Africa Lotto Review 2023

AfricaLotto ReviewLaunched at the end of 2008, is a premier online lottery website catering to citizens of Zimbabwe. The site is available in English only and offers a chance to play in a variety of African lotteries.

In this AfricaLotto review, we will be looking at what is available on the website as well as what some of the catches are to using its services.

Lotteries Available

Africa Lotto does not offer any of the major international lotteries that users may have come to expect from online lottery websites. Instead, it offers the following variety of local lotteries:

  • Bonus Lotto
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Fast Lotto
  • Power Play 12/24
  • Quick 10
  • Fortune
  • Bank4

How Does It Work?

From what we can gather due to the fact that all jackpots are labelled as ‘Parimutuel,’ tickets bought through Africa Lotto are not physical tickets that are purchased on your behalf. These tickets instead act as bets against the outcome of the official lottery draws.

To play, users are required to register a player account using the online registration portal. Standard details will need to be submitted, after which your login details will be messaged directly to the cell phone number you provided during the registration process.

Once logged in, you merely select the lottery you would like to participate in, choose your numbers (or allow a quick pick to choose them for you), and finally pay for your tickets to confirm your purchase. Then take it easy until the draw takes place.

Is Africa Lotto a Scam or Legit?

AfricaLotto has been around for a decent number of years. They are also very active on their Twitter account and have a generally well-rounded online reputation. This usually would mean that we would give them a nod of approval. However, there are some things that we are slightly skeptical about.

For starters, the site’s Terms and Conditions are not very comprehensive, and while they are well written and do cover most aspects, essential sections such as deposits and withdrawals make no appearance within the document. There is also no mention as to whether any official gaming or governmental body regulates the site. While these things do make us wonder, overall we do still feel that they do deserve enough trust to give them a chance.

User ExperienceAfricaLotto Mobile App Review

The AfricaLotto website is easy to use and well designed. It allows easy navigation to the places most people would want to get to and features high contrasts between text and backgrounds to enable easy reading of the game rules. Another big bonus is that there is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS, which is downloadable from a link sent via text message to your mobile phone. This link can be requested via the form in the footer of every page on the site.

AfricaLotto Features

AfricaLotto does not only offer online lotteries, as it also provides a range of other things to keep you interested. These include:

Sports Lottery

AfricaLotto allows users to place bets on the outcomes of upcoming soccer events in their ‘sport lottery’ section. Sports lotteries are split into four sections: Soccer 4, Soccer 6, Soccer 10, and Soccer 13. Each section hosts its own unique match lineup for users to compete in.

Instant Win Games

There are 23 instant-win digital games available to play on AfricaLotto. These range from point-and-click games to digital pool and offer users the chance to have some fun while attempting to win some extra prize money.

Scratch Cards

AfricaLotto hosts three scratch cards to choose from. The catch is that while you may view these scratch cards online to see what they are, you may not purchase any online. Instead, you will be provided with a list of retailers from whom you may obtain the scratch cards.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are not many payment options available on AfricaLotto. This could put users off from using the services offered, but due to the fact that Visa and MasterCard are supported, this should not be a problem for most people. Payments made with VPay and EcoCash are also supported.

Withdrawals are where AfricaLotto really hits a snag. There are no online withdrawal options offered. Rather than digital withdrawals, players must request a withdrawal voucher code from their online player profile. Once they have received this code, which is time sensitive, they will need to take the code to one of Africa Lotto’s partners to withdraw their winnings in cash. Withdrawals at these partners are limited to amounts of $100 or less. For any winnings higher than this amount, winners will need to take their code to the Africa Lotto head office in Harare to claim their winnings. Depending on your location, this could be quite a hassle.

How to Claim Your Winnings

There is no clear answer as to how winnings can be claimed, and when contacting support for clarification on this matter, we did not receive a response. Ideally, winnings will automatically be deposited into your online player account; however, due to the fact that this is not stated anywhere on the site, we are not able to say for sure whether—and how—you will need to be involved in the claiming process.

Customer Support

AfricaLotto features an online chat function that was offline during the numerous times that we checked while writing this review. Although email support is offered at, there is no response time stated to give you an idea of when to expect a reply. The site also offers an FAQ section, which is pretty underwhelming and ultimately left us with a few more questions than answers.

Telephone support is one area where Africa Lotto does seem to go above and beyond. While there are no operating hours listed, there are six contact numbers listed, five of which are toll-free. These numbers are:

  • +263 78 271 1179
  • 0808 0500 (toll-free)
  • 0801 5000 (toll-free)
  • 073 150 0000 (toll-free)
  • 086 442 44190 (toll-free)
  • 0800 44 55 (toll-free)

Additionally, a physical address is listed at 101 Nelson Mandela 4th Street, FedEx House, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

There are no visible welcome bonuses or other promotions on offer from AfricaLotto.

Rules and Regulations

AfricaLotto sticks to the world standard that players need to be 18 years or older to make use of its services. However, all services on offer are restricted to residents of Zimbabwe.

AfricaLotto Review – Conclusion

While AfricaLotto may be a good place to play lotteries online for residents of Zimbabwe, there are specific issues with the site that we feel should be addressed. The lacking terms and conditions and uncertainty of how to claim your winnings may put a damper on what otherwise looks like a decent website to use to fulfil your online lottery desires. However, Africa Lotto does not offer much value for most international players, who would be much better off playing through one of the top lottery sites instead.

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Kofi M.

I been liking the Africa lotto since almost the date that it begin, very nice site and UI is good to. Wish there were some international lotto there that also but its ok because other site do that

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