Gigalotto Review 2024

You know that horrible left-out feeling when your favourite band has a live show in another country, and you’re forced to miss it? It’s easy to feel the same way about international lotteries, but now, with the Internet – and online lottery betting services like Gigalotto – you never need to miss out again.

They say age comes before beauty, but Gigalotto has both. Launched in 2011 and still running strong, Gigalotto has an interface visually pleasing enough that anyone would swipe right on if it were a Tinder profile. Through its snazzy online platform, Gigalotto opens up five of the world’s biggest and most desirable lotteries to dreamers and go-getters the world over. is accessible in several languages, including English, Dutch, and Spanish, and is owned and operated by Kootac Trading Limited.

Gigalotto Review

Lotteries Available

Gigalotto likes to keep it simple and focused. Though there are only five lotteries available through the Gigalotto platform, they’re all rather key players:

  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • Lotto 6/49

How Does It Work?

Opening an account with Gigalotto is free, easy, and quick. In addition, provided you have no active bets linked to your player account, you can close your account anytime you like.

Placing a bet via Gigalotto is simpler than making yourself a peanut butter and jam sandwich – all you need to do is choose your lottery, choose your lucky numbers, add them to the cart, pay, and – voila! – your bet is placed! You can even use the same numbers again, in a second bet, by making use of the “Play Again” feature. 

You’re free to check the status of your bets, under the “Bet History” section of your account, anytime. But, like a good significant other, Gigalotto is on the ball when it comes to communications, and personally emails all players with active bets as soon lottery results are published, letting them know what the results are and whether or not they won.

Is Gigalotto a Scam or Legit?

We believe that Gigalotto is a trustable betting service. It’s proudly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to operate remote gambling in Great Britain, and insured. It’s backed up by,, and IBAS. All of this adds to its credibility.

Plus, we love that it offers a free welcome bonus bet, which applies to any and all lotteries offered by the platform. The free welcome bonus can be applied to an unlimited number of lines and graciously covers all bets from your first order.

User Experience

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we think it’s safe to say that you can judge a company by its website interface, and on this front, Gigalotto scores all the brownie points. Visually, the Gigalotto website is sophisticated and pleasing to the eye.

The colours and images on the site are bright and vibrant without being gaudy, and as a whole, the website is easy to navigate and comprehensive in its presentation of information. Even the adorable logo, which sports a full-colour rainbow, makes us smile. The mobile experience, despite there being no dedicated Gigalotto app, was still smooth and snappy in both Safari and Chrome.

Gigalotto Features

Like the Buzz Lightyear of betting, Gigalotto goes above and beyond the basic betting services, also offering a subscription service, syndicate options, and other features. Read on below as we detail these features.

  • Subscription Services

    Gigalotto also offers a spectacular subscriptions service, allowing you to craft a recurring bet that keeps playing for you without you needing to repeat the purchasing process. You don’t even need to log in to the site!

    You can also cancel your subscription service any time, although, quite reasonably, Gigalotto maintains that all bets placed via the subscription prior to its cancellation will not be cancelled or refunded into your account.
  • Syndicate Options

    Betting doesn’t need to be a lonely, solitary affair – Gigalotto allows you to set up a lottery syndicate, meaning a group of people bet together on one or more lottery result.

    Arguably, lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning, as you'll be playing many number combinations – not playing a single bet, but rather a share in the syndicate. Of course, this comes with the flip side that if your bet does win, you need to split your winnings with the other members of your syndicate, but it’s up to you to decide if that’s worth it or not. 

    On Gigalotto, each syndicate is divided equally into a fixed number of shares, or parts, each of which has a fixed price. You’re limited to a maximum of 10 shares in each syndicate group. All syndicates work on a subscription model, with a monthly billing cycle or every third, sixth, or twelfth month.
  • Other Features

    It might be a little bells and whistles, but Gigalotto also has a regularly updated entertaining and informative blog, called the Gigalotto Magazine, which provides you with reading material on everything from interesting facts (full of things you didn’t know you need to know, like which celebrities play the lottery) to lottery news to lottery tips.

    com also has a full page dedicated to presenting you with the past results, details and winnings of all the different lotteries that it offers so that you can be fully informed as to what the playing field looks like before you place a bet.

Payment / Withdrawal Options

In order to place a bet, you need to first deposit funds into your player account. accepts deposits via debit or credit card, Skrill, and bank transfer – although they do warn that these options might differ depending on which country you’re playing from.

Gigalotto accepts any and every currency, but your account balance will be shown in Euros. Citing security reasons, Gigalotto has imposed a limit of 300 EUR per 7-day week. For the same reasons, it also does not store your credit card details or billing information.

How to Claim Your Winnings

In the wonderful event that you score and win a prize of any size, your winnings will immediately be credited to your player account. However, if your lucky stars shine down on you and you land the jackpot (or any second-tier prize), you will be required to fill out a claim form for the Gigalotto insurers. Once you’ve submitted said form, you’ll receive your massive payout within 2 weeks.

Ever the gentleman, Gigalotto allows you to withdraw your winning from your player account into your Skrill or personal bank account any time that suits you, and has imposed no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits or restrictions.

Customer Support

The Gigalotto customer support system is rather weak, in that it can only be contacted via email at There’s no mention of how long it will likely take to respond to customers’ queries, and Gigalotto has no active social media accounts.

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

Gigalotto knows that trying something new for the first time can seem scary and risky, so they offer an attractive welcome bonus to make joining their platform even easier: Your first bet is on them. If your first order doesn’t win you any prizes, they’ll put your credit straight back into your account. This bonus applies to all lotteries offered and no matter how many tickets you buy in your first order, so you can really bet to your heart’s content.

Rules and Regulations

Like all things in life, betting comes with its own set of rules and regulations, and the Gigalotto services are no exception. In order to open a Gigalotto account, one needs to be above the age of 18, that is, within legal gambling age.

Gigalotto has also currently limited its services to citizens or residents of countries outside of the United States of America, Belgium, France, and Great Britain.

Gigalotto does have a number of other rules and regulations – mostly reasonable and expected – which are all detailed under their terms and conditions.

Gigalotto Review – Conclusion

All in all, we think that Gigalotto offers good services for those with an eye and appreciation for some of the world’s biggest lotteries, although the Gigalotto selection is definitely small and limited. While it has earned a spot on our list of top online lottery sites, it’s far from being one of our favourites. Nevertheless, the subscription and syndicate options give Gigalotto a shining edge in the online betting world. As a cherry on top, it’s not so sore on the eyes, either.

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User Reviews (4)

Morgan T.

A good friend told me about Gigalotto so I had to check it out. Seemed pretty cool at first since I had never tried a service like this, but after looking around at the competition, I found other sites offer more for the same $. So decent, but pass overall.

Katy Wilson

Good stuff, like the games they offer the most so needn't really look anywhere else.

Andrew L.

This is a good review of a good site. I agree with everything that the reviewer wrote but my customer support experience with GL was good. Quick and thorough.

Jan Kolodziej

Not a bad service in the end if you're not too picky like me.

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