LotteryShop Review 2024

They say all great men have a great woman behind them, and much the same way, many great online lottery services have another great service behind them. One example of this is online ticket purchasing agency, which is powered by Overseas Subscribers Agents and has been operating since 1996—almost as long as the Internet has existed for! The website is accessible in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and Russian.   

Keep reading this LotteryShop review to learn about their payment options, the lotteries they have available, and the million-dollar question—do we think they’re a scam or legit?

LotteryShop Review

Lotteries Available

Although LotteryShop’s selection of lotteries is pretty slim, it at least includes the main ones most people will be looking for, as well as a few random others. Here’s exactly what you’ll find on the LotteryShop menu:

  • Euro Millions Lotto
  • Euro Group-Play Entry
  • USA Powerball
  • USA Mega Millions
  • USA Mega Jackpots
  • Japan Jumbo Draw
  • Spanish El Gordo
  • El Gordo Group Play
  • Irish Lotto 6/45
  • UK Lotto 6/49
  • Australian 6/45 Lotto
  • Oz Lotto Superdraw 

How Does It Work?

Unlike most online lottery ticket purchasing agencies, which require you to first register before you can play, LotteryShop doesn’t have a designated or easily-accessible sign-up page. You can only subscribe to their service after choosing a lottery you’d like to purchase a ticket for. To do that, you’ll need to provide your name, address, and contact details.

After that, a local agent will go out and buy a ticket on your behalf. Whether or not you’re provided with a scanned or electronic version of this ticket is unclear, however. And if Lady Luck smiles down upon you and you hit a win, you’ll be notified—but, again, whether this notification comes to you via email or some other method is unclear.

Is LotteryShop a Scam or Legit?

Several of the pages on the LotteryShop site are outdated, including the home page, which features “Next Draw” countdowns that are still stuck in early 2018. Other pages haven’t been updated since 2011, and the site’s copyright expired in 2013, all of which makes us feel more than a little uncertain about the agency’s credibility. Additionally, a lot of information on the site is cryptic or difficult to access.

User Experience

The LotteryShop website makes one nostalgic for the old Internet of the 90s and early 2000s, with a paint box-blue background, yellow and red font, and sharp, block-shaped buttons that indent when your mouse hovers over them. Whether this is an aesthetic choice or a sign that LotteryShop is outdated is anyone’s guess, but for visitors it certainly doesn’t make for a very enjoyable experience.

In addition, we found the site somewhat confusing to navigate, with some pages, such as the Terms and Conditions, that would be easily accessible on most competitors’ sites unnecessarily difficult to find. In fact, the link to the LotteryShop Terms and Conditions goes straight to a 404 message, and we couldn’t find them listed anywhere else on the site!

LotteryShop Features

Lottery Shop curates a free weekly newsletter with all the latest lottery news and great offers. It also has a page dedicated to guiding you on what your lucky numbers are each month, based off your star sign, to help you decide on your ticket numbers. However, this hasn’t been updated since October 2011. Other than this, LotteryShop doesn’t offer any features outside of the ticket purchasing services.

Payment / Withdrawal Options

LotteryShop requires your credit card details upon registration. This seems to be the only payment option it has available. The withdrawal options are not detailed anywhere on the site.

How to Claim Your Winnings

LotteryShop claims that it takes no commission or other fee on winnings. However, how exactly you access or claim your winnings is completely unclear.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about or problems with the LotteryShop services, you can send the team an email via the on-site contact form. LotteryShop also has a live chat service on their website, although there’s no mention as to the days and hours when a LotteryShop representative will actually be available. There’s also no direct email address or phone number on hand.

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

LotteryShop offers a feature called The Mega Jackpots Program, which allows you to participate in the USA’s biggest draws—either the Mega Millions or USA Powerball—but only when their jackpots reach US $50 million or higher. You can enter with a one-off single entry or you can take out a subscription, which will enter you into Mega Jackpots-only draws for a maximum play period of 20 draws.

Similarly, LotteryShop provides a Euro Combo, which works in much the same way, only of course with the European lotteries. Unfortunately, LotteryShop doesn’t provide a welcome bonus of any sort. Guess you just have to rely on beginner’s luck!

Rules and Regulations

You need to be over the legal betting age of 18 in order to make use of LotteryShop’s services. Also, the services are not available to residents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Libya, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, and the United States of America. Other than that, LotteryShop seems easy-breezy when it comes to rules and regulations.

LotteryShop Review - Conclusion

LotteryShop would never be our first choice among all the online lottery agents that exist out there. In fact, with how outdated it seems, how little information is provided on various key processes such as claiming winnings, and how links to important pages such as its Terms and Conditions are down, it’s among the worst we've ever seen. We like that they offer access to big lotteries such as the USA Powerball, but, honestly, that’s about it.

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Alice Sinclair

Does the site still work?? It seems so out of date and many thing is not being updatinng?? Terrible!!

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