Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Review 2023

If you know anything about lotteries in India, you will know that there are minimal options when it comes to playing Indian lotteries online. One site, however,, is breaking this norm and allowing Indian players to do just that. Launched in 2017, the site is only available in English. In this review, we will look at how the website works and how you can make use of it to play in Indian lotteries.

Lotteries Available

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery ReviewEven though the site does allow you to play in Indian lotteries, it may not be the lotteries that you are used to such as the Punjab and Maharashtra lotteries. Instead, the site supports the following lotteries:

  • Topaz Lottery
  • Silver Lottery
  • Platinum Lottery
  • Gold Lottery
  • Diamond Lottery

From what we can gather from the website, all these lotteries are run by the National Lottery through SportScotland. What Scotland’s connection to India is we have no idea, but the lack of clarity here already raised many of the eyebrows that we have working in our office.

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Homepage ScreenshotHow Does it Work?

As is the standard procedure for almost all online lottery websites, the first thing that you will need to do to start playing is register a player account. This can be done on the site using any of the signup areas, and you will need to provide a username, cell phone number, email address, and password for your account.

Once you have submitted all of this information, you will receive a one-time-pin via SMS that you will be required to enter into the dialogue box on the site in order to verify your account.

After your account is verified, you will be able to select which lottery you would like to participate in, choose your numbers (or opt for the quick pick option) and then complete your purchase. After your purchase is complete, a local resident will go out and purchase a physical ticket on your behalf from an authorised dealer. Then, it is just a waiting game until the time of the draw.

Once the draw is complete, and if you happen to be a lucky winner, you will receive either an SMS or an email from the lottery stating that you are a winner. The lottery will use the contact details on file, so it is essential that you update your player account should any of your details change in the future. 

Is Legit or a Scam?

If we are honest, aside from which regulatory body a website is licensed by, there is one main factor that sways our vote in the decision on whether a website is legitimate or not—the site’s terms and conditions. Clear and comprehensive terms and conditions, which all of our favourite lottery companies have, not only make the site operators happy because it protects them from all manner of legal problems but also puts users at ease because they know that they are protected and that their security has been looked after. 

Sadly, the terms and conditions available on are an absolute joke. In reality, they are not really terms and conditions at all. Instead, they are more of a Q and A. So, while we cannot say that this site is definitely a scam, we do urge caution to anybody who is thinking of using it.

User Experience

The design and layout of the website is not the worst that we have ever encountered, but it is fairly close. Navigation is all handled via a top horizontal menu bar, and it is relatively easy to find your way around. Unfortunately, the site is anything but modern and still uses the old styles of gradient backgrounds and ticker-tape notices.

There is also no mobile application available for players on the move, which is not surprising considering the look of the website.

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Mobile Site Extras

When browsing the site, we did not come across a single extra feature. The only thing that we could even remotely link to being an added extra is the fact that you can view the results from the latest draws on the site. Even this feature, however, is not that great and requires you to input the date you would like draw results for before downloading a PDF document which contains the results. If the idea of downloading documents from a shady-looking site makes you nervous, take solace in the fact that at least you’re not alone!

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are no specified payment portals that are supported by the site. The only payment method that we could make any sense of was that you would be able to pay online using your credit or debit card—no mention is made of who handles this transaction. The only other specification is that the amount must be paid in INR and that you cannot pay in any other currency.

According to the website, prizes that are not of substantial value (no mention on what is considered a substantial value) will be paid out directly into your bank account. Winners who have won prizes that are deemed significant will be contacted by the lottery in order to assist with the claims process.

How to Claim Your Winnings

After receiving notice that your ticket is a winning ticket, you will have seven days in which to claim your money or else it will be forfeited. To claim your money, you will need to visit the website and submit an online claims form. Once this is done, you will supposedly be contacted by the lottery to finalise your claim.

Customer Support

There is an online FAQ section on the site that answers most of the questions that you may want to ask—if you can manage to understand most of the answers, considering that the English used is somewhat lacking (to be polite). Aside from this, however, there are no visible customer support options available anywhere on the site.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

The site does not offer any welcome bonuses.

Rules and Regulations

The website states that anybody in the world can use the site and play in the lotteries that it has available. Of course, the question of why anyone would want to play on this site to begin with is one that begs to be asked. Nevertheless, the only stipulation is that players are 18 years of age or older. Review Conclusion looks like it could be a legitimate lottery website. Unfortunately, we are not entirely sold. We can forgive the fact that they don’t have a proper customer support section and can even look past the fact that the site design is dated, but we cannot ignore the fact that no mention is made as to what payment gateways process payments on the site and the fact that there are no proper terms and conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you forget about this site; there are many better options available to you if you're looking to play online lottery in India.

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