we say you need to ensure this is because there is no link on the main webpage that allows you to navigate to the lottery subdomain. This is rather odd, in our opinion, but we can overlook it to see what the lotto subdomain has.

BoyleSports Lotto ReviewOnce you have navigated to the correct website, you will be able to bet on the outcome of any of the supported lotteries. Doing this, however, requires you to first register a player account with the site. This can be done pretty quickly by providing your name, physical address, contact number, email address, and date of birth.

After logging in, you can select the lottery that you would like to bet on from the list of lotteries displayed. Upon clicking on your chosen lottery, you will be shown the number selection screen. Here, you can select the numbers that you would like to play or select a quick pick option that will cause the computer to choose numbers on your behalf.

As soon as you have completed selecting your numbers, your next task will be to choose which draw dates you would like to play the numbers on. The site makes this easy by providing a list of upcoming draw dates that you can simply click on to select. During this process, you can choose as many or as few draw dates as you desire.

The final task before paying for your bet is to select how much you would like to wager on the bet. The site allows you to enter any amount of your choice. Once you have entered in your bet, the website automatically calculates how much your total bet will cost based on all your chosen options. As an added feature, the site also calculates how much you stand to win if your bet does make you a winner.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Considering that BoyleSports was launched way back in 1989, we would be incredibly impressed if it was still in business if people even slightly suspected that it was a scam. In fact, as mentioned earlier, BoyleSports is one of the biggest betting names in Ireland. With that comes several gaming licenses that prove that everything done by the site is above board.

According to Trustpilot, most users also have a pleasant experience with the site. Only a few people wrote to express their grievances against the website (mainly for failure to grant rewards and bonuses or for taking too long to process withdrawal requests). This is a rather important thing to note when looking for an online lottery site to use because these types of reviews are usually straight from the mouths of players who have first-hand experience with a site. 

User Experience

Considering the site is so large that each section needs its own subdomain, the layout and design of is decent enough for us not to complain. While there is certainly room for improvement, the site is overall easy to navigate, and you should be able to find everything that you are looking for without too much trouble.

For users on the move, BoyleSports has great mobile applications for both Android and iOS that hold 5-star ratings on their respective app stores. If you are not keen on installing an app, however, the site is also designed to work well through mobile device browsers.

Lotteries Available

There are 13 great international lotteries to select from when placing your bets. These include:

  • Irish Daily Millions
  • Irish Lottery
  • Euro Lotto
  • Lucky Stars
  • UK Lottery
  • Australian Lottery
  • French Lottery
  • German Lottery
  • New York Lottery
  • Canadian Lottery
  • Greek Lottery
  • Spanish Lottery
  • Polish Lottery

BoyleSports Lotto Lottery Selection

For a site this scale, we will admit that we expected more lotteries to be able to choose from. However, 13 is more than enough variety for the average player—even though global favourites like Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions are noticeably missing.

BoyleSports Lotto Extras

You may have guessed by this point that lottery bets are only a small part of Below, we have summarised the additional components that make what it is:

  • Sports: This section of the site allows you to place bets on the outcomes of all your favourite sporting events from around the world and is the core of what this site exists for.
  • In-Play: In-play is the same as the sports betting mentioned above except for the fact that you can bet on the sports events in real-time while they are happening. This provides a new type of excitement to betting on the outcome of games and can keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Virtuals: The Virtuals tab allows you to bet on the outcomes of virtual sports broadcast by the site.
  • Casino: For all you casino lovers out there, the site offers a fully fledged casino for you to enjoy.
  • Live Casino: The live casino offers you all the best games from the casino with the addition that you can play against other players from around the world.
  • Games: This corner of the site gives you access to a wide variety of online games that can keep you entertained for hours.
  • Vegas: Nothing says winning better than Vegas! This section of the site allows you to play numerous online games that are based directly off of the most popular games from the gambling centre of the world—Vegas itself.
  • Bingo: As with any decent online gaming site, has a dedicated bingo section for those who love this famous game.
  • Poker: If you think that you can pull off an excellent poker face, then this section of the site is the perfect place for you to try your luck.

BoyleSports Lotto Extras

All of the above features may form part of the main website. However, as mentioned, each is located on its own subdomain in order to provide you direct access to only the features that you are looking for. This is a great way to deal with a website that would otherwise have an overwhelming amount of data to display, and we cannot help but be impressed at the way the site developer has configured this.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

The site has a decently diverse variety of payment methods in order to add credit to your player account. Accepted payment methods include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Delta
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • PaySafeCard
  • EUTeller
  • InstantBank
  • SoFort
  • Boku
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

The site states that withdrawals can be made to almost all of the methods used for payment. In the case where a withdrawal cannot be made using the same process that a payment was made, withdrawals will default to a wire bank transfer. This is an acceptable compromise to ensure that you get your money.

BoyleSports Lotto Winner Derek DelaneyHow to Claim Your Winnings

From what we can decipher from the never-ending terms and conditions that govern the website, all winnings owed to you will automatically be credited to your player account as soon as your win has been finalised. From here, you will be able to request a withdrawal using your nominated withdrawal method. This makes everything simple for you and makes getting your money quick and easy.

Customer Support

The site has a rather extensive knowledge bank that answers almost any question that you could have. Oddly enough, however, the lotto section of the website does not have a section in this knowledge bank. In fact, it is not featured at all—unlike all the other parts of the site. We are not sure if this is just an oversight or whether or not the site merely is still working on the help section for lottery players.

If you cannot get the answers you need from the knowledge bank, the site also offers a live chat function (which does not state hours of operation), a support email address (, and an international contact number (+353 42 939 3168).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

While we are sure that there are many more welcome bonuses for new players that are more targeted, the only welcome bonus that we could find is located on the main webpage. This bonus gives any new player that bets just €10 and extra €30 in sports bets and an extra €10 in casino bets—all for free.

In addition to this welcome bonus, the site regularly hosts other promotions that are announced on the website and change frequently.

Rules and Regulations

The site is open to anybody who is 18 years of age or older. The site may randomly request that you submit proof of your identity for verification. Failure to do this within a 72-hour window may lead to the suspension of your account.

As a change, rather than listing all the countries that are banned from making use of the services offered by the site, the site simply says that if your country is not available in the drop-down list when registering, you are not permitted to use the site. Two of the familiar territories that we noticed are not available on this list are the USA and Australia.  Aside from this, there do not seem to be any hard rules over who can or cannot use the site. Review Conclusion

The lottery betting options available on are undoubtedly not what we have been accustomed to when looking at other online lottery betting websites. However, this is very clearly due to the fact that lottery betting is only a very small part of a much bigger picture. Whether or not this is a good thing is still something that we are not sure of, and opinions will likely vary from player to player.

Sure, the way the site has split its functions by subdomains is ingenious, and the way everything on the site works is also generally great. And who can forget the excellent reputation and longevity of BoyleSports? We just feel that if you are looking for simple, old-fashioned lottery betting, you may be better off choosing a site that does not have its finger in quite so many pies. Not that there is anything wrong with eating the whole pie and using for all your gaming requirements—if that is your cup of tea—but personally we prefer sites that stick to the adage “less is more.”

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User Reviews (2)

Chuck T.

I'm blown away by how much stuff they managed to stuff into this site!

Terry P.

Like "Chuck" above me said, it is impressive how many things they fit onto this website, but for me it was a bit overwhelming. But then again I've always kind of prefer things to be vanilla.

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